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Amenities of authorship; Neubou better?


The Britsa kejad zitia i "fil.
other contributious;
letters begun, lauually the time.

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Amenities of authorship; Newbery and Smollett ; work for

The British Magazine ; “History of Miss Stanton;"
other contributions ; The Public Ledger; Chinese
letters begun, January 24, 1760; The Lady's Magazine;


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“ The Vicar " and "The Traveller " as investments; trans-

lation of Formey's “History of Philosophy and Philoso-
phers ” published, June, 1766; “ Poems for Young Ladies
published, December 15; English Grammar written;
“ Beauties of English Poesy” published, April, 1767;
letter to the St. James's Chronicle, July ; living at Canon-
bury House ; at the Temple; visited by Parson Scott ;
“ Roman History”; the Wednesday Club; popularity of
genteel comedy; plans a play; story of “ The Good Natur'd
Man;" its production at Covent Garden, January 29, 1768 ;
its reception ; Goldsmith on the first night ; his gains ;
Davies on the dramatis persone ; Johnson on Goldsmith

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The Horneck family; “Life of Thomas Parnell” published,

July 13, 1770; visit to Paris, and letters to Reynolds ;
“ Abridgment of Roman History," September ;
of Bolingbroke” published, December; Lord Clare
and “The Haunch of Venison"; the Royal
Academy dinner ; at Edgeware ; History of England”

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