Succinct Account of the Treaties and Negociations Between Great Britain and the United States of America: Relating to the Boundary Between the British Possessions of Lower Canada and New Brunswick, in North America, and the United States of America

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Էջ 34 - These States are bounded north by a line " to be drawn from the north-west angle of Nova " Scotia, along the highlands which divide those " rivers that empty themselves into the River St. " Lawrence, from those which fall into the Atlantic " Ocean, to the north-westernmost head of
Էջ 70 - Who, after having exchanged their respective Full Powers, found to be in due and proper form, have agreed to and concluded the following Articles : ARTICLE I. " It is agreed that the points of difference which have arisen in the settlement of the Boundary between the British and American Dominions, as described in the
Էջ 37 - source of the St. Croix River to the highlands, " along the said highlands, which divide those rivers " that empty themselves into the river St. Lawrence " from those which fall into the Atlantic Ocean, to
Էջ 39 - Whereas, doubts have arisen, what river was " truly intended under the name of the River St. " Croix, mentioned in the said Treaty of Peace, and " forming a part of the boundary therein described ; " that question shall be referred to the final decision
Էջ 9 - The said Commissioners shall meet at St. Andrew's, in the province of New Brunswick, and shall have power to adjourn to such other place or places as they shall think fit. The said Commissioners shall have power to ascertain and determine the points above mentioned in conformity with the provisions of the said treaty of peace
Էջ 9 - 1783; and shall cause the Boundary aforesaid, from the source of the river St. Croix, to the river Iroquois or Cataraquy, to be surveyed and marked according to the said provisions; the said Commissioners shall make a map of the said Boundary, and particularizing the Latitude and Longitude of the North West angle of
Էջ 38 - Florida on the other, shall respectively touch the '' Bay of Fundy and the Atlantic Ocean, excepting " such islands as now are, or heretofore have been, " within the limits of the said province of Nova " Scotia.
Էջ 37 - westernmost head of Connecticut River, thence " down along the middle of that river to the 45th " degree of north latitude ; from thence by a line " due west on said latitude, until it strikes the River
Էջ 66 - act, such reports, declarations, or statements, " shall be made by them, or either of them, " and such reference to a friendly Sovereign or " State shall be made, in all respects, as in the " latter part of the fourth Article is contained, and " in as full a manner as if the same was herein " repeated.
Էջ 32 - be bounded by a line drawn from Cape Sable " across the entrance of the Bay of Fundy to the " mouth of the River St. Croix, by the said river to " its source, and by a line drawn due north from " thence to the [southern boundary of our Colony " of Quebec.

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