Cries in a crisis for statesmanship popular and patriotic to test and contest free-trade in our manufactures. With an appendix containing the French treaty, the French shipping bounty scheme, and many illustrative extracts

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Էջ 130 - The only case in which, on mere principles of political economy, protecting duties can be defensible, is when they are imposed temporarily (especially in a young and rising nation) in hopes of naturalizing a foreign industry, in itself perfectly suitable to the circumstances of the country.
Էջ 128 - As defence however, is of much more importance than opulence the act of navigation is, perhaps, the wisest of all the commercial regulations of England.
Էջ 128 - There may be good policy in retaliations of this kind, when there is a probability that they will procure the repeal of the high duties or prohibitions complained of. The recovery of a great foreign market will generally more than compensate the transitory inconveniency of paying dearer during a short time for some sorts of goods.
Էջ 128 - There seem, however, to be two cases in which it will generally be advantageous to lay some burden upon foreign for the encouragement of domestic industry. The first is, when some particular sort of industry is necessary for the defence of the country.
Էջ 139 - Plenipotentiaries, that is to say : Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland...
Էջ 129 - A country cannot be expected to renounce the power of taxing foreigners, unless foreigners will in return practise towards itself the same forbearance. The only mode in which a country can save itself from being a loser by the revenue duties imposed by other countries on its commodities, is to impose corresponding revenues duties on theirs.
Էջ 130 - A protecting duty, continued for a reasonable time, will sometimes be the least inconvenient mode in which the nation can tax itself for the support of such an experiment.
Էջ 144 - In case neither party gives notice, twelve months before the expiration of the said period of ten years, of its intention...
Էջ 127 - By means of such regulations, indeed, a particular manufacture may sometimes be acquired sooner than it could have been otherwise, and after a certain time may be made at home as cheap or cheaper than in the foreign country.

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