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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1925

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Էջ 6 - That the proceeds of the sale of said lands, or any portion thereof, shall constitute permanent funds, to be safely invested and held by said State; and the income thereof to be used exclusively for the purposes of such university and agricultural college respectively.
Էջ 7 - And the lands granted by this section shall be held, appropriated, and disposed of exclusively for the purposes herein mentioned, in such manner as the legislatures of the respective states may severally provide.
Էջ 9 - State which may take and claim the benefit of this act to the endowment, support, and maintenance of at least one college where the leading object shall be, without excluding other scientific and classical studies, and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts...
Էջ 6 - Dakota, to which 120,000 acres are granted for the use and support of agricultural colleges in said states, as provided in the acts of Congress making donations of lands for such purpose.
Էջ 6 - An act to provide for the further development of agricultural extension work between the agricultural colleges in the several States receiving the benefits of the act entitled 'An act donating public lands to the several States and Territories which may provide colleges for the benefit of agriculture and mechanic arts,' approved July 2, 1862 (USC, title 7, sees.
Էջ 11 - ... working age. This inquiry is nation-wide in its scope, and some valuable facts have already been obtained. The National Council of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae has arranged for definite and valuable service to this inquiry from its members. Thru its School Health Committee, in cooperation with the Joint Committee of the National Education Association and the American Medical Association, the department has distributed widely in the United States the health charts and other health pamphlets...
Էջ 61 - The general biology course and the teaching of elementary botany and zoology in American colleges and universities.
Էջ 98 - During the year there was spent for repairs on the school buildings and not counted as a part of the operation of the school $15, 170.

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