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thanksgivings unto thee. ways declare thy loving kindGrant,

we beseech thee, moft nefs from generation to genemerciful Father, that she ration, through Jesus Christ through thy help may both our Lord. Amen. faithfully live and walk according to thy will in this

For Plenty. life present, and also may be Most merciful Father, partaker of everlasting glory who of thy in the life to come, through goodness haft heard the deJesus Chrift our Lord. Amen. vout prayers of thy Church, * For Rain.

and turned our dearth and God, our heavenly Fa. scarcity into plenty; we give ther, who by thy gra

thee humble thanks for this cious providence doft cause thy special bounty ; beseechthe former and the latter rain ing thee to continue thy lov. to descend upon the earth, ing kindness unto us, that that it may bring forth fruit our land may yield us her for the use of man; we give fruits of increase, to thy glory thee humble thanks that it and our comfort, through hath pleased thee, in our Jesus Chrift our Lord. Amen. great neceflity, to send us at 4 For Peace, and Deliverance the last a joyful rain upon

from our Enemies. thine inheritance, and to refresh it when it was dry, to

Almighty God, who art the great comfort of us thy

a strong tower of defence unworthy servants, and to

unto thy fervants against the the glory of thy holy Name, face of their enemies; we

. through thy mercies in Jesus yield thee praise and thankf Christ our Lord. Ameri.

giving, for our deliverance from those great

and apparent For fair Weather.

dangers wherewith we were Lord God, who hast compaffed ; we acknowledge O late visitation of us with im- not delivered over as a prey moderate rain and waters, and unto them; befeeching thee in thy inercy haft relieved and still to continue such thy comforted our souls by this mercies towards us, that all seasonable and blessed change the world may know that thou of weather ; we praise and art our Saviour and mighty glorify thy holy Name, for Deliverer, through Jefus this thy mercy, and will al. Chrift our Lord. Amen.



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art our Saviour and mighty unto thee ; always praising
Deliverer, through Jesus and magnifying thy mercies
Christ our Lord. Amen. in the midst of thy Church,
For restoring Public Peace at through Jesus Christ our

Lord. Amen.
Eternal God, our hea. For a Recovery from Sickness.

venly Father, who alone in a house, and stillest the of safety ; we bless thy name, outrage of a violent and un- that thou hast been pleased ruly people ; we bless thy to deliver from bis bodily holy. Name, that it hath pleaf sickness this thy servant who ed thee to appease the fediti, now desireth to return thanks ous tumults which have been unto thee, in the presence of lately, raised up amongst us; all thy people .

Gracious art most humbly beseeching the thou, O Lord, and full of to grant to all of us grace, compassion to the children of that we may benceforth obe- men. May bis heart be duly diently walk in thy holy

, com; impressed with a sense of thy mandments; and, leading a merciful goodness, and may quiet and peaceable life in all be devote the residue of bis godliness and honesty, may days to an humble, holy, and continually offer -unto thee obedient walking before thee, our facrifice of praise and through Jesus Christ our thanksgiving for these thy Lord. Amen. mercies towards us, through For a safe Return from Sea. Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. OST gracious Lord, For Deliverance from great


mercy is over all Sickness and Mortality. thy works; wę praise thy holy

Lord God, who hast Name, that thou hast been

wounded us for our pleased to conduct in safety, fins, and consumed us for our through the perils of the great transgressions, by thy late hea- deep. thisthy

servant, who

now vy and dreadful visitation ; deforeth to return his thanks and now, in the midst of judg- unto thee, in thy holy Church: ment, remembering mercy, May be be duly sensible of thy hast redeemed our souls from merciful providence towards the jaws of death; we offer him, and ever express his unto thy fatherly goodness thankfulness by a holy trust ourselves, our souls

and bo- in thee, and obedience to thy dies, which thou hast deli- laws, through Jesus Christ vered, to be a living facrifice_our Lord. Amen.




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The First Sunday in Advent.
The Colleet.

bour as thyself. Love workLmighty God, give us eth no ill to his neighbour;

grace that we may cast therefore love is the fulfilling away the works of darkness, of the law. And that, knowand put upon us the armour ing the time, that now it is of light, now in the time of high time to awake out of this mortal life, in which thy fleep; for now is our salvation Son Jesus Christ came to visit nearer than when we believed. us in great humility; that in The night is far spent, the the laft day when he shall day is at hand; let us therecome again in his glorious fore cast off the works of Majesty to judge both the darknefs, and let us put on the quick and dead, we may rise armour of light. Let us walk to the life immortal, through honestly, as in the day; not in him who liveth and reigneth rioting and drunkenness, not with thee and the HolyGhost, in chambering and wantonnow and ever. Amen. ness, not in ftrife and envying. | This Colleet is to be repeated But put ye on the Lord Jesus

every Day with the other Col- Christ, and make not provileets in Advent, until Chrif- fion for the flesh, to fulfil the mas Day.

lufts thereof. The Epistle. Rom. xiii. 8. The Gospel. St. Matth. xxi. 1.

WE no man any thing, HEN they drew nigh but to love one another;

unto Jerusalem, and for he that loveth another were come to Bethpage, unhath fulfilled the law. For to the Mount of Olives, then this, Thou shalt not commit fent Jesus two disciples, sayadultery, Thou shalt not kill, ing unto them, Go into the Thou shalt not steal, Thou village over against you, and shalt not bear false witnels, straightway ye shall find an Thou Mhalt not covet; and if ass tied, and a colt with her : there be any other command loose them, and bring them ment, it is briefly compre- unto me. And if any man say hended in this saying, namely, aught unto you, ye shall say, Thou shalt love thy neigh- The Lord hath need of them;




and straightway he will send The Second Sunday in Advent. : them. All this was done, that

The Collet. it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, Lefled Lord, who hast Tell

ye the daughter of Sion, caused all holy ScripBehold, thy King cometh unto tures to be written for our thee, meek, and fitting upon learning ; grant that we may an ass, and a colt the foal of in such wise hear them, read, an ass.

And the disciples mark, learn, and inwardly went, and did as Jesus com- digest them, that by patience, manded them; and brought and comfort of thy holy the ass and the colt, and put Word, we may embrace, and on them their cloths, and ever hold fast the blessed they set him thereon. And a hope of everlasting life, which very great multitude spread thou hast given us in our their garments in the way ; Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen. others cut down branches from the trees, and strawed them in

The Epiftle. Rom. xv. 4. the way. And the multitudes Hatsoever things were that went before, and that fol

written aforetime, lowed, cried, saying, Hosanna, were written for our learning ; to the Son of David : blessed that we, through patience and is he that cometh in the name comfort of the Scriptures, of the Lord; Hosanna in the might have hope. Now the highest. And when he was God of patience and consolacome into Jerusalem, all the tion grant you to be like mindcity was moved, saying, Who ed one towards another, acis this? And the multitude cording to Chrift Jesus: That faid, this is Jesus the Prophet ye may with one mind and of Nazareth of Galilee. And one mouth glorify God, even Jesus went into the temple of the Father of our Lord Jesus God, and cast out all them that Christ. Wherefore receive ye sold and bought in the temple, one another, as Christ also and overthrew the tables of the received us, to the glory of money-changers, and the seats God. Now I say, that Jesus of them that fold doves, and Christ was a minister of the said unto them, It is written, circumcision, for the truth of My house shall be called the God, to confirm the promises house of prayer ; but ye have made unto the fathers : And made it a den of thieves. that the Gentiles might glo

rify God for his mercy ; as

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it is written, For this cause felves, that summer is now I will confess to thee among nigh at hand. So likewise ye, the Gentiles, and fing unto when ye see these things come thy name : And again he to pass, know ye that the kingfaith, Rejoice ye Gentiles, dom of God is nigh at hand. with his people : And again, Verily I say unto you, This Praise the Lord, all ye Gen- generation shall not pass away tiles ; and laud him, all ye till all be fulfilled. Heaven people. And again Efaias and earth shall pass away ; but faith, There shall be a root of my words shall not pass away. Jeffe, and he that shall rise to reign over the Gentiles, in him The Third Sunday in Advent. fhall the Gentiles trust. Now

The Colleet. the God of hope fill you with Lord Jesus Christ, who all joy and peace in believing, at thy first coming didft that ye may abound in hope, fend thy messenger to prepare through the power of the thy way before thee; grant Holy Ghost.

that the Ministers and StewThe Gospel. St. Luke xxi. 25. ards of thy mysteries may A ;

ŃDthere shall be figns in likewise so prepare and make and in the stars ; and upon the hearts of the disobedient to carth distress of nations, with the wisdom of the just, that perplexity ; the sea and the at thy second coming to judge waves roaring; mens hearts the world, we may be found failing them for fear, and for an acceptable people in thy looking after those things fight, who liveft and reignett which are coming onthe earth; with the Father and the holy for the powers of heaven shali Spirit, ever one God, world be shaken. And then shall without end. Amen. they see the Son of man com- The Epiftle. I Cor. iv. in a cloud with power and ET a man fo account of

us, as of the Ministers of things begin to come to pass, Chrift, and Stewards of the then look up, and lift up your mysteries of God. Moreover, heads; for your redemption it is required in stewards, that draweth nigh. And he spake á man be found faithful. But to them a parable, Behold the with me it is a very small fig tree, and all the trees'; thing, that I should be judged when they now' shoot forth, of you, or of man's judgment: ye see and know of your own yea, I judge not mine own


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great glory. And

when there L

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