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hound may give rise to grave questions.

Mr. Adams awaits instructions. 305 | Mr. Dudley to June 24 | Showing disappointment of rebel sympa- | 259 Mr. Seward.

thizers in England at destruction of the

Lord Lyons to June 24 Incloses further documents in case of coal 259
Mr. Seward.

taken by the Vanderbilt at Angra Pequena.
The British government think the owners
entitled to compensation, even if the coal

were intended for the Alabama.
Mr. Seward to June 27 | Has received note of 24th. Regrets the opin- | 260
Lord Lyons.

ion of the British government therein ex-
pressed, and requires information as to des-
tination of the coal before admitting the

claim of its owners. 731 | Mr. Adams to | June 28 Incloses copy of his note to Lord Russell, in 261 Mr. Seward.

reference to the action of the Deerhound
in the engagement between the Alabama
and Kearsarge transmitting copyofCaptain
Winslow's report to the Secretary of the
Navy charging complicity of the Deer-
hound with the Alabama, together with a
list of men picked up by the Deerhound.
Also incloses his lordship’s reply, desig-
nating the act of the Deerhound as one of
common humanity, and denying the obli-
gation of its commander to have surren-
dered the men picked up as prisoners of
war, but promising to transmit to him Mr.

Adams's letter and inclosures. 734 ....... do ........ June 30 Transmits published defense of owner of the 263

Deerhound, disclaiming all complicity or
communication of his vessel with the Ala-
bama before the fight, and asserting that
he only performed an act of common hu-
manity in picking up her men and taking
them to Southampton. A sword to Captain
Semmes is proposed. Numbers of men are
being enlisted for the Rappahannock and

other confederate vessels. 1017 Mr. Seward to July 2 Has received No.720; refers to the mistaken 268 Mr. Adams.

policy of Great Britain toward the United.
States, and its beneficial effects upon our

manufactures and revenue. 1025 ........ July 8 | Has received No. 724. The government is 269

highly satisfied with the destruction of the
Alabama, but disapproves Captain Wins-
low's having paroled the captured pirates,
and desires explanation of the proceedings
of the Deerhound. Mr. Adams is directed to
gather information and, first, to represent
to British government that our previous
statements as to the Alabama's British
character are sustained by the facts; sec-
ond, that Semmes and others, unlawfully
rescued by the Deerhound, should be sur-
rendered as prisoners of war; third, to re-
monstrate against the conduct of British
subjects in paying wages to the Alabama's
crew, and to ask for their conviction; and
fourth, to ask the British government to
adopt measures to prevent the fitting out

THE ALABAMA-Continued.

No From whom and




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of any more naval expeditions against the
United States.
Incloses Earl Russell's note of the 8th, Cov- 271

ering copy of a letter from Mr. Clarke in
answer to note addressed to Mr. Lancaster,
referring his lordship to Mr. Lancaster's
published letter of the 29th ultimo, in refer-
ence to his part in the rescue of the Ala-

bama's crew.
Has received No. 731, and approves Mr. Ad- | 272

ams's representation in the case of the
Deerhound. The act of that vessel, in car-
rying off the prisoners of the Alabama, was
one of direct hostility. Mr. Seward regrets
to see that Earl Russell does not notice the
British origin and character of the Alaba-
ma. The harboring of her crew in England
is an aggravation of the original offense in

allowing her construction and escape.
Has received No. 734. Mr. Lancaster's pub 274

lished letter, therein inclosed, is not satis

Has received No. 1025. As instructions there 274

in are based upon erroneous impressions of
fact, has thought it best to defer represen-
tations to British government. Incloses
Earl Russell's note covering Mr. Lancas-
ter's statement in letter to him of his action
in the engagement with the Alabama. The
statement does not deny that the officer
who had been to the Kearsarge to surren-
der the Alabama, and who obtained leave
to rescue the drowning, picked out the

officers and took them to the Deerhound. Detailing proceedings of yacht Deerhound, 277

as set forth in Mr. Adams's dispatch No.
755, and inclosures, and directing him to
express the President's surprise that the

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sure said proceedings.
Lord Lyons to | Aug. 23 | Inclosing papers to show that the coal taken
Mr. Seward.

by the Vanderbilt at Angra Pequena was
the property of British subjects, and reas-
serting the opinion of his government that
the fact of its being destined for the Ala-
bama, even if proved, could not have jus-

tified its seizure.
Mr. Seward to Aug. 24 Has received note of the 23d. Inferring
Lord Lyons.

from lack of proof to the contrary that
the coal in question was intended for the
Alabama, this government is of opinion
that the claims of its owners for compen-
sation are no more just than would be
those of the owners and crew of the Ala-
bama for losses suffered by her destruc-

340 | Mr. Dudley to Aug. 27 Giving description of the Deerhound, and
Mr. Seward.

her cruise, and inclosing depositions going to show that Mr. Lancaster had no communication with the Alabama previous to the battle.

281 THE ALABAMA-Continued.


From whom and

to whom.



1864. 769 | Mr. Adams to Sept. 1 | Has received No. 1069, and will draw up a | 290 Mr. Seward.

note to Lord Russell, based upon its in-
structions, relative to proceedings of the

yacht Deerhound. 773 ....... do ........ Sept. 2 | Inolosing note from Consul Graham, at Cape 291

Town, in reference to the non-restoration

of the Tuscaloosa. 344 | Mr. Dudley to Sept. 21 Has been to France, and seen Consul Liais | 292 Mr. Seward.

and Mr. Dayton, jr, in reference to fight
with the Alabama, off Cherbourg, and in-
closes their statements, going to show col-
lusion between the Alabama and the Deer-

hound previous to the engagement. 779 | Mr. Adams to Sept. 81 Incloses copy of his note to Earl Russell in | 294 Mr. Seward.

relation to the action of the Deerhound,
in which he represents that the United
States government has never considered
the Alabama a lawful belligerent vessel ;
that it disapproves of Captain Winslow's
paroling her crew, and that it regards the
act of the owner of the Deerhound in con-
niving at the escape of part of the sur-
rendered crew as directly hostile to the
United States; expresses the President's
surprise that the British government has
not made it a subject of severe censure,
and his opinion that the prisoners rescued
by the Deerhound should be given up to
the American authorities; remonstrates
against their receiving wages or supplies
from British subjects, and asks the adop-
tion of measures to prevent any further
hostile expeditions against the United

States. 1093 Mr. Seward to Sept. 19 Hlas received No. 773. The United States 297 Mr. Adams.

cannot acquiesce in the decision of the
British government in the case of the Tus-

caloosa. :
1103 Mr. F. W. Seward | Sept. 24 Has received No. 779, with inclosed note to
to Mr. Adams.

Earl Russell, which is approved. 789 Mr. Adams to Sept. 29 Incloses Lord Russell's notes in reply to his 298 Mr. Seward.

of the 6th, stating the conclusions arrived

act of the Deerhound in rescuing the Alabama's crew was one of praiseworthy bumanity, and that her commander was under no obligation to surrender the persons rescued to the Kearsarge; that the British government could not lawfully surrender them after their taking refuge in British territory; that they do not believe that wages are regularly paid to the Alabama's crew by British subjects; that all lawful measures have been and will be taken to prevent hostile expeditions against the United States; and that the British government have been more successful in preventing such breaches of neutrality than were the United States during the South American revolutions. Also, Mr. Adams's reply, regretting the divergency of opinion between the two governments, and defer

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ring further representation until the re

ceipt of instructions. 1117 | Mr. Seward to | Oct. 10 ( Inclosing Mr. Dudley's dispatch No. 351, COV- | 301 Mr. Adams.

ering deposition showing collusion be-
tween the Alabama and the British yachts

Deerhound and Hornet. 1126 ........ Oct. 17 Has received No. 789. After careful perusal 303

of Earl Russell's note therein inclosed,
this government must adhere to its previ-
ous position in regard to the intervention
of the Deerhound in the fight between the
Kearsarge and Alabama. The President
regrets the failure thus far to prevent mis-

understanding on a point so serious. 805 Mr. Adams to Nov. 3 | Has spoken informally to Lord Russell, re- .303 Mr. Seward.

peating Mr. Seward's remark in No. 1093,
conveying opinion of the United States in
regard to the Tuscaloosa. Lord Russell
replied that the case was full of difficul-

ties. 814 ....... do ........Nov. 18 Transmits copy of his note to Lord Russell, \ 304

asserting that the rescued officers of the
Alabama are continuing belligerent opera-
tions under British protection, carrying out
Lord Russell's comparison of the course of
the British government with that of our
own toward Spain during the South Amer-
ican revolutions, by showing that the Uni-
ted States had made satisfactory compen-
sation therefor to the Spanish government,
and adhering to the previously expressed
opinions of our government upon the affair

of the Deerhound. 825 ....... do ........ Dec. 1) Incloses Lord Russell's note of the 29th ultimo, į 306

claiming that the British government was
under no obligation of either municipal or
international law to surrender the rescued
officers of the Alabama, and arguing that
the provisions of the treaty of 1819, be-
tween the United States and Spain, for the
mutual abandonment of claims, was not in
the nature of compensation from the for-
mer forinjuries complained of by the latter;
also incloses his reply declining to further
discuss the case of the Deerhound, and
showing that in the treaty referred to the
claims renounced by Spain were similar to
those of the United States against the Brit-

ish government.
Mr. Burnley to | Dec. 8. Claiming that there is no proof that the coal 308
Mr. Seward.

taken by the Vanderbilt at Angra Pequena
was rebel property; that if it was British
property the United States had no right to
it, and that the Alabama was a lawful bel-

ligerent vessel. 1200 Mr. Seward to Dec. 25 Has received No. 825. Mr. Adams's answer: 309 Mr. Adams.

to Earl Russell in the case of the Deer-
hound is approved. If the British govern-
ment plead want of authority to perform
international obligations, they should ad-
mit the obligation; if they deny the obli-
gation, they should not plead want of au-

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