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Japanese and American public statements regarding military action,

August 2 and 3, 1918—British statement, August 8, 1918.---

Proposals for the political direction of intervention and for augmenta-

tion of the forces: attitude of the United States--Japanese activi-

ties in Manchuria-Arrival of American and Allied troops at

Vladivostok-Increase of the Japanese forces-Reply of the Soviet

government to American and Japanese statements---

Special mission of Ambassador Morris to Vladivostok: his recommen-

dation that an American force be sent to Omsk - Westward move-

ment of the Czecho-Slovaks from Vladivostok: reverses on the

Volga-Formation of a government by Constituent Assembly dele-

gates at Samara: conference at Ufa with other organizations.

Declaration restricting American operations, September 26, 1918–

Formation of the all-Russian provisional government at Ufa:

fusion with the Siberian government at Omsk--Further increase of

Japanese forces.

Representations of the American Government against the size of

Japanese forces and the degree of control assumed in Manchuria

and Siberia, November 16, 1918—The establishment of Kolchak

as Supreme Governor at Omsk, November 18, 1918—Refusal of

Semenov to recognize Kolchak's authority ----

Representations of the American Government against Japanese sup-

port of Semenov, December 16, 1918-Continuance of the con-

flict-Reduction of the Japanese forces.-


Opposition in Archangel to the Soviet régime-German threat through

Finland to the Murman Railway-Shipment of arms and stores

to the interior of Russia, British requests for the dispatch of Ameri-

can forces to Murmansk-Arrival of a French warship-Landing

of armed forces-Allied cooperation with the Murmansk Soviet-

Arrival of an American cruiser-German and Soviet demands for

withdrawal of Allied and American forces-Agreement of July 6,

1918, with the Murmansk Soviet--Argument of the Consul at

Archangel against intervention.---

Occupation of Archangel by Allied forces, August 2, 1918-Overthrow

of the Soviet and formation of the Supreme government of the

northern region--Relations with the Allied and American diplo-

matic representatives and military authorities--Arrival of Ameri-

can troops, September 4, 1918.---

Coup d'état of September 5, 1918: restoration of the deposed govern-

ment through efforts of the American Ambassador- Protest of

the American Government against the conduct of the British com-

mander in chief-Plan of the reinstated ministers to resign in favor

of the Samara government: efforts of the American Ambassador

to dissuade them..



Proposal for increasing the American forces at Archangel :

ing the operations: refusal of the American Governmei

ber 26, 1918-Reorganization of the local government:

tion to the all-Russian government at Omsk-Disappi

Ambassador's plan to recruit an American-Slavic legion

ment of the commander in chief-Disaffection among

can soldiers and among the local Russian

Retention of American and Allied troops in north Russia

armistice with Germany--Local attitude toward th

government at Omsk..


Nationalist and anti-Bolshevik movements: the Don Coss

Kaledin, the Southeastern federation, the Trans-Cai

Volunteer Army under Alexeev and Kornilov-Attiti

American and Allied Governments toward de facto po

military authorities.----

Bolshevik, Turkish, and German advances Formation of

pendent states of North Caucasus, Georgia, Armenia,

baijan- The Cossack organization under Krasnov-]

the Volunteer Army: succession of Denikin as its comma

mation of a governmental commission attached to the arm

nition by it of the supreme authority of Kolchak...


Establishment of a Ukrainian government-Relations with

government, the Central powers, and the Allies—The

Brest Litovsk with the Central powers, February 9, 1918

Capture of Kiev and Odessa by the Bolsheviks and subsec

the Austro-German forces-Austro-German occupatio

Ukraine and the Crimea-Establishment of the Skorop

ernment in the Ukraine, April 29, 1918—The Crimea

ment of Sulkevich--Exploitation of these regions by ti

powers-Appeal of the Ukrainian National Council to

Wilson, October 15, 1918-----

Declaration of the intention of the Allied Governments to

order in the UkraineLanding of Allied troops at Od

tablishment of the Directory by Petlyura---


The Moldavian Republic: military support by Rumania-

ment by the Soviet government of a state of war with

expulsion of the Rumanian Minister and sequestration

nian gold-Agreement between Rumania and the Sovie

ment, March 9, 1918Union of Bessarabia with Ruma

9, 1918..

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