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and substantial contribution to English History,
replete with lessons of practical value to all parties.

The sources of information to which attention
has been given in the preparation of the narrative
are the following: -

FOREIGN, for the Eighteenth Century, by special permission of her
Majesty's principal Secretaries of State.

RECORDS OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANY for the last decade of
the century.


The Original Correspondence and other Papers of the Venerable
Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge, with all the
Papers at Fulham and LAMBETH relating to AMERICA, sump-
tuously printed in several large quarto volumes for the American
Episcopal Church.


HARMER MANUSCRIPTS, containing Transcripts of the Church
Records of the Eastern Counties, in many volumes.

Manuscript Collections, Printed Books, and Tracts in Dr.
Williams' Library.

Copies of Church Records, London and Provincial, made by
Robert Barclay, Esq., of Reigate.

Church Records of Northamptonshire, copied by Mr. John
Taylor, of Northampton.

Collection of Rare Tracts in the Town Hall, Northampton.

Church Books at Bedford, Olney, Kettering, Rowell, and

County Congregational Histories.
Minutes of the Fund Board, in the possession of Mr. Ives.

Minutes of the King's Head Society, recently restored to New

Minutes of the Congregational Board.
Minutes of the Three Denominations.
Minutes of the Dissenting Deputies.

The invaluable Collection of Autograph Letters made by the Rev. DR. RAFFLES, in the possession of T. S. Raffles, Esq.

Unpublished Letters of DR. DODDRIDGE and his Contemporaries, with the unique Library of Nonconformist Books and Tracts, collected by Joshua Wilson, Esq., and arranged by Miss Wilson.

Daventry Papers, in the possession of Mrs. Ashworth Briggs. MS. Diary of the Rev. George Lambert, in 12 vols.

Church Books at Maze Pond, Metropolitan Tabernacle, Latimer Chapel, and Mile End.

Collection of Manuscripts in the Bristol Academy.
Rare Tracts in the Library of the Bristol Corporation.

Collection of Manuscripts in the possession of the Rev. Dr. Angus, Principal of Regent's Park College.

Original Papers of the London Missionary Society.
Seddon Papers, in Manchester New College, Gordon Square.

Transcripts made from Church Records, in a visit of seven months to the United States.

Collections of the Historical Societies of America ; and a Private Collection of Local Histories.

County Histories, and other valuable Books, in the Library of Samuel Rigby, Esq., Broche Hall, Warrington.

Sprague's Annals of the American Pulpit.

My best thanks are presented to the Rev. Dr. Angus; the Rev. Thomas Arnold; the Rev. Dr. Leonard Bacon; the Rev. John Brown, of Bedford ; Mrs. Briggs, of Daventry ; Mr. Eastty, of Maze Pond; the Rev. W. Farrer, LL.B.; Richard Garnett, Esq. ; the Rev. Dr. Gooch, of Bristol ; Alexander Haldane, Esq.; the Rev. J. Hunter; S. W. Kershaw, Esq., M.A. ; Alfred Kingston, Esq.; the Rev. President Newth, D.D.; the Rev. George Orme ; Alderman Pickering Perry, Esq., J.P.; T. S. Raffles, Esq., Stip. Mag.; S. Rigby, Esq., J.P.; Charles Shepheard, Esq.;

W. D. Selby, Esq.; W. Somerville, Esq., J.P.; Mr. John Taylor; the Rev. Thomas Toller; the Rev. Joseph Waddington; Theodore Walker, Esq., Leicester; H. Waterfield, Esq.; G. Whitley, Esq. ; Mrs. Joshua Wilson ; Thomas Wilson, Esq. ; and Henry Wright, Esq., J.P., for their courteous atten. tion and willing help in my researches;

and especially to Samuel Morley, Esq., M.P., for a cheque for £100 in aid of expenses.


October 24th, 1876.



Dissenters at the Court of Queen Anne. Activity of the Nonjurors. Dr.

George Hickes on the Church and civil power. Charles Leslie. The
Pretender and the Pope. Glanvil's complaint that the Dissenters
will not pay Church dues. De Foe. “Short Way with Dissenters."
De Foe in concealment. His letter to the Earl of Nottingham. Offers
to raise a " troop of horse,” to obtain the Queen's pardon. “Hymn to



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