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It is possible that the "resentment" spoken of in the third stanza was intended to indicate the anger of the Romans against the Druids. The meaning then would be-we are silent because the Romans have cruelly imposed silence upon us. We learn from Tacitus [Annales xiv, 30.] that the Druids had just before, by their imprecations and threats, caused a temporary panic in the Roman army, and that, in consequence their groves had been cut down, and a garrison placed over them. This fact gives some colour to the interpretation here hazarded; and which has been suggested by a literary friend of the editor.

NOTE B. See page 5.

To avoid the tautology in the commencement of this poem, some unknown author has thus altered, with doubtful advantage, the original reading:

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The lofty pillars of the sky

And spacious concave raised on high
Spangled with stars, &c.

The unwearied sun, from day to day,
Pours knowledge in his golden ray.

NOTE C. See page 7.

The opinion that exact knowledge increases, rather than diminishes the pleasure of imagination, is thus expressed by Akenside:

Nor ever yet

The melting rainbow's vernal tinctured hues
To me have shone so pleasing, as when first
The hand of science pointed out the path
In which the sun-beams, gleaming from the west,
Fall on the watery cloud, whose darksome veil
Involves the orient.

NOTE D. See page 8.

The expression "the world's grey fathers" seem to have been borrowed from an old poem by Henry Vaughan, a writer of the 17th century, who thus addresses the rainbow:

How bright wert thou when Shem's admiring eye
Thy burnished flaming arch did first descry;
When Zerah, Nahor, Haran, Abram, Lot,
The youthful world's grey fathers, in one knot,
Did with intentive looks watch every hour
For thy new light, and trembled at each shower!

Also by the same Editor, Price 38.




Extracts from Critical Notices.

A very nice little volume, containing a charming collection of poetry. Spectator. We do not know any other book that, in the same compass, contains such a rich selection of pieces, that are at once sprightly and instructive, pathetic and devout.-Congregational Magazine.

A very pleasing and suitable selection.- Westminster Review. A judicious selection of attractive poems, suited to children between six and twelve, comprising subjects in which they can sympathize. Asiatic Journal.

A very good selection.— Wesleyan Methodist Magazine.

We can safely say we have never seen this purpose [that of furnishing a suitable book of poetry for children] executed with any thing like the soundness of judgment, delicacy of taste, and range of research, traceable in Mr. Payne's volume. No school or nursery, mother or teacher, ought to be without it.-Manchester Chronicle.

A nice little book.-Tait's Magazine.

This is a very good selection, made with pains and judiciously arranged. We are not surprised that it should have reached a second edition -Patriot.

This is a judicious selection of poetry, suitable for children of all ages, and chosen from our best poets. In these days, when abstruse science is carried almost into our nurseries, it is really a treat to see anything so simply good as the little volume before us.-Metropolitan Magazine.

Mr. Payne, the compiler, is an experienced hand in juvenile education, having for some years closely, as well as practically, studied the subject. The selection of metrical pieces in this volume reflects great credit upon his judgment and tact as a caterer for children.

Sunday School Teacher's Magazine.

This selection displays taste and judgment. The notes, in which difficult words and allusions are explained, increase its value.- Wesleyan Chronicle.

It will be found well-suited to its proposed object, free from all that is objectionable in sentiment, diversified in its contents, and well adapted to secure the attention and deeply to interest the juvenile readers. Eclectic Review. An excellent selection, well adapted at once to improve the under. standing and the heart. Christian Witness.

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