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whole work. Six volumes, with Portrait. 12mo., muslin, 40 cents per volume; red muslin, 50 cents; half binding, or library style, 50 cents per volume; half calf, extra, $1.25. “We commend it as the best library edition extant.' Boston Transcript.

“The publishers are now doing an essential service to the rising generation in placing within their reach a work of such acknowledged merit, and so absolute ly indispensable." Baltimore American.

Such an edition of this English classic has long been wanted; it is that mco convenient, economical, and elegant.” - Home Journal.


From the first Invasion by the Romans to the Accession of William and Mary in 1688. By John Lingard, D. D. From the last revised London edition. In thirteen volumes ; illustrated title pages, and portrait of the author. 12mo., muslin. Price, 75 cents per volume.

“This history has taken its place among the classics of the English language.” -Lowell Courier.

“ It is infinitely superior to Hume, and there is no comparison between it and Macaulay's romance. Whoever has not access to the original monuments will fiud Dr. Lingard's work the best one he can consult.” — Brownson's Review.

“ Lingard's history has been long known as the best history of England ever written; but hitherto the price lias been such as deprived all but the most wealthy readers of any chance of possessing it. Now, however, its publication has been conienced in a beautiful style, and at such a price that no student of history need fail of its acquisition." - Albany Transcript.


HISTORY OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION OF 1848, . By Alphonse de Lamartine. Translated by F. A. Durivage and William S. Chase. In one volume, octavo, with illustra

tions. Price, in muslin, $2.25. Same work, in a 12mo. edition, muslin, 75 cents; sheep, 90 cents.

A most graphic history of great events. hy one of the principal actors therein.

“The day will come when Lamartine, standing by the gate-post of the Hotel de Ville, and subduing by his eloquence the furious passions of the thousands upon thousands of delirious revolutionists, who sought they knew not what at the hands of the self-constituted Provisional Government of 1848, will be commemorated in stone, on canvas, and in sung, as the very impersonation of moral sub limity.” - Mei

Meth. Quarterly Review.

“No fitting mete-wand hath To-day
For measuring spirits of thy stature,
Only the Future can reach up to lay
The laurel on that lofty nature, --
Bard, who with some diviner art
Hast touched the bard's true lyre, a nation's heart.”

James Russell Lowell, - To Lamartine."

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