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Of what does syntax treat?
What is the relation of words ?-the agreement of words ?-the government of
words ?—the arrangement of words?

How many special rules of syntax are there?
Of what do the first eighteen rules of syntax treat?
Of what do the last eight rules principally treat ?
Where is the arrangement of words treated of?
To what do articles relate ?
What case is employed as the subject of a verb?
What agreement is required between words in apposition ?
To what do adjectives relate ?
How does a pronoun agree with its antecedent?
How does a pronoun agree with a collective noun ?
How does a pronoun agree with joint antecedents ?
How does a pronoun agree with disjunct antecedents ?


How does a verb agree with its subject or nominative ?
How does a verb agree with a collective noun ?
How does a verb agree with joint nominatives ?
How does a verb agree with disjunct nominatives ?
What agreement is required, when verbs are connected 3
How are participles employed ?
To what do adverbs relate?
What is the use of conjunctions ?
What is the use of prepositions ?
Io what do interjections relate ?

By what is the possessive case governed ?
What case do active-transitive verbs govern ?
What case is put after other verbs ?
What case do prepositions govern?
What governs the infinitive mood ?
What verbs take the infinitive after them without the preposition to ?
When is a noun or pronoun put absolute ?
When should the subjunctive mood be employed ?

LESSON V.-THE RULES. What are the several titles, or subjects, of the twenty-six rules ? What says Rule 1st?-Rule 2d ?-Rule 3d ?-Rule 4th ?-Rule 5th --Rule

6th 3-Rule 7th ?-Rule 8th ?-Rule 9th?—Rule 10th ?-Rule 11th ?-Rulo 12th ?-Rule 13th ?-Rule 14th ?-Rule 15th ?-Rule 16th?—Rule 17th Rule 18th ?-Rule 19th ?—Rule 20th ?-Rule 21st ?-Rule 22d ?-Rule 23d ? -Rule 24th 3-Rule 25th ?-Rule 26th ?


What are the general contents of chapters second and third of this code of

What are the nature and purpose of the notes to the rules ?
What is said of the correction of false syntax.
How many and what exceptions are there to Rule 1st ?-to Rule 2d -to

Rule 3d ?—to Rule 4th to Rule 5th ?-to Rule 6th ?-to Rule 7th ?_ta
Rule 8th ?-to Rule 9th ?-to Rule 10th?—to Rule 11th to Rule 12th 2

to Rule 13th fu-to Rule 14th ?--to Rule 15th ?-to Rule 16th ?-to Rule 17th ?-to Rule 18th.

[Now explain and correct orally all the false syntax placed under the Rules and Notes; learning for each lesson about thirty examples, and reciting them without recurrence to the key during the exercise.]


What is observed of the placing of Articles ?-Nominatives ?-Words in Ape position ?-Adjectives?

–Pronouns ?-Verbs --Participles ?-Adverbs ? Conjunctions ?--Prepositions ?-Interjections ?--Possessives?—Objectives ?

-Same Cases ?-Infinitives?
Under how many and what' circumstances are nouns put absolute ?

[Now read all the other observations, so as to be able to refer to them if necessary; and then parse and analyze the examples commencing at page 229.]


EXERCISES IN SYNTAX. Der (When the pupil has been sufficiently exercised in syntactical parsing, and has corrected orally, according to the formules given, all the examples of false syntax designed for oral exercises; he should write out the following exercises, correcting them according to the principles of syntax given in the rules and notes,]

Christianity claims an heavenly origin.
An useless excellence is a contradiction in terms.
It would have an happy influence on genius.
Part not with a old friend for an new acquaintance.

eyes not the parties, but cause.
I found in him a friend, and not mere promiser.
These fathers lived in the fourth and following century.
The rich and poor are seldom intimate.
The Bible contains the Old and the New Testaments.
An elegant and florid style are very different.
The humility is a deep which no man can fathom.
The true cheerfulness is the privilege of the innocence.
A devotion is a refuge from a human frailty.
The duplicity and the friendship are not congenial.
The familiarity with the vicious fosters a vice.
A forced happiness is a solecism in the terms.
The favourites are generally the objects of the envy.
An equivocation is a mean and a sneaking vice.
He sent an other and rather a more modest letter.
The flatterers are put to a flight by an adversity.
An obstinacy is unfavourable to the discovery of the truth,
The conic sections are a part of the geometry.
What is the proper meaning of a Landgrave ?
Sensuality is one kind of pleasure, such an one as it is.
What sovereign assumes the title of an Autocrat?

Believe me, the man is less a fool than a knave,
He is a much deeper deceiver than a sufferer.
Laziness is a greater thief than pickpocket.
Heroes who then flourished, have passed away.
Time which is to come, may not come to us.

A friend should bear a friends infirmities'.
Deviations from rectitude are approaches to sin.
Crafty person's often entrap themselves.
Mens mind's seem to be somewhat variously constituted,
The great doctors, adept's in science, often disagree.
The two men were ready to cut each others' throats.
We went at the rate of five mile an hour.
His income is a thousand pound a year.
Five bushel of wheat are worth forty shilling.
Reading is one mean's of acquiring knowledge.
The well is at least ten fathom deep.
I shall be a hundred mile off by that time.
Wisdom and Folly's votaries travel different roads.
The true philanthropist is all mankind's friend.
He desires the whole human race's happiness.
The idler and the spendthrift's faults are similar.
A good mans words inflict no injury.
Be not generous at other peoples expense.
True hope is swift, and flies with swallows wings.
Lifes current holds its course, and never returns.
Many assume rtues livery, who shun her service.
I left the parcel at Richardson's, the bookseller's.
The books are for sale at Samuel Wood's & Sons'.
Where shall we find friendship like David's and Jonathan's
Acquiesce for peace's and harmony's sake.
The moons disk often appears larger than the sun.
Consult Sheridan, Johnson, and Walker's Dictionary.
Such was my uncle's agent's wife's economy.
A frugal plenty marks the wise mans board.
This mob, for honesty sake, broke open all the prisons.
Our sacks shall be a mean's to sack the city.
Such was the economy of the wife of the agent of


uncle. These emmet's, how little they are in our eyes ! Childrens minds may be easily overloaded.

A palmistry at which this vermin are very dexterous.
These kind of knaves I know.--Shakspeare.

Vanity has more subjects than any of the passions.
The vain are delighted with fashionable and new dresses,
So highly did they esteem this goods.
Washington has been honoured more than any American,
Which is the loftier of the Asiatio mountains ?
This ashes they were very careful to preserve.
Is not she the younger of the three sisters ?
Could not some less nobler plunder satisfy thee?
I can assign a more satisfactory and stronger reason.
Peter was older than any of the twelve apostles.
Peace of mind is easier lost than gained.
Of this victuals he was always very fond.
Man has more wants than any animal.
Of all other practical rules this is the most complex.
Is not the French more fashionable than any language?
Vice never leads to old honoured age.
Cloths of a more inferior quality are more salable.
This is found in no book published previous to mine.
He turned away with the most utmost contempt.
Time glides swift and imperceptible away.
Of their more ulterior measures I know nothing.
My three last letters were never answered.
Fortune may frown on the most superior genius.
It becomes a gentleman to speak correct.
The most loftiest mountain is Mont Blanc.
If a man acts foolish, is he to be e stoomed wise ?
Drop your acquaintance with them bad boys.
They sat silently and motionless an hour and a half.
Quiet minds, like smooth water, reflect clear.

True faith, true policy, united ran;
This was but love of God, and that of man.

Him that presumes much, has much to fear.
They best can bear reproof, whom merit praise.
A few pupils, older than me, excited my emulation.
Every man will find themselves in the state of Adam.
None are more rich than them who are content.
Scotland and thee did in each other live.
These trifles they do not deserve our attention,
Truth is ever to be preferred for it's own sake.
Thou art afraid-else, what ails you?
It is not Lemuel, but God, whom you have offended.
All things which have life, aspire to God.
So great was the multitude who followed him.

He which would advance, should not look backwards.
It was Sir Billy-who is an other name for a fop.
I take up the arguments in the order they stand.
There is nothing, with respect to me, and such as me.
He that is bribed, the people will abhor.
The day when the accident happened, is not recorded.
We know not who to trust; them who seem fair, are false.
The reason I told it was this: thee was in danger.
I did not know the precise time when it occurred.
Here he answers the question, who asks it.
Who who beheld the outrage, could remain inactive ?
This was the prison where we were confined.
I could not believe but what it was a reality.
It was the boys, and not the dog, which broke the basin.
An unprincipled junto is not nice about their means.
The people forced its way, and demanded its rights.
Avoid lightness and frivolity: it is allied to folly.
Either wealth or power may ruin their possessor.
It was Joseph, him whom Pharaoh promoted.
Origen's mother hid his clothes, to prevent him going.
Him that withholdeth corn, the people shall curse him.
He that withholdeth corn the people shall curse.
I have always thought ye honest till now.
Me being but a boy, they took no notice of me.
They that receive me, I will richly reward.
Had it been them, they would have stopped.
Vain pomp and glory of this world, I hate ye.
It was not me, that gave you that answer.

you and I, he is a greater thief than author.
Any dunce can copy what you or me shall write.
You seem to forget who you are talking to.
Thee being a stranger, the child was afraid.
This was the most remarkable event which occurred.
Happy are them whose pleasure is their duty.

Where was you standing during the transaction?
Was you there when the pistol was fired?
Thou sees how little difference there are.
If he have failed, it was not through my neglect.
Patience and diligence, like faith, removes mountains.
There was many reasons for not disturbing my repose.
The train of brass artillery and other ordnance, are immense.
Art thou the man that camest from Judah ?
What eye those long, long labyrinths dare explore?

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