Essay on Biography: Selected Biographical and Historical Sketches and Other Writings

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Doubleday, Page, 1898 - 204 էջ

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 80 - ... would suit him best, but continually shifted, in corkscrew fashion, and kept trying both. A heavy-laden, high-aspiring and surely much-suffering man. His voice, naturally soft and good, had contracted itself into a plaintive snuffle and singsong; he spoke as if preaching, — you would have said, preaching earnestly and also hopelessly the weightiest things. I still recollect his " object " and
Էջ 174 - What art thou afraid of? Wherefore, like ' a coward, dost thou for ever pip and whimper, and ' go cowering and trembling? Despicable biped ! ' what is the sum-total of the worst that lies before ' thee ? Death ? Well, Death ; and say the pangs of ' Tophet too, and all that the Devil and Man may, ' will, or can do against thee ! Hast thou not a heart ;
Էջ 171 - Life, were more frightful : but in our age of Down-pulling ' and Disbelief, the very Devil has been pulled down, you ' cannot so much as believe in a Devil.
Էջ 80 - ... The good man, he was now getting old, towards sixty perhaps ; and gave you the idea of a life that had been full of sufferings ; a life heavy-laden, half-vanquished, still swimming painfully in seas of manifold physical and other bewilderment. Brow and head were round, and of massive weight, but the face was flabby and irresolute. The deep eyes, of a light hazel, were as full of sorrow as of inspiration ; confused pain looked mildly from them, as in a kind of mild astonishment.
Էջ 167 - I know, If what thou namest Happiness be our true aim, then are we all astray. With Stupidity and sound Digestion man may front much. But what, in these dull unimaginative days, are the terrors of Conscience to the diseases of the Liver! Not on Morality but on Cookery, let us build our stronghold: there brandishing our frying-pan, as censer, let us offer sweet incense to the Devil, and live at ease on the fat things he has provided for his Elect!
Էջ 161 - State sit plotting, and playing their high chess-game, whereof the pawns are Men. The Lover whispers his mistress that the coach is ready; and she, full of hope and fear, glides down, to fly with him over the borders: the Thief, still more silently, sets-to his picklocks and crowbars, or lurks in wait till the watchmen first snore in their boxes.
Էջ 88 - The ingenuous young English head, of those days, stood strangely puzzled by such revelations ; uncertain whether it were getting inspired, or getting infatuated into flat imbecility ; and strange effulgence, of new day or else of deeper meteoric night, colored the horizon of the future for it.
Էջ 183 - Labour is Life: from the inmost heart of the Worker rises his god-given Force, the sacred celestial Life-essence breathed into him by Almighty God; from his inmost heart awakens him to all nobleness,— to all knowledge, "selfknowledge" and much else, so soon as Work fitly begins.
Էջ 185 - Great Man" impressed very legibly on Portland-stone there ! Yes, all manner of help, and pious response from Men or Nature, is always what we call silent ; cannot speak or come to light, till it be seen, till it be spoken to. Every noble work is at first "impossible." In very truth, for every noble work the possibilities will lie diffused through Immensity ; inarticulate, undiscoverable except to faith. Like Gideon thou shalt spread out thy fleece at the door of thy tent; see whether under the wide...
Էջ 89 - What the light of your mind, which is the direct inspiration of the Almighty, pronounces incredible, — that, in God's name, leave uncredited; at your peril do not try believing that.

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