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VALUABLE FRENCH MEDICINES. HE FRENCH, it is well known, have always excelled in the art of healing. A to prove of essential service to the British Public. One peculiarity their remedies possess is an agreeable flavour, a novelty deserving the attention of mothers. All the Medicines mentioned here (to be taken inwardly,) have this delightful quality.

NERVINE, This preparation speedily relieves headache, spasms, fulness and pains in the head, depression of spirits, flatulence, hiccough, languor and sickness when rising in the morning. Most, if not all, of these symptoms are caused by nervous disorders, for which the Nervine is a certain cure. Sold in Bottles, price ls. 1 d. and 2s. 9d., with directions enclosed. The small bottle contains twelve, and the large one thirtytwo doses.

PAPIER FAYARD ET BLAYN. This article is a certain cure for Corns, Bunions, Burns, Scalds, Cuts, &c. It also affords great Relief in Gout, Rheumatism, Lumbago, &c. Sold in Rolls at 4s., and half Rolls at 2s. each, with directions enclosed. The Roll is more than half a yard square. A half Roll will be returned by post, free, on the Consignee receiving 28., and a twopenny post label.

SIROP ANTI-PHLOGISTIQUE, For Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and Con ption. It has been employed in France and on the Continent for 15 years, with great success. Drs. Asselin, Doubois, Fouquier, Mouillet, Lanthois, the Count de Belisle, Baron Guaguelatz, and many others, have given certificates, strongly recommending it. Sold only in pint bottles for families, price 11s., with directions enclosed. One bottle will last more than a fortnight.

SIROP ORANGE PURGATIF DE LAGRANGE. This Aperient is intended to supersede the present nauseous ones, the Black Draught, &c. now in use. It is mild, gentle, and efficacious, and may be taken by the most delicate female or tender infant, without the least fear. Price 2s. 93., with directions enclosed. Each bottle contains several doses.-Observe the name Lagrange is written on the Government Stamp. CONCENTRATED ESSENCE OF SARSAPARILLA.

Prepared by M. Briant, Paris. This preparation is made by steam, a method by which the virtues only are ex. tracted, and the wood and other impurities rejected. It is in consequence so pure, and of such great strength, that a very small dose is required, and as the bottle (there is only one size, price 4s. 6d.) will last nearly a fortnight, it is by far the cheapest ever offered to the public. Be sure to ask for Briant's.

EAU O'MEARA, AND POUDRE O'MEARA. These articles were prepared for Napoleon Buonaparte at St. Helena, by Dr. O'Meara, his physician. The Eau is a speedy and certain cure for the Tooth-ache, and the Poudre is a healthy and refreshing dentrifice. Price of the Eau, 4s. 6d. ; of the Poudre, 2s. ; with directions enclosed. The Poudre O'Meara can be sent by post, free, as the Papier Fayard et Blayn above.


Administration de l'Entreprise des Accelérées,

Rue de Marbeuf, 3,-Paris, 8 May, 1839. M. Terrat having expressed a desire to have a testimonial stating my experience of his remedy, I hereby certify that I have made frequent use of it for some months, and I have obtained the most satisfactory results. This medicine possesses the great advantage, that, without any alteration in their food, horses may continue their usual labour.

(Signed) MEURON. Sold in Pots, price lls., with directions enclosed. One Pot will cure several borses, one application generally being sufficient. It will keep for any length of time.

ANTI-PUTRID ASTRINGENT BALSAM. A certain cure for the Foot Rot, Cracked Heels, Water in the Legs, Thrush, &c.

Price 7s. 6d., with directions enclosed. SOLE CONSIGNEE, H. SCHOOLING, 139, FENCHURCH STREET, LONDON. Observe that his name is written on the Government Stamp, affixed to the arti. cles, with the exception of the Sarsaparilla (which has none) and the Sirop Orange Purgatif.

Persons residing in the country can obtain them, by order, of every respectable Chemist and Medicine Vendor, or by sending a post-paid remittance, with direct tions as to the manner of sending them to the Consignee.

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The Rev. George Waddington, in his popular History of the Church, * seems to have plumed himself much upon the discovery of a mare's-nest. He sought to show, for the benefit of all concerned, One—mark One -so that the extent of the testimony may be appreciated—one exception going, as we all know, to disprove a rule !)-ONE Church among the Primitive Churches ordered by other discipline than the episcopal. And which was that church? The Corinthian!-the one of all others famous for its dissensions. But was the Corinthian Church even so ordered? Our historian's proofs are of the slightest kind-they are derived from the circumstance of St. Clement's epistle being “written in the name of the Church sojourning at Rome,' not in that of the Roman Bishop; that its character is of exhortation, and not of authority; that it is an answer to a communication originally made by the Church of Corinth." For these notable reasons Mr. Waddington thought himself entitled to add—“The episcopal government was clearly not yet here established; probably as being adverse to the republican spirit of Greece.” The insufficiency of this statement, even to support conjecture, is apparent enough. The One exception, then, is doubtful-yet in a subsequent part of the book it is multiplied to Two. As the Apostles.were gradually withdrawn, it is certain that

* Published under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. London: Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row. 1833.

N. S.-VOL. VI.


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