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:: cot. of 15°: T. of 8107 10". Then 52° 37′ 28′′ +81° 7′ 10′′=133° 44′ 38′′; fo that the fun's azimuth is north 133° 44′ 38" eafterly. Then, as rad. cos. of the hour 300 T. of the co, lat. 39° 10' T. of a 4th arc. 35 127"; which taken from the co. decl. leaves 370 48' 53", the refidual arc. Laftly, as cos. of 35° 12' 7 cos. of 37° 48′ 53′′ :: cos. of 39° 10' cos. of the required altitude 41° 27′ 11.

Anfwer, by S. M. O. of Shaftesbury, to Tao's enigmatical Lift of famous Romans, injerted February 23.

[blocks in formation]

Anfaver, by Taffo, of Briftol, to J. Dunkerton's Anagram, inferted


March 29.

ATE tranfpofe, ye wits, fo keen,
And MEAT a staff of life is feen;

Again, by tranfpofition, you

Will TEAM and TAME expressly view.

tt We have received the like anfwer from Arion, of Bath; R. Cuming, of Modbury; Tacitus, of Stonehoufe; J. Williams, of Plymouth; Sally T-, of Tiverton; J. Drew, of Tywardreth; Plato, of Brockhampton; Sobrius, of Chedzoy; 1. Petvin, J. Fowles, W. Gafs, and T. P. of Street; G. Bulgen, of Castle- Cary; and Philos.

Anfwer, by a Conftant Reader, to S. M. O.'s Rebus, inferted March 1.

ASSO, whofe merit claims my praise;

Politeness, thanks; poetic lays
4 1 2


In ever pleafing strains engage;

Is he who fhines in Goadby's page.

*I*. We have received the like answer from Arion, of Bath; Phitogathus, of Briftol; J. Drew, of Tywardreth; 1. Petvin, of Street; J. Browning, of Bickington; J. S. of Shepton-Mallet; G. Bulgen, of Caftle-Cary; Sobrius, of Chedzoy; T. Locock, of Martock; J. Quant, of Hinton St. George; T. Patmore, of Beer; J. Williams, of Plymouth; and Philos.

A QUESTION, by J. Adams, of Eaft-Stonehouse.

STANDING on an horizontal plane 176′.63 feet dil

tance from the bafe of a tower which is on the fame level, I took the 4 of elevation of the top; I then walked towards the tower 162.376 feet, and took another of elevation of the top, and found it just three times the former. Hence the height of the tower may be determined, which is here required.

KINGDOMS, EMPIRES, and NATIONS, enigmatically ex prefed, by S. M. O. of Shaftesbury.


O the whole of important add three-fevenths of frail,
Two-fevenths of a fhare, and the like of to rail.

2. Two-thirds of an herb, one-fifth of repofe,

Three-fourths of a city in Afia difclofe.

3. Three-ninths of to fprout, join'd to one-fifth of dark,
Two-eighths of a curfe, and one-fourth of to bark.
4. Three-tenths of a giant that had but one eye,
And the fame of the daughter of Etion deicry.
Three-fourths of to keep, one-fourth of a tree,
Of an infect two-thirds, and one-fixth of to fee.
6. Two-fifths of a fish, one-fourth of a bird,


Of pofition two- ninths, of affiftance one-third, 7. A vowel fubjoin'd to two-fifths of a spell,

And half of a measure that's known very well. 8. Of a liquor two-thirds, of a clamour the fame, The initial of him who fam'd Hector o'ercame. Two-thirds of to win, a term us'd for gold, Of a monster two-fifths, and th' initial of bold. 10. Four-fixths


10. Four-fixths of a nymph that was turn'd to a reed,

And one-eighth of her name that could run with great speed. 11. Of a legate two-fixths, juft half of to dwell,

And one-fixth of fair Paphia's favourite tell.

12. Two-fixths of a title of Juno disclose,

And three-fourths of a name for an emblem transpose.

13. The initial of one of the Pierian nine,

Juft half of a gem, and two-eighths of fine.

14. Of a flore-houfe three-fourths, one-half of to yelp, And a vowel fubjoin to the initial of help.

15. To half of a coin a cons'nant unite,

And add to it part of the organ of fight.

16. Two-eighths of a mufe muft next be difclos'd, One-half of to range, and a measure tranfpos'd. 17. Half of unfaded, the fame of a fneer,

The like of a digit, and one-feventh of fevere, 18. Three-eighths of to thrive, one-fifth of to rife,

The mountain where Paris gave Venus the prize. 19. Two fifths of a fraud, one-leventh of to mock,

Two-fixths of a youth that was turn'd to a rock. 20. Two-fevenths of the name of a horfe of Apollo, And half of a stone that is precious must follow.

[blocks in formation]


In Mr. Kite's folution, inferted December 15, instead of 49° 50′ read 49° 58'

In Mr. Hannaford's folution, inferted March 1, instead of 27° 15', read 270 50.

Mr. J. Quant has not properly confidered his question propofed January 26, as the tun's azimuth is an angle formed by the co-altitude and co latitude, and confequently is not af- · fected by the circle or parallel of the fun's declination.



Verfes, written by a Friend, in Memory of an amiable young Lady,


lately deceased.

HE open heart, the polish'd mind,
The manners gentle, kind, and free,

The fmile benign, the fenfe refin'd,
And native fenfibility:

[blocks in formation]

The tender paffions o'er thy tomb
With fond folicitude incline;
Soft pity weeps thy early doom,

And friendship bleeds at virtue's fhrine.

Is then thy gentle spirit flown?

Shall nought recall thy fleeting breath? Nor charms peculiarly thy own

Withhold the ruthless arm of death?

And must that liberal hand be cold,
That indigence fo warm hath found?
Its lenient aid fhall it withhold,

Nor deal beneficence around?

And shall that heart, for ever dead,
Indulge no more the wish to blefs?
And shall those eyes no longer fhed
The balm of pity on distress?

Myfterious providence! thy ways
O how unfearchable to man!
Why elfe to vice her length of days?
To virtue why fo fhort a fpan?

It is, that virtue trembling flies
From vice's rude contagious air?
Glad to refume her native skies,
And bid adieu to vanity and care.


PARAPHRASE of the 113th PSALM,


E faints, in willing, grateful lays,
Afcribe to God immortal praife;
Exalt his fame with fongs fublime,
In ev'ry land, in ev'ry clime;
From where the early orient gleam

Firft chears the world and gilus the stream,
To where the fun at eve of day
Purples the fky with parting ray.
O'er all his mighty power extends,
Ev'n to the earth's remoteft ends;


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