A Narrative of the Expedition to the Rivers Orinoco and Apuré in South America: Which Sailed from England in November 1817, and Joined the Patriotic Forces in Venezuela and Caraccas

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Էջ 460 - Tactic, movements, and manoeuvre, are as unknown to him as to the lowest of his troops. All idea of regularity, system, or the common routine of an army, or even a regiment, he is totally unacquainted with. Hence arise all the disasters he meets, the defeats he suffers, and his constant obligations to retreat whenever opposed to the foe. The victory which he gains to-day, however dearly purchased (of which his list of killed and missing, if he calls for or keeps such details, must evidently convince...
Էջ 416 - ... uncommonly active ; he would for amusement, as he did before some English officers, single out a wild bull from the herd of cattle, and ride him down. pass his lance through, and thus slay him ; or gallop up to the animal's rear, and grasping the tail firmly in his hand, twist it so suddenly and strongly...
Էջ 413 - ... halbert. A blanket of about a yard square, with a hole, or rather a slit, cut in the centre, through which the wearer thrusts his head, falls on each side of his shoulders, thus covering his body, and leaving his bare arms at perfect liberty to manage his horse, or mule, and lance.
Էջ 413 - ... one side; and some wearing a kind of sandal made of hide, with the hair side outward. In their left hand they hold their reins, and in their right a pole...
Էջ 460 - He has (p. 462) neither talents nor abilities for a general, and especially for a commander-in-chief. The numerous mistakes he has made throughout the whole of his campaigns, for the last eight years, have nearly desolated the provinces and annihilated the population. The repeated surprises he has experienced from the enemy, (already seven,) prove my assertion, and bear me out in declaring that any one of them would have disgraced a corporal's guard. "Tactics, movements, and manoeuvres, are as unknown...
Էջ 462 - Buonaparte in South America, without possessing a single talent for the duties of the field or the cabinet. He would be king of New Grenada and Venezuela, without genius to command, consequence to secure, or abilities to support the elevated station to which his ambition most assuredly aspires.
Էջ 418 - ride to yonder tree," pointing to one at some distance ; "and when you get there, escape as fast as you can, and take care I do not come up with you !" The officer obeyed, and when he arrived at the...
Էջ 462 - Bolivar would ape the great man. He aspires to be a second Bonaparte, in South America, without possessing a single talent for the duties of the field or the cabinet.
Էջ 369 - ... which I had frequently seen in South Africa, where it is called the Secretary. What with birds, beasts, amphibious animals, fish, and reptiles, the eye was at length tired with the everlasting succession, and the mind could wonder no longer. The mocking bird, a native of these immense forests, gave me a most decisive proof of its powers of utterance, and its capability of articulating two or more syllables with such clearness of sound and expression as to astonish all who heard it.
Էջ 419 - Paez pursued, and soon overtook him, and was iri the act of putting his lance through his body. The royalist, with some presence of mind, said, " General Paez is too noble to take an advantage. My horse was tired and could not gallop ; but if you, general, will give me your horse, and the same liberty, I think I could save my life.

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