An Essay on the Strength and Stress of Timber: Founded Upon Experiments Performed at the Royal Military Academy, on Specimens Selected from the Royal Arsenal, and His Majesty's Dock-yard, Woolwich : Preceded by an Historical Review of Former Theories and Experiments ; with Numerous Tables and Plates : Also an Appendix, on the Strength of Iron, and Other Materials

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J. Taylor at the Architectural Library, 1826 - 306 էջ

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Էջ 319 - ... THE ELEMENTARY PRINCIPLES OF CARPENTRY. A Treatise on the Pressure and Equilibrium of Timber Framing, the Resistance of Timber, and the Construction of Floors, Arches, Bridges, Roofs, Uniting Iron and Stone with Timber, &c. To which is added an Essay on the Nature and Properties of Timber, &c., with Descriptions of the kinds of Wood used in Building; also numerous Tables of the Scantlings of Timber for different purposes, the Specific Gravities of Materials, &c. By THOMAS TREDGOLD, CE With an...
Էջ 157 - ... 1. When the beam is fixed at one end, and loaded at the other, IW cos A = a d3 S, or — — .^ - = S, a constant quantity.
Էջ 229 - Multiply the sectional area of the bottom flange in inches by the depth of the beam in inches, and divide the product by the distance between the supports also in inches ; and 514 times the quotient equal the absolute strength of the beam in cwts.
Էջ 318 - Woolwich ; preceded by an Historical Review of former Theories and Experiments. Also, an Appendix on the Strength of Iron and other Materials. By PETER BARLOW, of the Royal Military Academy.

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