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Debates respecting a message to the parliament of Ireland, requiring
Aroops from thence~ [reaties for German troops laid before the House,
and consequent debates—Supply; Ways and Means-Duke of Grafton's
proposition for a conditional suspension of arins in America—Motion for
a militia in Scotland rejected— Trial of the Duchess of Kingston before
the House of Lords, for bigamy-Inquiry into licenses granted to
ships bound for North America–Conclusion of the session-Campaign
in America—Evacuation of Boston by the British army-Quebec re-
lieved, and the siege raised - Expedition against the Cedars-The Ame-
ricans repulsed at Trois Rivieres—They evacuate Montreal, St. John's,
and Chainblée-Defeated on Lake Champlain-Defeat of the loyalists
in the southern provinces-Late arrival of reinforcements-Unsuccess-
ful attempt upon Charlestown-Admiral and General Howe arrive at
Staten Island Congress declare the United States free and indepen-
dent, and renounce all allegiance to the mother country-Lord Howe's
efforts for accommodation-Determines to commence hostilities–Descent
on Long Island-Defeat of the Americans at Brooklyn-Conference be-
tween Lord Howe and a committee of the Congress New York aban-
doned by General Washington-Further successes of the British General
Lee taken prisoner hy Colonel Harcourt-Rhode Island taken-General
Howe's tardiness in following up his advantages—Three regiments of
Hessians surprised and taken at Trenton-Lord Cornwallis outmanæuvred
by Washington-Situation of both armies at the close of the campaign-
Loss sustained in the West India trade-Symptoms of enmity in France
and Spain—Meeting of Parliament, speech and address-Motion for a
committee to consider acts affecting America--Naval and military sup-
plies-Education of the Princes—Scheme for checking the ravages of
fire-The rope-house at Portsmouth destroyed by an incendiary.

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Bills for granting letters of marque, and for securing persons charged
with treason-Discussion, in a Committee of Supply, on loan contracts
and German claims-Application for discharging the debts on the Civil
List-Increase of the royal revenue-Debate on the Speaker's address to
the King-Ways and Means-Extraordinary transactions in India-Lord
Chatham's renewed attempt at conciliation with America-Close of the
session-Expeditions to Peek's Hill and Danbury-The Americans attack
Saggy harbour-Lord Cornwallis defeats a detachment of Washington's
army-General Prescott taken and exchanged for General Lee-The
British fleet and army sail for Chesapeak Bay-Battle of Brandywine-
General Wayne surprised by General Grey-Entrance of Philadelphia
Action at German-town-Forts on the Delaware taken-General Bur-
goyne takes the command in Canada—Is joined by the Indians, who
shortly secede-Various military operations, ending in his surfender at
Saratoga-Meeting of Parliament-Debate on the King's speech-Sup-
ply-Habeas Corpus suspension - State of the nation-Motions respect-
ing. Burgoyne's expedition-Adjournment–Subscriptions for raising new
levies-Debates after the recess—Lord North's plan of conciliation-
Ways and Means-Treaty between France and America-Motions in
favour of Irish commerce-Bill to relieve Roman Catholics-Duke of
Richmond's motion for abandoning hostilities against America--Lord
Chatham's reply–His death-Honours paid to his memory-General
Burgoyne's reception—Motions on the state of the navy, and to restrain
members from contracting with government-Prorogation-Provision for
the King's children-Lord Thurlow appointed Chancellor.


Review of French politics-Effect of the conciliatory bills in America-
Arrival of Commissioners from England with overtures-Their efforts
fruitless—Evacuation of Philadelphia by the British-Action on retreat-
Lee suspended-Count D'Estaign appears off Sandy Hook with a French
fleet-Foiled by Lord Howe-Various naval encounters-Lord Howe
succeeded by Admiral Gambier-Success of the British in various expe-
ditions—War between the Indians and Americans-D’Estaign sails to the
West Indies St. Lucia taken by the British-The French blockaded in
Fort Royal by Admiral Byron-Successes against the French in the East
Indies- Naval movements in the Channel-Dispute between Admirals
Keppel and Palliser-Their trial by courts martial-Motions against Lord
Sandwich-Finance-Inquiry into Sir William Howe's conduct in Ame-
rica-Bill to relieve Dissenters-Measures for the relief of Ireland re.
jected—War with Spain—Acts to strengthen the military and naval force

- Session closed—Siege of Gibraltar-Loss of Senegal-Attempt on
Jersey-Combined French and Spanish feet in the Channel-French
successes in the West Indies—Their repulse at Savannah-Return of
D'Estaign to France-Success of various enterprises against the Ameri-
cans-Indian excesses severely retaliated by General Sullivan-British
settlements on the Alississippi taken y the Spaniards—Expedition against
Fort Omoa-Changes in the ministry-Meeting of Parliament-Amend-
ment to the address rejected-Concessions to Ireland-Discussions on the
expenditure-Commission of accounts-Mr. Burke's plan of economy
rejected- Dispute between Sir Fletcher Norton and Lord North-Law
appointments—Duel between Mr. Fullarton and Lord Shelburnem In-
crease of the malt and other taxes discussed-Motions to control the ex-
penditure-Associations against the Papists—Dreadful riots—Trial of
Lord George Gordon--Proceedings of Parliament to the close of the
session-Naval successes of Sir George Rodney-Charlestown taken by
Sir Henry Clinton-Defection of General Arnold-Death of Major
André-Victory of Lord Cornwallis in Carolina-Severe losses of English
merchantmen taken by the enemy-Armed neutrality-Disputes with
Holland-Death of Maria Theresa.

New Parliament-AddressGrant for relief of Barbacoes and Jamaica
Debate on the Dutclr war-Mr. Burke's reform bill again rejected - First
speech of Mr. Pitt-Warm debates on the loan bill-Other proceedings to
the close of the session-India affairs-Second attempt of the French on
Jersey-Capture of St. Eustatia and other Dutch settlements-Loss of
Tobago St. Eustatia retaken by the Marquis de Bouillé-Campaign in
AmericaDefeat of Colonel Tarleton—Battle of Guildford Court-louse-
Threatened attack on New York-Naval action between Admiral Graves
and Count De Grasse, favourable to the latter-Surrender of Lord Corn-
wallis's army-Reduction of Pensacola by Don Galvez—Siege of Gib-
raltar-Expedition to the Cape of Good Hope-Successes in the East
Indies–Engagement on the Dogger Bank-Kempenfelt's success against
a French convoy-Meeting of Parliament-Discussions on the American
war-Decline of ministerial influence--Rockingham ministry formed-
Concessions to Ireland—Other popular measures-Death of the Marquis
of Rockingham, and consequent changes-Loss of Minorca, and of seve

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