Exact Solutions of Einstein's Field Equations

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A paperback edition of a classic text, this book gives a unique survey of the known solutions of Einstein's field equations for vacuum, Einstein-Maxwell, pure radiation and perfect fluid sources. It introduces the foundations of differential geometry and Riemannian geometry and the methods used to characterize, find or construct solutions. The solutions are then considered, ordered by their symmetry group, their algebraic structure (Petrov type) or other invariant properties such as special subspaces or tensor fields and embedding properties. Includes all the developments in the field since the first edition and contains six completely new chapters, covering topics including generation methods and their application, colliding waves, classification of metrics by invariants and treatments of homothetic motions. This book is an important resource for graduates and researchers in relativity, theoretical physics, astrophysics and mathematics. It can also be used as an introductory text on some mathematical aspects of general relativity.

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Hans Stephani gained his diploma, Ph.D. and Habilitation at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universitt Jena. He became Professor of Theoretical Physics in 1992, before retiring in 2000. He has been lecturing in theoretical physics since 1964 and has published numerous papers and articles on relativity and optics. He is also the author of four books.

Dietrich Kramer is Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universitt Jena. He graduated from this university, where he also finished his Ph.D. (1966) and Habilitation (1970). His current research concerns classical relativity. The majority of his publications are devoted to exact solutions in general relativity.

Malcolm MacCallum is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London, where he is also Vice-Principal for Science and Engineering. He graduated from King College, Cambridge and went on to complete his M.A. and Ph.D. there. His research covers general relativity and computer algebra, especially tensor manipulators and differential equations. He has published over 100 pages, review articles and books.

Cornelius Hoenselaers gained his Diploma at Technische Universitt Karlsruhe, his D.Sc. at Hiroshima Daigaku and his Habilitation at Ludwig-Maximilian Universitt Mnchen. He is Reader in Relativity Theory at Loughborough University. He has specialized in exact solutions in general relativity and other non-linear partial differential equations, and published a large number of papers, review articles and books.

Eduard Herlt is wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter at the Theoretisch Physikalisches Institut der Friedrich-Schiller-Universitt Jena. Having studied physics as an undergraduate at Jena, he went on to complete his Ph.D. there as well as his Habilitation. He has had numerous publications including one previous book.

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