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N this little book will be found united two subjects, or rather, two natural divisions of a subject

often kept apart, though bound to each other by the closest ties,---namely, the Language and the Poetry of Flowers. Under the first head may be naturally included all that graceful symbolism which has in every age and in every nation entwined itself around the floral gifts of Creation ; while under the second we generally include the sentiments and teachings in which the poets “found the delightful way, mysterious morals gently to convey, in charming numbers." In the union of the two parts, our readers have presented to them a complete epitome of “flower-lore in prose and verse.”

Among the chief features of the book will be found some examples of Flower-language in Bouquets. By reference to these, any number of “ bouquet-letters can be written ; the various sentiments, and the flowers that are the exponents of them, being found in the second part of the Vocabulary.

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In the Vocabulary itself will be found a complete record of “flower thoughts.” To each flower is attached a quotation from one of the poets, representing the sentiment or idea attached to the flower, the whole forming a compact body of reference for poetical quotation.

The selection of the “ Poetry of Flowers” has been carefully made, with especial reference to those among the poetical blossoms which have become established favourites, and are considered as an essential part of our flower literature.

The Thoughts on the Months and the Floral Gifts, will be found to contain a summary of the opinions of many distinguished writers on the various floral treasures of the seasons; and these, with the numerous illustrations, will, it is hoped, be found an attractive feature of the book.


June 1877.




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