The Ottoman Empire: A Historical Encyclopedia [2 volumes]

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ABC-CLIO, 15 հնս, 2017 թ. - 558 էջ
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This two-volume reference provides university and high school students—and the general public—with a wealth of information on one of the most important empires the world has ever known.

Arranged in topical sections, this two-volume encyclopedia will help students and general readers alike delve into the fascinating story of an empire that continues to influence the world despite having been dissolved almost 100 years ago. Detailed entries describe the people, careers, and major events that played a central role in the history of the Ottoman Empire, covering both internal developments in Ottoman society and the empire's relationship with the powerful forces that surrounded it. Readers and researchers will find information pertaining to archaeology, geography, art history, ethnology, sociology, economics, religion, philosophy, mysticism, science and medicine, international relations, and numerous other areas of study.

Many of the entries are enriched with material from Turkish and Persian primary sources written by courtiers, authors, and historians who were present at the time of major military campaigns or other important events in Ottoman history. These and other annotated primary documents will give students the opportunity to analyze events and will promote critical thinking skills. The language used throughout is accessible and based on the assumption that the reader is not familiar with the long, rich, and complex history of the Ottoman state.

  • Features approximately 180 entries that cover a wide variety of topics related to political, social, and culture aspects of Ottoman society
  • Features numerous primary documents that add to the vividness of the portrayal of individuals and events
  • Explores the many countries and numerous ethnic, linguistic, and cultural groups encompassed by the Ottoman Empire
  • Shows how, for much of its history, Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived side by side in this vast realm
  • Provides the only work of its kind written for university undergraduates, high school students, and the general public


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Battles and Treaties
Beys and Pashas
Empire and Administration
Historians Writers Poets and Scholars
Peoples and Cultures
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