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: Blessed be thy Name, who A Psalm of Hymn of Praise didit not despite the prayer and Thanksgiving after of thy servants; but didnt

Victory: hear our cry, and haft saved

the Lord had not been Thou didft send forth thy on our fide, now may we commandment ; and the fay ; if the Lord himself had windy storm ceased, and was not been on our side, when turned into a calm.

men rose up against us ; 0 let us therefore praise They had swallowed us up the Lord for his goodness; quick, when they were so and declare the wonders that wrathfully displeased at us. he hath done, and still doeth, Yea, the waters had drownfor the children of men ! ed us, and the stream had

Praised be the Lord daily; gone over our soul ; the deep even the Lord that helpeth waters of the proud had gone

. us, and poureth his benefits over our soul.

But praised be the Lord; upon us.

He is our God, even the who hath not given us over God of whom cometh fals as a prey unto them.

The Lord hath wrought a vation: God is the Lord, by whom we have escaped mighty salvation for us. death.

We got not this by our own Thou, Lord, hast made sword, neither was it our own us glad through the operati- arm that saved us; but thy on of thy hands; and we and the light of thy counte

right hand, and thine arm, will triumph in thy praise.

nance, because thou hadít a Bleffed be the Lord God; favour unto us. even the Lord God, who only The Lord hath appeared doeth wondrous things ; for us; the Lord hath covered

And blessed be the Name our heads, and made us to of his Majesty for ever ; and stand in the day of battle. let every one of us say, Amen, The Lord hath appeared Amen.

for us ; the Lord hath overGlory be to the Father, thrown our enemies, and dafhand to the Son, and to the ed in pieces those that rose Holy Ghost;

up against us. As it was in the beginning, Therefore not unto us, O is-now, and ever shall be, Lord, not unto us; but unto world without end. Amen. thy Name be given the glory.



The Lord hath done great thee, who art the only giver things for us; the Lord hath of victory. And we beseech done great things for us, for thee, give us grace to improve which we rejoice.

this great mercy to thy GloOur help ftandeth in the ry, the advancement of thy Name of the Lord, who hath Gospel, the honour of our made heaven and earth. Country, and, as much as in · Blessed be the Name of the us lieth, to the good of all Lord, from this time forth mankind. And we beseech for evermore.

thee, give us such a fense of Glory be to the Father, this great mercy, as may enand to the Son, and to the gage us to a true thankfulHoly Ghoft:

nels, such as may appear in As it was in the beginning, our lives, by an humble, hois now, and ever Thall be, ly, and obedient walking beworld without end. Amen. fore thee all our days, through

Jesus Christ our Lord; to After this Hymn may be said whom, with thee, and the the Te Deum. Holy Spirit, as for all thy

mercies, so in particular for Iben this Collect.

this victory and deliverance, Almighty God, the So- be all glory and honour,world

vereign Commander of without end. Amen. all the world, in whose hand

2 Cor. xiii. 14. is power and might, which none is able to withstand ; we HE grace of our Lord bless and magnify thy great

Jesus Chrift, and the and glorious Name for this love of God, and the fellowhappy victory, the whole glo- ship of the Holy Ghost, be ry whereof we do ascribe to with us all evermore. Amen.



At the Burial of the Dead at Sea, the Office in the Commou Prayer Book may be used; only instead of these words, We therefore commit his Body to the Ground, Earth to Earth, &c. say, We therefore commit his Body to the Deep, to be turned into corruption, looking for the resurrection of the Body when the Sea fhall give up her Dead, and the life of the world to come, through our Lord Jesus Christ'; who at his coming shall change our vile Body, that it may be like his glorious Body, according to the mighty working whereby he is able to subdue all things to himself.




When Morning or Evening Prayer shall be read in any Prison, instead of the Psalm, O come let us fing, &c. fhall be read the 1301h Pfalm ; and the Minister shall infert, after the Collect for the Day, the Colleft in the following Service, O God, who spareft, &c. and at such times as the Litany is not read, be mall add the Prayer, O God, merciful Father, who despisest not,&c. And when Notice is given to the Minister, that a Prisoner is confined for some great or capital crime, he shall visit bim; and when he cometh into the place where the Prisoner is, be shall fay, kneeling down,

EMEMBER not, Lord, Minif. Send us help from

our iniquities, nor the thy holy place ; iniquities of our forefathers; Anyw. For thine indignaneither take thou vengeance tion lieth hard upon us. of our fins : Spare us, good Minift. O Lord, hear our Lord, spare thy people, whom prayer ; thou haft redeemed with thy Answ. And let the fighing most precious blood, and be of the Prisoners come before not angry with us for ever. thee. Anfw. Spare us, good Lord.

The Colleet. Lord, have mercy upon us.

RANT, we beseech thee, Christ, have mercy upon us.

Almighty God, that we,

who for our evil deeds do worLord, have mercy upon us.

thily deserve to be punished, UR Father, who art in by the comfort of thy grace Heaven, &c.

may mercifully be relieved ; Minijl. O Lord, show thy through our Lord and Samercy upon us.

viour Jesus Christ. Amen. Answ. And grant us thy salvation.

God, who sparest when Minit. Turn thy face from we deserve punishment, our fins i

and in thy wrath rememberest Answ. And blot out all our mercy ; we humbly beseech iniquities.

thee of thy goodness, to


Let us pray.


De his, that almighty

comfort and succour all those EARLY beloved, know who are under reproach and misery in the house of bon- God, whose never failing prodage ; correct them not in vidence governeth all things thine anger, neither chasten both in heaven and earth, them in thy fore displeasure. hath so wisely and mercifully Give them a right under- ordered the course of this standing of themselves, and world, that his judgments are of thy threats and promises ; often sent as fatherly correcthat they may neither cast tions to us; and if with due away their confidence in thee, submiffion and resignation to nor place it any where but in his holy will we receive the thee. Relieve the distreff- same, they will work together ed, protect the innocent, and for our good. awaken the guilty : And It is your part and duty, forasmuch as thou alone therefore, to humble yourself bringest light out of darkness, under the mighty hand of and good out of evil, grant God, to acknowledge the righthat the pains and punish- teousness of his judgments, ments which these thy ser- and to endeavour, that, by vants endure, through their his grace, this present visitabodily confinement, may tend tion may lead you to a sinto setting free their souls from cere and hearty repentance. the chains of fin; through The way and means thereto Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. is, to examine your life and

conversation by the rule of Here the Minister, as he fall God's commandments ; and fee convenient, may read the whereinfoever you shall per

Prayer for All conditions of ceive yourself to have offended Men, ihe Collect for Alh- either by will, word, or deed, Wednesday, and the Collect there to bewail your own finbeginning, Almighty God, fulness, and to confess yourself the fountain of all wisdom, to Almighty God, with full &c. or any other Prayer of purpose of amendment of life. the Liturgy, zehich he shall And if you shall perceive your judge proper.

offences to be such as are not

only against God, but also Then shall the Minister ex- against your neighbours; then hort the Prisoner or Prisoners to reconcile yourself to them, Rfier this Form, or other being ready to make restitulike :

tion and satisfaction, accord

ing to the uttermost of your for mercy, when it is the time power, for all injuries and of justice. Now you are the wrongs done by you to any object of God's mercy, if by other and being likewise repentance and true faith you ready to forgive others who turn unto him : but if you have offended you, as you neglect these things, you will would have forgiveness of be the object of his justice and your offences at God's hand. vengeance : Now you may And to this true repentance claim the merits of Chrift; and change of mind you must but if you die in your fins, his add a lively and stedfast faith, sufferings will tend to your and dependence upon the me- greater condemnation. O berits of the death of Christ, loved, consider in this your with an entire resignation of day, how fearful a thing it jourself to the will of God. will be to fall into the hands Except you repent, and be- of the living God, when you lieve, we can give you no hope can neither fly to his inercy of salvation : But if you do to protect you, nor to the mesincerely repent and believe, rits of Christ to cover you in God hath declared, though that terrible day. your fins be as red as scarlet, Here the Minister fhall exathey shall be made white as mine him concerning bis Faith, snow; though your wicked- and rehearse the Articles of nesses have gone over your

the Creed, Dost thou behead, yet shall they not be lieve in God, &c. your destruction.

And the Prisoner shall answer, We exhort you therefore in All this I stedfastly believe. the name of God, and of his Then mall the Minister exadear Son Jesus Christ our Sa- mine whether be repent bim viour, and as you tender

your truly of his fins, and be in chaown salvation, to take good rity with all the world, and heed of these things in time, further admonish him particuwhile the day of salvation larly concerning the crimes lasteth ; for the night cometh, wherewith he is charged; and when no man can work. While exhort him, if he have any you have the light, believe in scruples, that be would dethe light, and walk as children clare the same, and prepare of the light, that you be not himself for the Holy Commucast into outer darkness; that nion, against the time that it you may not knock, when the

may be proper to adminifler door thall be shut; and cry it to him.


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