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Ramgwur Singh, C.S., Bhagalpin,

Bengal, India, 1882. Sirs,- I received the pair of Electric Brushes you sent me. I find them excellent. Please send me two more pairs of the Electric Hair Brushes and one pair of the Flesh Brushes. I am sending 85s. per Money Order, allowing for the postage.Yours faithfully, MAHARAY KUMAR. -Pall Mall Electric Association.

From Captain A. 7. Hollbourne. R.A.

Ormonde, Lostwithiel. Cornwall, November 5th, 1882. I told you my wife derived great benefit from her Hair Brush. Since then I went in for a pair, and fully endorse my wife's opinion, for bilious headache. Besides my sister-in-law has suffered for years from nervous headache, and laughed at me when I told her a Brush would cure her. As I did not like being laughed at, I bought and made a present of a Brush to her (ladies like presents). She was here on a visit at the time. Three weeks after, when leaving, she admitted that since she had used the Brush she had not known what it was to have a headache. The Brushes are a capital invention for nervous or bilious headaches, and as a refresher after a long railway journey, there is nothing to equal them.- To C. B. Harness, Esq., 21, Holborn Viaduct, London, E.C. La Colline, Nyon, C. Ton de Vaud, Switzerland,

September 7th, 1881. I send you per P.O.O. the sum of 19 francs, and should be much obliged to you to send me in return one of Dr. Scott's Flesh Brushes, with full instructions for use. The Hair Brush you sent me the other day appears to give great satisfaction. Believe me, Sir, truly yours, COUNTE A. DE VISMEs.


From Dr. C. Lempriere, D.C.L., &c.

St John's College, Oxford, December 28th, 1881 Gentlemen,- I have known and appreciated the great advan tage of your Electric Hair Brush for some time, and, as I find the benefit increasing, I feel it my duty, as well as my pleasure, to earnestly recommend it. No one who has not tried it can possibly imagine how material its comfort is. Your l'lesh Brush is only one more proof of the enormous future open to the scientific development of useful and beneficial domestic appliances, which are suitable to the poorest pocket, and are a solace to the afflicted. The brushes are indeed a wonder, and well worth their money.-Yours faithfully, C. LEMPRIERE, D.C.L., &c.To the Pall Mall Electric Association, 21, Holborn Viaduct, E.C.

From S. Adair.-Santry School, Dublin, February, 1882.

Dear Sirs, - I wish to tell you that I got one of your Dr. Scott's Electric Hair Brushes about three and a-half months ago, and gave it to my wife. Her hair, at the time, was falling very much, and after she used the Brush the hair was falling for a few days, afterwards it came out a very little, and in about a fortnight it ceased altogether; and now she has more hair than ever she had, and it looks better. She was also troubled with headache, and sometimes had neuralgia. Her headache has been quite cured, and neuralgia has not troubled her since she used the Brush. She now uses no other but that, and I think it is worth the price, even if it wore only an ordi ary hair-brush. -I am, yours very faithfully, S. ADAIR.-To the Pall Mall Electric Association, 21, Holborn Viaduct, E.C

From Rev. Edward Husband, Incumbent of St. Michael's,

Folkestone, February 13th. 1882. Gentlemen, -Having used your Dr. Scott's Electric Hair Brush during the past year, I am quite willing to testify to its reviving qualities. After hard headwork I often resort to your Brush, and feel quite refreshed. I should never feel inclined to resort to the old-fashioned hair-brush again.-Faithfully yours,

E. HUSBAND. - To the Pall Mall Electric Association.

Pitcaple Castle, Aberdeenshire, July 30th, 1881. To the Pall Mall Electric Association.

Gentlemen,- I enclose you Money Order for 125, 6d., and shall be obliged if you will send me another of Dr. Scott's Hair Brushes Received the one you sent me quite safe, and think it an admirable Brush for the hand and hair. I shall be glad if you send it soon.—Believe me, yours very respectfully,




sed PRINCESS OF WALES, the KING OF HOLLAND, PRINCE FREDERICK 3 Dow brought to the notice of the public. It cares by natural means; will always do ay in place of the ordinary hair brush. The Brush back and handle is made of a now SODUCING A PERMANENT ELECTRO-MAGNETIC CURRENT WHICH ACTS power can always be tested by a silver compass, which accompanies each Brush.


Price 12s. 6d. Post Free, from

The Pall-Mall Electric Assoc., Limited, 21, Holborn Viaduct, London.


DR. BRIDGEMAN writes :"It will positively produce a rapid growth of Hair on Bald Heads, where the glands and follicles are not totally destroyed."



May 1st, 1882. From Mrs. DEBAC, Beresford House, Ealing :-“ Please send DR. SCOTT'S ELECTRIC FLESH BRUSH. The Hair Brush Mrs. Debac had some few weeks ago has given great satisfaction, and has cured a most troublesome headache that many Doctors have failed to relieve." W. A. FISHER, "THE GRAPHIC," Strand, London, writes :"Your BRUSH is really a splendid affair. I have a great deal of head worry, and when I reach home in the evening, I feel very languid, and brush my head from forehead to back, and it makes

ine quite another man. Lassitude is banished, and I am quite lively. I shall be glad

if you will send me one for my Deputy."




Send for



th, 1882.

We are able to yoach for the
ed the volumes of letters of thanks,
ction by all who may be in any way
re black bristles, without any wires.

one from Professor Charles Lempriere, ed attainments; another from the Rev. Semen's opinion of the reviving and sooth

letten we have referred to. Its effect when shing; and all who suffer in that respect, or bition, and obtain the Brush on trial, as the ly and strictly accurate. We may add that he

Indecase, are really a beautiful work of art and an TROX GELEERT a subject of such vast importance as

the day. Various applications of electricity adapted to se preference which their reputation commands, and thus



BOLBORN VIADUCT, LONDON, E.C.; and Cheques to be crossed
By State to obtain one for you, but be sure Dr. Scott's name is on the
tjere the sealp and PROMOTE BALDNESS. Remember that Dr.
PURE BLACĚ BRISTLES. We caution the Public to be careful that
IMITATIONS, are utterly worthless, and are put in the market to impose


From M. Rogerson Eu Son, Pharmacists and Operative Chemists. for over 50 years in Bradford,

January 21st, 1879. We take great pleasure in recommending your Electric Hair from our personal experience of their value, as well as from the testimony of many of our customers.


To Promote


Away with Phy-
sic and Quack


[blocks in formation]

Proprietors Address Pall Mall Electric Association, Limited, 21, Holborn Viaduct, E.C.



Note Sole



















NOTE.-The Electropathic Belt consists of a series of Constant Current Electric Generators which are in continuous action while the belt is being worn; it is entirely unique as a therapeutical adaptation of Electricity.

As the raison d'être of the PALL MALL ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION, LIMITED, 21, Holborn Viaduct, London, E.C., is, primarily, to develope Curative Electricity, and thus to popularise a safe, certain, and agreeable remedy for the multifarious ills that flesh is heir to, and not to accumulate wealth at the expense of the afflicted, as is too much the custom now-a-days, the Pall Mall Electric Association, Limited, hereby undertake to allow a liberal discount to Hospitals, and Charitable Institutions, and to ministers of all denominations who desire to assist poor members of their congregations to obtain these celebrated appliances. Please forward the exact size round the waist when ordering the “ELECTROPATHIC BELT.',

The Consulting Electrician of the Association attends daily for consultation (free) from 10 to 1, and from 3 to ș, at the PRIVATR CONSULTING ROOMS of the Pall Mall Electric Association, Limited, 21, Holborn Viaduct, E C. An experienced lady is also in attendance daily. Patients unable to leave their homes can be visited and advised, by appointment only, free of extra chargé.

On receipt of Post Office Order or Cheque for 21s., made payable to C. B. HARNESS, Managing Director, THE PALL MALL ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION, LIMITED, 21, Holborn Viaduct, London, E.C., will forward, post free, to any part of the United Kingdom, the ELECTROPATHIC BELT, as represented above, for either a lady or a gentleman ; and will guarantee it to be superior in curative properties to any belt advertised by other firms at double or treble the price. Postage cannot be paid beyond the limits of the United Kingdom, as the low price charged will not admit of it-residents abroad or in the Colonies must therefore remit 2s. 6d. extra to secure the prompt execution of their orders. If you are suffering from any slight derangement, with the cause of which you are acquainted, send a 1 once for an ELECTROPATHIC BELT, and obtain relief; but if you have any reason to fear that your case is serious or complicated, you are recommended to write for a private "Advice Form." and a copy of Testimonials, which will be forwarded, post free, on application to The Pall Mall Electric Association, Limited, 21, Holborn Viaduct, London, E.C. ; the Consulting Medical Electrician will then personally advise you, free of charge, as to what treatment will be most suitable to your case, and you will thus avoid the risk of disappointment which the indiscriminate self-selection of appliances often entails on those who are unacquainted, alike with the cause of their sufferings and the nature of the remedy they desire to apply. CAUTION. - Attention is particularly directed to the foct that the " ELECTROPATHIC BELTis the outcome of many months of patient

labour and experimenting on the part of the Directors of the Pall Mall Electric Association, Limited. Every possible improvement that ingenuity could suggest has been alopted, and it is now offered to sufferers as the most comfortable, the most effectual, and the Cheapest adaption of Curative Electricity ever inventeil. Do not be misled by the advertisements of peripatetic vendors of rubbishing appliances in which there is nothing Electric but the name. Beware of unscrupulous and unp incipled imitators.

A Forty-eight page Treatise, entitled “ELECTROPATHY," or Dr. Scott's Guide to Health, post Free on Application.

Send for Circular of DR. SCOTT'S ELECTRIC HAIR BRUSH, Cures Headache at once. Note only did ress: THE PALL MALL ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION, Limited, 21.Ilolborn Viaduct, London, E.C. This Association gives notice that it will spare no expense to prosecute any persons infringing their Patent Rights, Registration,

or Copyrights of which this Advertisement is one.

Our Children. Our Dear Children.

WHO CAN TELL WHY, With 20,000 Sunday-schools, 500,000 Teachers, and four millions of scholars, they leave so early, and too frequently turn out so worldly lost to parents and Churches, so ruined by thousands for both worlds, as we see and mour over! To prevent this, God has appointed fathers to teach, train, and bring them up in His fear.

Psalm viii.


“Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings hast Thou ordained strength, because of Thine enemies, that Thou mightest still the enemy and avenger

" These are wonderful words, and we are shut up to them. Who, then, can decipher them ? " Strength," out of the mouths of babes, to still, not to crush, the enemy (the Lord's enemies). God requires this teaching to reach the fathers.

Sunday Lessons in general use are unteachable in classes, and use. less to parents in home training; hence the ruin. So long as ministers continue to give over their Sunday-schools to publishing institutions for any consideration whatever, they can have no Holy Spirit, and religion must die out: blessing is hopeless. Until each Standard Catechisms and Scripture Lessons are taught in all classes, as teachers can teach, children can learn and remember, and fathers can train and profit by, and ministers, without study, can examine upon, Churches, schools, and homes must fail of God's blessings, as we see

The remedy may be found in the writings of Dr. Isaac Watts for the children of Thomas Abney (which most Christians over 40 years of age were only taught and blessed by).

The Assembly's Catechisms and the Life of Christ, by R. Mimpriss, which are combined in THE SYSTEMATIC BIBLE TEACHER. 2s.


WHAT SAITH THE SORIPTURES? See Deuteronomy chapter iv. verse 7; "What nation so great that hath God so nigh unto them;" 8, That hath statutes and judg. medts so righteous;" 9, "Only take heed to thy soul lest thou forget the things;

" to, "But teach them, thy sons and thy sons' sons, and I will make them hear My words, that they may learn to fear Me, and that they may teach their children;" 40, That it may go well with thee, and with thy children after thee. Chapters v. 6, 21, and vi. 6, 7; "These words shall be in thine heart, and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, sitting in thine house, walking by the way, when thou liest down, and when thou risest up." Psalm lxxvii. 5, "He appointed a law which He commanded our fathers that they should make them known to their children," etc. Mal. iv. 6, ** He shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." Luke i. 17, “He shall go before Him to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children," etc. Eph. vi. 4, "Ye fathers, provoke not your children; but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." These are all God's commands to fathers. Fathers are not doing it. Why are they not? They are unable. But how can they be enabled and induced to do it? Simply by teaching to children in Sunday-schools such lessons as fathers require. And this our holy and merciful God has foreseen and provided for

BIBLE VOICES FOR THE YOUNG (all the Catechisms). 3d.

Together, free by Post, 28. Ministers of God, let me implore you, for your own sakes, for the Church's sake, for the Lord's sake, to look at this.

Fathers, let me entreat you to help your dear children, God says (Isaiah xxviii. 9, 10) from weaning, before sin or Satan has obtained mastery over them. Teachers, why should you go on labouring, an see so little result? You need not; these Lessons answer the great end.




PRICE 78. 60.




Vol. for 1882.

Handsomely Bound in cloth, Gilt Edges, with Numerous Illustrations,

containing a COMPLETE TALE


New Year and Birthday Presents.

THE INTERPRETER; or, Scripture for Family

Worship; being selected passages of the Word of God for every morning and evening throughout the year, accompanied by a running comment and suitable Hymns. Cloth, 258.,

Persian Morocco, 325., Turkey Morocco, 42s.; Hymn Book, is MORNING BY MORNING; or, Daily Readings. Price


EVENING BY EVENING; or, Readings at

Eventide. Price 3s. 6d.
FLASHES OF THOUGHT; being One Thousand

Choice Extracts. Alphabetically arranged, and with a copious

Index. Price 5S.
TYPES AND EMBLEMS; being a Collection of

Sermons preached on Sunday and Thursday evenings. Price 3s.

being a Second Series of MR. SPURGEON's Sunday and

Thursday Evening Sermons. Price 3s. 6d.
SPURGEON'S GEMS; being Brilliant Passages

Selected from the Discourses of C. H. SPURGEON. Large type 4s
FEATHERS FOR ARROWS; or, Illustrations for

Preachers and Teachers from my Note Book. Price 2s. 6d. SPURGEON'S BIRTHDAY BOOK. Cloth, 25. 6d.;

Calf, or Morocco, 5s.; Russia, with Photograph, 1os. 6d. FARM SERMONS. By C. H. Spurgeon. New

Illustrated Volume. Crown 8vo. 328 pp. Price 3s. 6d. Cloth gilt.


And other Tales and interesting


Cases for Binding the Vol. for 1882

are Now Ready, Price 18. 6d.

LONDON: PASSMORE & ALABASTER, Paternoster Buildings, E.C.

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57 PICTURES with
THE want of a thọ

rough good Magic
Lantern with first-class
Slides (not daubs), suit.
able for Present, has long
been felt; and we believe
that we have adequately

met the demand by our The WIZARD'S CABINET OF MAGIC contains 10 tant

sets of

capital Conjuring Tricks - Burning Box, Fiery Handkerchief, Magic BIJOU LANTERNS AND SLIDES. Coin Pedestal, Fairy Ring. &c. Post-free, 15 stamps. Larger

Tricks, 25. 16d. and 5s.6d. Professional Cabinet of Tricks, suitable These we offer at this special season at a remarkably low price,

for evening parties, ros. 6d. and 215. relying on an enormous sale to repay us. Every article throughout is of the very best make and finish. The demand for these sets last

The Infallible Little Bird. - Instantly correctly answers season was greater than we could meet. This year we have still questions asked it by the audience. In pretty glass case. Post-free,

14 stamps. further improved the quality, without adding to the price. No. 1 set comprises best English Magic Lantern, brass front slide

CLOCKWORK TRAINS. holder, rackwork, lamp, and silvered reflector, set of 6-inch Bijou

-Engine, Tender, and Two CarSlides, 38 comic figures, landscapes and tales, two comic moving

riages, post-free, 35.

Larger and slides, one moving lever slide, two slides for Chinese fireworks, and

better. 35. rod., 4s. 7d., 55. rod., two moving panorama slides Price, all complete, ros. 6d. Shows 75. 6d. Very best quality, and large and extra carriages, per rail. a 3-feet diameter picture on the screen.

ios. 6d., 125. 6d., 14s. 6d., 215-, 255. 305., 42S.. 56s. Engine and No. 2 contains a similar assortment of slides to the above, only in

'Tender only, as. 3d., 25. 1od., 35. rod., 5s, 7s.6d., 1os. 6d., 12s.6d., a larger size, and with a No. 2 Magic Lantern. Price complete, 16s.. 2os.. and 245 145. 6d. Shows a 4-feet picture on the sereen. No. 3, larger size. Very suitable for special present. Price 21s.

THE WONDERFUL Shows a 5-teet picture on the screen.

FLYING BAT. No. 4, a very superior set. Throws 6-feet picture. Specially made for the present season,

owing to the immense success of the three other sites last year. Price 33s.

When wound up ascends an immense Special Chemically-prepared Oil, giving double brilliancy, 9d. and

height in the air, flapping its wings like IS. Ād. per bottle.

the living animal. Post-free, 14 stamps SKATES! SKATES!! SKATES!!!

Christmas Cards.-Best quality only. 18 superior Penny The wisest people are those who purchase their skates before the Cards, post-free. 13 stamps ; 18 d. Cards, 18 stamps ; 16 2d. Cards, season commences, when they can be obtained at about half-price. post-free, 25. Over half-a-million in stock. With every prospect of a good hard skating season, we have prepared an immense number of superior skates, and these we shall sell

THE GREAT JAPANESE at wholesale prices to immediate purchasers. When the frost comes

BUTTERFLY TRICK. there is such a rush by everybody for skates that the prices immediately go us with a run, and manufacturers are frequently cleared right out, and then, although the prices rise, the skates are of in

The Performer can cause the Butterflies to alight ferior quality, because they are hurriedly made, and, therefore, time

on his fan, flower, lady's dress, or anywhere he cannot be taken to finish them off properly. Make sure of a bargain

pleases. An astounding trick. while it can be obtained. The exact LENGTH of the boot must be sent when ordering.

Fan, flower, butterflies, and apparatus, postSUPERIOR POLISHED WOOD

free, 14 stamps. SKATES, WITH BROAD TOE

The New Kensington STRAPS.


MOTIVE. - Entirely of copper These Skates are of best quality, and made

and brass throughout, making it with a very broad strap going over the foot just

doubly strong, the boiler being reabove the toes, giving far more support and

lieved with black stripes. Beautlfully comfort ; also with a strap across the instep.

curved copper back, and fitted with Price complete, 3s. 6d. per pair. Carriage Paid,

safety-valve, best bell whistle, water

tap, and furnace complete, and two THE ACME SKATES.

powerful cylinders. Price 16s. Ditto, All steel throughout; no straps required.

much larger and improved, with six Once the clips are got screwed to the right

wheels, 24s. width for the boot there is no further trouble,

The MAGIC CIGAR-CASE. as to take them on and off, it is simply necessary just to touch a little lever. These are

Offered to a friend full of choice the skates that gave such immense satisfaction

cigars, but directly he attempts to last year, and of which many customers took

take one they all vanish. Post-free, two or three pairs each.

14 stamps, or Real Leather Cases, Price complete, only 55.6d.

25. ad. ; large size, 35. 3d. per pair. Carriage Paid.

The Touch-me-Not Fusee Case. - An Nickel plated, 10s. 6d.

elegant and silver-plated fusee-case, which directly anyone but the owner attempts to open, they let

it fall, and refuse to touch it again. Post-free, amusement and delight to every home. The great price charged

18 stamps. hitherto for these instruments, and especially for the views, has prevented thousands of persons from possessing one.

The Artist's Copying Apparatus. We have therefore determined to introduce these on our new

With this wonderful apparatus any person can system of offering for a few days at half the usual prices. This plan,

produce life-size drawings from cartes-de-visite, owing to the enormous number we sell, pays us far better than selling

enlarged plans, engravings, &c. Invaluable to all a few at a high price.

Post-free, 14 stamps. The beauty of a Stereoscope is that landscapes, figures, &c., viewed through it, seem to stand there as life. The leaves of trees, features,

The Mechanical Walking Cock.-Real feathers. Walks ripple of water, all seem instinct with vitality, and are seen in beau along in the most natural manner, 11s. 6d. Waddling Duck, tis. 6d. tiful relief.

Mechanical Jumping Cats, Dogs, Bears, Rabbits, and Goats, gs. 6d. We offer a beautiful polished mahogany Stereoscope, with opaque each. Walking Goats. Cats, Dogs, Bears, and Elephants, 16s. each. glass frame, two powerful lenses, slide-holder, 12 pairs of beautiful Endless variety of Mechanical Toys. coloured transparent Slides-scenery, domestic and comic scenes, &c.

The Mechanical Walking Lady.- Very ---and 6 pairs of plain ditto, all complete, packed in box, per rail, for 8s.

prettily dressed. Runs all about a room or table. Better quality instrument, and far superior views, 125.

Post-free, 14 stamps. Large size,


The Japanese Fish Game. When wound up run all about a room or table,

For the drawing-room. Most in causing roars of laughter and consternation.

teresting real Japanese 2 double Price is. each; post-free, Is. 2d. Rat, 1s. 6d.

jointed fishing - rods, lines, hook Cat, Dog. Rabbit, Lion, Tiger, Squirrel,

and to Japanese fish. Post-free TIS Chicken, Duck, and Horse, is 2d. each

14 stamps.


J. THEOBALD & Co., West-End Conjuring and Model Manufactory, 20, Church-st., Kensington, London, W.



Conditions of Sale.—As soon as you receive the Skates, if not well satisfied with your bargain , write to us, and we will return you the money.


: ACME SKATES.—Price 5s. 6d., Carriage-paid (if stamps, 3d. extra).

Two pairs Carriage-paid for 10s. 6d. Four pairs Carriage-paid for £1. Sizes—81, 9, 9, 10, 101, 11, 11}, and 12 inches, all sizes one price. The above pattern is too well known to require either description or comment; we need only say that they are of A1 quality warranted steel blades, best finish and workmanship, and we guarantee them equal to any Skate usually retailed at half-a-guinea per pair.

Very superior quality ditto, beautifully nickel-plated, price, 10s. 6d. per pair Carriage-paid. HARD POLISHED WOOD WITH BROAD TOE STRAPS.


Price 33. 6d.,


(if stamps,

3d, extra).

Sizes—8, 81, 9, 9, 10, 104, 11, and 114 inches. All sizes one price. This is our speciality in Wood Skates, and they are a marvel at the price. Each pair is polished all over, and fitted with two broad toe and heel straps, made of best leather and hand sewn. The blades are well steeled, and in appearance and wear are unequalled by those costing treble the money. This pattern can also be had in polished walnut, with brass toe caps, and fitted wish best leather straps. Price 5s. 6d., or 69 stamps, Carriagepaid.

Size of Skates should be ascertained by measuring full length of boot from toe to heel.


FOR 4s. 6d.; CARRIAGE-PAID, 5s.
THIS GREAT WEATHER INDICATOR is acknowledged by the most eminent
Professors and Scientific men of the day and by the Press to be the BEST IN
THE WORLD. The Thermometer and Barometer are put in a well-finished
Oak Frame, and inlaid deep, so that nothing can strike the surface, making it a
most beautiful as well as useful ornament.

The Storm-glass attached is very accurate in foretelling the changes in the weather twelve to forty-eight hours in advance. It will tell what kind of storm is approaching, and from what quarter it comes. Invaluable to Navigators, Farmers, &c. Will save fifty times its value in a single season. The Thermometer alone is worth the price of the Combination. Thousands of them have been sold in America.

A Clergyman writes: “Your wonderful little instrument foretold a recent thunderstorm in our neighbourhood thirty hours before it occurred.”

Sent, CARRIAGE PAID, on receipt of P.0.0 for 53., or 63 Stamps.


Send for our Illustrated List of Clocks, Cutlery, Scissors, Skates, and a variety of other Specialities and Novelties suitable for Birthday, Christmas, or New Year’s Presents, with specimens of Testimonials received from all parts of the

world, post-free on application. P.O.O. payable at G.P.O., London, to DRALLIM & OLIVER, OPTICIANS, CROYDON, LONDOX, S.E.; and at

18, Ironmonger Lane, Cheapside, London, E.C., where Specimen Goods may be seen.

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