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101. Recommendations of Trans-Mississippi Commercial Congress.

116. Grain grading and inspection and interstate and foreign commerce in grains.

117. U. S. representation at Pan-American Scientific Cong., Santiago, Chile, 1908.

143. Appeal in behalf of proposed University of United States.

145. Report of Treasury Department relating to Henry Fisher.

146. Report of State Department on accounts, papers, etc., relating to Henry Fisher.

154. Declared exports from Germany to United States, July-Nov., 1906 and 1907.

174. Paper relating to auxiliary German navy.

175. Need for increase in amount available for rents for Forest Service, 1908.

184. Estimate for awards of Spanish Treaty Claims Commission, May, 1907-Jan., 1908.

186. Cost of submarine torpedo boats for Puget Sound and Grays Harbor, Wash.

202. Memorial for relief of China and Japan Trading Company (Limited).

204. Postal laws and regulations pertaining to second-class mail matter.

205. Memorandum relating to command of hospital ships.

206. Memorial of Tonkawa Indians relating to claims against United States.

207. Laws regulating liability of employers for injuries to employees.

210. Memorial protesting against further multiplication of battle ships.

212. Railroad bonds as securities from national banks.

214. Statement relative to mail traing.

216. Creation of Volunteer retired list.

220. Statistics of immigration at New York City.

221. List of national banks awarded Panama Canal bonds, etc.

226. Decisions relative to railroad passes and free transportation.

232. International Congress of Hygiene and Demography, Washington, 1910.

243. Statistics on banking and currency.

256. Government control of wireless telegraphy.

257. Condition of natives of Alaska.

258. Our unelastic currency.

278. Ownership of corporate stocks by other corporations.

279. Information concerning certain railroad land grants.

283. Insane in District of Columbia.

296. National banking associations placed in hands of receivers since January 1, 1893.

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