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Naples – Colonel Chaloner Biss – The Abbé-The Mole-The
Itinerant Filosofo-Polichinel versus the Monk – Hon. R. Gros-
venor Beauty of the Women - Duchess di Forli-Princess Trecazi
-Princess Centella --Prince and Princess of Belvedere-Museo Bor-
bonico -- Principessa Partano - Left-handed Marriages of Princes-
Villa Floridiana - Italian Servants - Strong Perfume of Flowers in
Italy-Prince Buttera_Palace at Capo di Monti— Tomb of Virgil
-Grave of a nameless Englishman-Monument to a Lap-dog !--
Inscription on a Stone Bench near the Tomb of Virgil-Palazzo
Portici - Madame Murat, Ex-queen of Naples-Portraits-Murat
and his Wife endeared to the Neapolitans–King of Naples -
Anecdote of him-Pozzuoli and Baise--Lower Class of Neapolitans
-Effect of Climate on the Women-Violent Thunder and Light-
ning Storm-Bed of Princess Christine struck by Lightning-Her
Courage-Sir William Gell—Grotto de Cani - Daily Cruelty to a
Dog-Lago d'Agnano-Lucullus-The Pisciarelli-Mr. Mathias,
Author of " Pursuits of Literature”-His Peculiarities–Anecdotes

- The Opera – The Royal Box – Admiration of the Princess
Christine by the young Nobles resented by the King – Fodore
and La Blache - Italian and English Audiences Sir Wil.
liam Drummond contrasted with Sir William Gell-Museo Bor-
bonico-Amusing Observation by an English Girl-Cumae-Grot
of the Sybil—Lucrine Lake-Streets of Naples-Lower Classes-
Partiality of Neapolitans for Theatrical Exhibitions—Palazzo Fa-
vorita - Personal appearance of the King-His Simplicity and Dis-
taste for Parade-Archbishop of Tarentum-Pompeii—Accompa-
nied by Sir William Gell - Lines to Pompeii - Forum Vinalia-
Recherché Collation-Sir William on Luxurious Habits of the
English–Italian Noble's Remark on English Hauteur-Inadequacy
of Descriptions in Writing—The New-born Infant-A Family
Scene-Museo Borbonico-Procession of the Fête de St. Maria
Piedigrotto — Difference in London and Neapolitan Populace
towards Majesty-Herculaneum-Accompanied by Sir William
Gell-Museum at Portici-Ceremony of the Miracle of St. Janua-
rius-Anecdote concerning the Liquefaction of the Blood-Ceremony
of Ordination-- Church of St. Januarius-General Sir Andrew
Barnard--Campo Santo-Piazzi-Abbé Monticelli-Archbisop of

Tarentum-Duc di Rocco Romano-Neapolitan Ladies--Sir Wil.

liam Gell—Sir William Drummond-Hon. Keppel Craven-Lord

Guildford-His Devotion to the Greeks—Brazeros-Count, now

Prince, Paul Lieven-Mr. Richard Williams-Prince L. -Lord

Ashley-Mr. Evelyn Denison-The New Year-Signor Salvaggi-

Duc di Cazarano and Marchese Giuliano-Their Devotion to

Murat - Carnival — Singular Mode of Dispensing Bons-bons

Drowning of Miss Bathurst at Rome-Fatality in her Family-

Strange Disappearance of her Father-Her Body never found-

Dragging the Tiber-Victims of Assassination-Disregard for Life

in Italy-Violent Impulses of Italians-General Remarks on the

Environs — Lord Dudley and Ward—His Eccentricity – Lord

Howden-Mr. Cradock-Mr. George Howard


ENVIRONS OF NAPLES.-Salerno --Nocera di Pagani— La Cava — En-
Her Appearance-Conduct to her Husband, contrasted with that of
Princess Catherine of Wirtemburg—Water-fête to Maria-Louise-
H. M. Ship Revenge-Admiral Sir Harry Neale-Commodore
Crichton-Son of Captain Deacon-Mr. Wemyss-Italian Lady's
comparison between Sir William Drummond and Sir William
Gell-Mr. Hamilton, Neapolitan Minister Island of Ischia, Mr.
J. Strangways-Hermit of Monte d'Epopeo—Taste of Lower Classes
for Buffoonery- Nightly Music – Fête-dress of the Ischians-
Island of Procida – Promontory and Plain of Sorronto-Authoress
leaves Belvedere Palace for Villa Gallo – Mr. Henry Baillie – Two
Captains Dundas-H. M. S. Cambrian - Commodore Hamilton-
Mr. Henry Fox—Mr. J. Townshend-H. M. Ship Sybil-Captain
Pechel-Midshipmen Howard and Tollemache-Family of Count
Camaldoli - General Church-General Florestan Pepe-Filangieri,
Prince Satriano-Duc and Duchesse de

trance to Salerno --The Cathedral-Subterranean Church-The
Bay— Italian Language barbarous when uttered by the Lower
Classes – Paestum-Temples of Neplune and Ceres-Mr. George
Howard's Poem on Paestum-Mr. Charles Matthews-His Imita-
tions of Italian Mendicants -- Neapolitan Boatmen- Amalfi – Ma-
nufacture of Maccaroni—The Amalfians_Chair-bearers-Gragnano
- Beauty of its Women-Castellamare- Torre di Patria - Beauty
of the Women—Sir William Drummond's “ Origines” — Villa
Gallo, at Capo di Monte-Lord Dudley's Opinion of Lord Ashley
-Lord Ponsonby-Beneventum-Mr. Charles Matthews's Imita-
tions—Vesuvius-Milor Graindorge-Opinion that the English are
all Shop-keepers-Lachryma Christi - The Fat Englishman--- The
Ascent–The Descent-Albums of the Hermitage – Inscriptions

Naples, continued.-Death of Lord Byron-Lines on his Death-

Lines to his Memory-Hon. Keppel Craven-Other English Tra-
vellers-Mr. Mathias and the imprisoned Bird—Mr. J. Strangways
and Mr. H. Baillie Young Men of the present day – Duke of
Rocco Romano and Prince Ischittella-Accomplishments of the
Neapolitans—The Ladies—Their freedom from Coquetry-Mr.
Millingen-The Bolivar Yacht-View from the Bay-Mr. Herschel
- American Fleet — Mr. Livingstone-Island of Caprea-Ana-
Capri—“Sympatia" of the Caprians-Arrival of Maria-Louise-

- Ladies of the
Ricciardi Family - Murder of Mr. and Mrs. Hunt by Brigands-
Death of the King of Naples-Lying in State--Silver Tears on
Hangings—The Fortunate Dreamer-The Disappointment—Nea-
politans addicted to Lotteries—Lunatic Asylum at Aversa—The
Patients—The Rival Sovereigns—The Priest—Mr.Cutlar Ferguson
- Leoni, the Improvisatore—His extempore Sonnet on the Death of
Lord Byron-Mr. Henry Fox—Sir Wm. Gell's Gout and Cheer-
fulness-Mr. Richard Westmacott-Mr. Uwins-Annual exhibi-
tion of the Dead in the Church of Santa Chiara - Impressions it
produces--Remarks of Spectators--Duc de Fitzjames-Dinner at
Archbishop of Tarentum's—Son Altesse Royale, Prince Gustave of
Mechlenbourg Schwerin - Count Beckendoff Casimir de la
Vigne-Arrangement of Neapolitan Dinner Tables-Neapolitan
Dishes-Piazzi's remarks on the Herschels-On the merging of
Ancient Titles-Prince Satriano- His Parents -Casimir de la
Vigne-His“ Columbus”-Colonel Hugh Baillie-Madame Nicola
- Her father, Comte Francesco Puoti-Regrets on leaving Naples
-Mr. Bootle Wilbraham, jun. and his Cousin-Anecdotes of
young English Gentlemen-Of a Neapolitan--- Leave-taking—Arch-
bishop of Tarentum-Piazzi, Monticelli—The Ricciardis–Salvaggi
-Rocco Romano-Filangieri-Pepe – Ischitella-Cazarano-Puoti
-St. Angelo - English and Italian Friendships contrasted 379—470
Rose.—Mr. Mills's Villa on Mount Palatine - Mr. and Mrs. Dodwell

-Le Comte Alexandre de la Borde and his Son-Mr. Jerningham
-Mr.B. Gurdon-Kind-heartedness of the Italians-Their interest

in Mr. Moore, an English Valetudinarian.

FLORENCE.—Lord and Lady Normanby-Mr. Henry Anson-Marquis

de la Maison Fort, French Minister—Marquise d'Esmengard— Mr.

Francis Hare-M. de Lamartine—His Appearance and Manners

-His Wife and Child—Lord Dillon- Lady Dillon and Daughter

- Demidoff, the Russian Cresus


GENOA.— Vividly recalls Byron-Mr. Barry's Byron MSS.-Byron's

Lampoons—Lord John Russell - His Social Character 480-483

Pisa.-Duc and Duchesse de Guiche M. de Lamartine--The Cas

cina-Barbarous mode of changing Foreign Names of Places –

Pleasures of Pisa-Curious Clause in Agreement for a House --

Objectionable Clause withdrawn--Lung’Arno—Lanfranchi Palace

-Lanfreducci Palace - The Spina of Giovanni di Pisano -- Naive

Request of an English Lady-Signor Anguillesi—Professor Rossini

-Greek Colony-Prince Michael Soutzo— The Princess-Arch-

bishop of Mitylene-Monsieur Mostras–Reunions at Pisa -Count

Pozzo di Borgo, Nephew to the Ambassador-The Countess—

Count and Countess de Maestre - Private Theatricals—Death of

the Duke of York—His Character-Carnival—Sir David Wilkie-

Elegant Compliment to Duchesse de Guiche-Mr. Lister, Author

of “Granby"-Visit to Leghorn-English Cemetery-Tomb of

Horner-Smollett's Grave--Singular Epitaph-Prince and Princess

Carragia—Their Splendid Jewels-Dinner at Archbishop of Mity-

lene-Dinner in the Forest - The Pisano


FLORENCE.—Beauty of its Flowers - Walter Savage Landor — His

Appearance and Genius-Casa Pecori-Landor's real Conversa-

tions-Duc de Richelieu-Prince Borghese-His Obesity-Prin-

cess Pauline-Her Suit for Restitution of Conjugal Rights-Its

Consequences-Mr. Hallam-Lord Lilford


ROME.--House Hunting-Palazzo Negroni—Convenience of a Fourgon

-English and English Shops-Duc de Laval-Montmorenci-
His Forgetfulness—Lord Howick,Mr. Wood-Besetting Sin of
Young Englishmen-Mr. Hallam-Mr. Terrick Hamilton, Author

of “ Antar”-Sir William Drummond-His Altered Appearance-
Bal Masqué at the Duchesse de Bracciano's-Duchesse de St. Leu
- Prince de Montford, Ex-King of Westphalia—Princesse de
Montford-Mr. J. Steuart-Lord King-Count Funchal-Mar-
chesa Couzani - Dreadful Accident to her Child-St. Peter's
Duchesse de St. Leu-Her Conversational Tact-Her Diamonds
Marchesa Camarata, Daughter of Princess Eliza Bacciocci-Prince
Louis Bonaparte-Romances and Music of Duchesse de St. Leu-
Her Heroic Character-Presents the Authoress with a Turquoise
and Diamond Ring worn by Empress Josephine_Château de
Bracciano-Ghost Stories-Sir William Gell's Nervousness-De-
serted Village of Galleria-Mr. Hope, Son of the Author of "Anasta-
tias” —Comparison between Clever Fathers and their Sons-Madame
Letitia Bonaparte — Madame Mère — Her Sensibility-Colonel
Tiburce Sebastiani's Account of the Singular Manner of Napo
leon's Birth — His Account of Madame Bonaparte — Affecting
Anecdote of Napoleon and his Mother-Prince and Princesse de
Montford; Ex-King and Queen of Westphalia—Their Palace-
Their Memorials of Napoleon - The Princess contrasted with
Maria-Louise-La Contessa Guiccioli— Her Appearance-Leave


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