Venice on Foot: With the Itinerary of the Grand Canal and Several Direct Routes to Useful Places

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C. Scribner's Sons, 1907 - 422 էջ

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Էջ 34 - ... and the story ends with the pious exclamation, " from which devill and all other devills defend us, good Lord ! Amen." We have spoken of the collections of tales, which, at the end of the sixteenth and...
Էջ 195 - Malaysia is valid only for the time beginning with the end of the fifteenth century or the beginning of the sixteenth century.
Էջ 147 - Essay was written within two years of the end of the eighteenth century. At the beginning of the nineteenth century evolution was very definitely "in the air".
Էջ 56 - ... Nations as a science ; but they severely condemn the latter people, too, for " their cunning interpretation of treaties, their continual violation of justice, and their cruel rules of war." The causes of this error are not far to seek. The modern development of International Law may be said to date from the end of the sixteenth or beginning of the seventeenth century, its foundations having been laid in the works of Suarez, Albericus Gentilis, and Grotius. It was an easy, but an illogical, inference...
Էջ 319 - ... period : and it is in the century following that we begin to meet with these religious dramas (religious, as far as the subject went) in their more popular and perfect form. Of the great English collections which have been preserved, two, the Towneley and the Chester Mysteries, were probably composed about the end of the fourteenth century, or early in the fifteenth. The rigid moralists and disciplinarians of the church seem at all times to have set their faces against such exhibitions ; and...
Էջ 379 - At the end of the seventeenth century there were no less than two hundred and twentv-two different kinds of tunes or sing-strophes in full vogue.— Metcalfe, 287.
Էջ 246 - All games whatsoever are prohibited : as also the sale of goods, or the erection of shops, round this church, by order of the most excellent ' esecutori contra la biastema ' [magistrates appointed for the suppression of blasphemy, swearing and kindred offences] : with the penalty of prison, the galleys, exile, and also 300 lire de' piccoli, between the accuser and captors.
Էջ 70 - Frari, a few steps along the fondamenta of the same name, beside the Rio S. Stin, then to the left along the Rio Terra San Toma (so called because it bounds the Parish of St. Thomas on this side), brings us to the Church and Scuola of S. Giovanni Evangelista. The church was founded in the tenth century and rebuilt in the seventeenth. The confraternity — one of the six principal Scuole — was founded in the middle of the thirteenth century, and its hall removed to this site from...
Էջ 319 - I. witnessed the regatta from this palace," says Colonel Douglas in his excellent little book, Venice on Foot, and " the stand for the three judges of the regatta has for centuries been placed between this and the next palace (Foscari).
Էջ 151 - ... Dongargarh until my arrival at Raypur, when I had left it abcut 60 miles behind to the westward. For the following account I am indebted to the kindness of Colonel Lucie Smith, the present Commissioner of the Raypur Division : — " Dongargarh is situated in a basin of the hills, surrounded by jungle, and is supposed to occupy a portion of the site of the ancient city of Kamantipuri. Within the last 40 years six old-world temples stood here ; but in the time of the late ruler of Nagpur these...

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