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Psalm 1xxxy. Benedixifti, hath looked down from hea

ORD, thou art become Yea, the Lord shall show

gracious unto thy land ; loving-kindness; and our land thou hast turned away the shall give her increase. captivity of Jacob.

Righteousness shall go beThou hast forgiven the fore him ; and he shall direct offence of thy people, and his going in the way. covered all their sins.

Thou hast taken away all Pfalm xciii. Dominus regnavit. thy difpleasure, and turned

HE Lord is King, and thyself

hath put on glorious indignation.

apparel; the Lord hath put Turn us then, O God our Saviour, and let thine anger himself with strength.

on his apparel, and girded cease from us.

He hath made the round Wilt thou be displeased world fo fure, that it cannot at us for ever? and wilt

be moved. thou stretch out thy wrath

Ever since the world began, from one generation to ano- hath thy seat been prepared : ther

Thou art from everlasting. Wilt thou not turn again,

The floods are risen, o and quicken us, that thy peo- Lord, the floods have lift up ple may rejoice in thee?

their voice ; the floods lift Show us thy mercy,

up O

their waves. Lord, and grant us thy fal

The waves of the sea are vation. I will hearken what the but yet the Lord, who dwel

mighty, and rage horribly ; Lord God will say concerning leth on high, is mightier. me; for he shall speak peace

Thy testimonies, O Lord, unto his people, and to his saints, that they turn not

are very sure : holiness be

cometh thine house for ever. again.

For his falvation is nigh Plalm xcvii. Dominus regnavit. them that fear him ; that glory may dwell in our land. THE Lord is King, the

Mercy and truth are met earth may be glad together ; righteousness and thereof: yea, the multitude of peace have kiffed each other. the isles may be glad thereof.

Truth shall flourish out of Clouds and darkness are the earth, and righteousness round about him : righteous




the avenger.

ness and judgment are the SELECTION IX. habitation of his feat.

There shall go a fire before Psalm viii. Domine, Dominus him, and burn up bis ene

nofter. mies on every side.

Lord, our Governor, His

shine how excellent is thy unto the world ; the earth Name in all the world; thou faw it, and was afraid. that hast set thy glory above

The hills melted like wax the heavens ! at the presence of the Lord ; Out of the mouth of

very at the presence of the Lord babes and sucklings haft thou of the whole earth.

ordained strength, because of The heavens have declared thine enemies, that thou his righteousness, and all the mightest still the enemy and people have seen his glory.

Confounded be all they that For I will consider thy worship carved images, and heavens, even the works of that delight in vain gods : thy fingers ; the moon and worship him, all ye gods. the stars which thou hast

Sion heard of it, and re- ordained. joiced ; and the daughters of What is man, that thou Juda were glad, because of art mindful of him? and the thy judgments, O Lord. son of man, that thou visitest

For thou, Lord, art higher him? than all that are in the earth : Thou madest him lower thou art exalted far above all than the angels, to crown gods.

him with glory and worship. that love the Lord, Thou makeft him to have fee that ye hate the thing dominion of the works of thy which is evil : the Lord pre- hands; and thou hast put all serveth the souls of his faints ; things in subjection under his he shall deliver them from the feet; hand of the ungodly.

All sheep and oxen ; yea, There is sprung up a light and the beasts of the field; for the righteous, and joyful The fowls of the air, and gladness for such as are true- the fishes of the sea ; and hearted.

whatsoever walketh through Rejoice in the Lord, ye the paths of the seas. sighteous, and give thanks O Lord, our Governor, for a remembrance of his how excellent is thy Name in holiness.

all the world !



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From Pfalm xxxiii. Exultate, joyful and pleasant thing it is jufti.

to be thankful. EJOICE in the Lord, O The Lord doth build up

ye righteous ; for it be- Jerusalem, and gather togecometh well the just to be ther the outcasts of Israel. thankful.

He healeth those who are Praise the Lord with harp; broken in heart, and giveth sing praises unto him with medicine to heal their fickthe lute, and instrument of ness. ten strings.

He telleth the number of 5

Sing unto the Lord a new the stars, and calleth them all song ; sing praises unto him by their names. with a good courage.

Great is our Lord, and For the word of the Lord great is his power ; yea, and is true, and all his works are his wisdom is infinite.

, faithful.

The Lord fetteth up the He loveth righteousness meek, and bringeth the-unand judgment ; the earth is godly down to the ground. full of the goodness of the O fing unto the Lord with Lord.

thanksgiving; sing praises upBy the word of the Lord on the harp unto our God; were the heavens made, and Who covereth the heaven all the hosts of thein by the with clouds, and prepareth breath of his mouth.

rain for the earth ; and makHe gathereth the waters of eth the grass to grow upon the the sea together, as it were mountains, and the herb for upon an heap; and layeth up the use of men ; the deep, as in a treasure- Who giveth fodder unto house.

the cattle, and feedeth the Let all the earth fear the young ravens that call upon Lord; stand in awe of him, him. all ye that dwell in the world :

The Lord's delight is in For he spake, and it was those who fear him, and put done ; he commanded, and their trust in his mercy. it stood fast.

Praise the Lord, O Jerusa

lem ; praise thy God, o Sion. 1. From Psalm cxlvii. Laudate For he hath made fast the Dominum.

bars of thy gates, and hath Praise the Lord, for it blessed thy children within 6

is a good thing to fing thee. praises unto our God; yea, a He maketh peace in thy


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borders, and filleth thee with Set up thyself, O God, the flour of wheat.

above the heavens ; and thy * He sendeth forth his com- glory above all the earth.

his cóm mandnient upon earth, and his word runneth very swiftly. SELECTION X.

He giveth snow like wool, From Pfalm xcvi. Cantate and scattereth the hoar-frost

Domino. like ashes. He casteth forth his ice

Sing unto like morsels ; who is able to

; abide his frost ?

Lord, all the whole earth. He sendeth out his word,

Sing unto the Lord, and and melteth them; he blow. praise his Name; be telling of eth with his wind, and the his falvation from day to day.

Declare his honour unto waters flow.

He showeth his word unto the heathen, and his wonders Jacob, his statutes and ordi- unto all people.

For the Lord is great, and nances unto Israel.

He hath not dealt so with any cannot worthily be praised ; nation; neither have the bea. he is more to be feared than then knowledge of his laws.

all gods.

Psalm cxlviii. Laudate DoFrom Psalm lvii. Miferere

mei, Deus.

Praise the Lord of hea-
, ,

ven; praise him in the
above the heavens; and height.
thy glory above all the earth. Praise him, all ye angels of

My heart is fixed, O God, his; praise him, all his hoft. my heart is fixed; I will fing Praise hiin, fun and moon; and give praise.

praise him, all ye stars and Awake up, my glory ; light. awake, lute and harp: I my- Praise him, all ye heavens, self will awake right early. and ye waters that are above

I will give thanks unto the heavens. thee, O Lord, among


peo- Let them praise the Name ple, and I will sing unto thee of the Lord ; for he spake among the nations.

the word, and they were - For the greatness of thy made ; he commanded, and mercy reacheth unto the hea they were created. vens, and thy truth unto the He hath made them fast clouds.

for ever and ever ; he hath



of paile the Lord upon earth, O hefurpraise him in the

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given them a law, which shall Pfalm cl. Laudate Domivun! not be

Praise God in ye dragons, and all deeps ;

firmament of his power. Fire and hail, snow and va- Praise himinhisnobleacts ; pours, wind and storm, ful- praise him according to his filling his word;

excellent greatness. Mountains and all hills; Praise him in the found of lo fruitful trees and all cedars; the trumpet ; praise him upon he Beasts and all cattle ; the lute and harp.

worms and feathered fowls; Praise him in the cymbals d Kings of the earth and all and dances ; praise him upon of people ; princes and all judges the strings and pipe. of the world;

Praise him upon the wellYoung men and maidens, tuned cymbals ; praise him old men and children, praise upon the loud cymbals

. the Name of the Lord; for

Let every thing that hath his Name only is excellent, breath praise the Lord. and his praise above heaven and earth.

He shall exalt the horn of Portions of Psalms, to be sung his people : all his faints shall

or said, at Morning Prayer,

on certain Feasts and Fasts, praise him ; even the children of Israel, even the people that

instead of the Venite Exulserveth him.

temus, wben any of the From Psalm cxlix. Cantate

foregoing sele&tions are to folDomino.

low instead of the Psalms, as i

in the Table.
Sing unto the Lord
new song ; let the con-

gregation of saints praise him.

Let Ifrael rejoice in him From Psalms xlv. Ixxxix. cx. that made him; and let the THY seat, o God, endur

O children of Sion be joyful in eth for ever; the sceptheir King

tre of thy kingdom is a right Let them praise his Name sceptre. in the dance ; let them fing Thou hast loved righteouspraises unto him with tabret ness, and hated iniquity and harp.

wherefore God, even thy God, For the Lord hath pleasure hath anointed thee with the in his people, and helpeth the oil of gladness above thy felmeek-hearted, 1,4



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