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Lowell, Mechanics' Hall, Aug. 23d, 1838. The meeting was called to order at 9 o'clock, A. M., by Mr. J. G. Carter, of Lancaster, the senior Vice President. Extracts from the last year's Record were read by the Secretary. The following Committees were then appointed,

To seat Ladies and Strangers. Messrs. Abbott, Metcalf, and Dillaway.

To nominate Officers. Messrs. Mackintosh, Thayer, Edson, Pettes, Kimball, Greenleaf, and Muzzy.

On motion of Mr. Thayer, of Boston, it was Voted, That the Secretary read the Constitution; which he accordingly did.

On motion of Mr. Greenleaf, of Bradford, it was Voted, That fifteen minutes be the limit of any gentleman's remarks at any one time, unless by special permission of the Institute.

Half past 2 and half past 7 o'clock were appointed the hours of meeting for the afternoon and evening.

On motion of Mr. Greenleaf, of Bradford, it was Voted, That the interval after any lecture be devoted to discussing the principles advanced in that lecture.

No more business coming up, the Institute adjourned to 11 o'clock.

At 11 o'clock prayers were offered by the Rev. Mr. Miles, of Lowell, after which,

The Introductory Address was delivered by the Rev. CHARLES Brooks, of Hingham.

On motion of Mr. Thayer, of Boston, it was Voted, That the citizens of this community generally, and the vicinity, be invited to attend the meetings of the Institute free of expense.

Voted, That a Committee be appointed to report the proceedings of the Institute, for the public journals of this city Messrs. Greenleaf, of Bradford, Tuck, of Gloucester, and the Secretary were appointed.

On motion of Mr. H. W. Carter, of Boston, the question of “ Compulsory attendance at School," was taken up for discussion, but the morning being spent, the Institute adjourned.

Afternoon. Mr. J. G. Carter presiding, the subject proposed in the morning was taken up, and, on motion of Mr. Pettes, was added to the regular list of subjects to be taken up at such time as the Institute may see fit.

At 3 o'clock, a Lecture on “English Grammar," was delivered by Mr. R. G. Parker, of Boston.

A recess of ten minutes was then taken.

Mr. F. Emerson, of Boston, moved that half past 2 o'clock, tomorrow, be assigned for the election of officers; this motion was rejected. Mr. E, then moved that a quarter before 9 be the hour, which was accepted.

Mr. Thomas D. JAMES, of Philadelphia, then delivered a Lecture on “ Model Schools.”

A recess of five minutes was then taken, after which Mr. HerMANN Bokum, of Cambridge, delivered a Lecture on the “German Language and Literature.” Adjourned.

City Hall, Evening. The meeting having been called to order, the Institute listened

to a lecture from the Rev. A. B. Muzzey, of Cambridgeport, on the following subject : “ The bearing that School Instruction has upon the common duties of life.”

On motion of Mr. Thayer, the subject of“ Compulsory Attendance” was taken up, and an interesting debate ensued, in which Messrs. Brooks, of Hingham, Greenleaf, of Bradford, Pettes, of Brookline, Mann, of Boston, Bartlett, of Lowell, Clark, of Chelsea, Alcott, of Boston, Bokum, of Cambridge, Jenks, of Boston, James, of Philadelphia, and Tuck, of Gloucester, participated.

Mr. Thayer presented the following resolution,

Resolved, That in the opinion of this Institute, it is the duty of our legislatures to compel the attendance at school, of those children whose parents refuse to perform their duty in this regard.

A desire being expressed for further discussion, it was laid on the table. Adjourned.

Mechanics' Hall, Friday, Aug. 24th. The Institute was called to order by the President, the Hon. Wm. B. Calhoun, of Springfield. On motion of Mr. Thayer, the time of balloting was altered to half past 2, P. M. Mr. Thayer gave notice that the subject of “ Model Schools,” would be discussed at the City Hall, this evening, at half past 7 o'clock.

At 9, A. M. the Institute listened to a Lecture from the Hon. S. G. Goodrich, of Roxbury, on this topic : “ Man, the subject of Education.”

Mr. Thayer gave notice, that Mr. Mack, the Lecturer for the next hour, being prevented from attending by sickness in his family, Mr. C. Plato Castanis, would give a Lecture on the “ past and present Conditions of Education in Greece, and their Results.

The resolution offered by Mr. Thayer being taken up on his motion, he offered the following substitute,

Resolved, by this Institute, That children are the property of the State, — its riches and its hopes; that, consequently, their education is a matter of public interest ; that parents should see that they are duly instructed, and that, in all cases, where they neglect to educate their children, it becomes the duty of our legislatures to enforce by statute the parental obligation.

On motion of Dr. Bartlett, of Lowell, this resolution was committed. Messrs. Bartlett, Thayer, and Mann were appointed a Committee to consider and report.

A short recess was then taken, after which, Mr. CastanIS delivered his Lecture on the subject abovementioned.

On motion of Mr. Mackintosh, of Boston, it was Voted, That the volumes of Lectures for the years preceding 1837, be disposed of to members, at the price of 50 cents per volume, and that those for 1837, be sold to ladies at the price of 75 cents, and to gentlemen, at $1, per vol.

Also on motion of Mr. Mackintosh, Voted, That Mr. H. W. Carter, of Boston, be appointed Treasurer pro tem., Mr. Ticknor being absent. Adjourned.

Afternoon. Mr. Calhoun presiding, on motion of Mr. Brooks, of Hingham, it was Voted, That the list of nominations be recommitted.

Mr. B. gave notice that a room had been provided at the Merrimack House, where teachers might meet and converse on subjects of professional interest in a less formal manner than at the meetings of the Institute.

On motion of Mr. Adams, of Boston, it was Voted, That the question upon the list, viz: “Whether the more copious use of Oral Instruction might be more beneficially engrafted upon that of text books,” — be substituted for the one proposed by Mr. Thayer, this morning.

Mr. Mackintosh having reported in behalf of the Committee of Nominations, it was Voted, To proceed, at once, to the choice of Officers. Messrs. F. Emerson, Brooks, and H. W. Carter were appointed a Committee to collect and count the votes.

The balloting having been finished, the Committee reported that the entire list were chosen.


WILLIAM B. Calhoun, Springfield, Mass.

* James G. Carter, Lancaster, Mass.

* Dr. Elisha Bartlett, of Lowell, and Hon. S. G. Goodrich, of Roxbury, were subsequently chosen Vice Presidents.

John Pierpont, Boston, Mass. George B. Emerson, Boston, do. Daniel Kimball, Needham, Mass. Gideon F. Thayer, Boston, do. Elipha White, John's Island, S. C. Samuel Pettes, Brookline, Mass. Ethan A. Andrews, Boston, do. Nehemiah Cleveland, Newbury, do. Jacob Abbott, Roxbury, do. Denison Olmsted, New Haven, Conn. John Kingsbury, Providence, R. 1. Gardner B. Perry, Bradford, Mass. Horace Mann, Boston, do. Theodore Edson, Lowell, do. Charles White, Owego, N. Y. Andrew S. Yates, Chittenango, N. Y. Benjamin Greenleaf, Bradford, Mass. Peter Mackintosh, jun., Boston, do. Samuel M. Burnside, Worcester, do. Frederick Emerson, Boston, do. John A. Shaw, South Bridgewater, do.

RECORDING SECRETARY. Thomas Cushing, Jr. Boston, Mass.

CORRESPONDING SECRETARIES. Charles Brooks, Hingham, Mass. Aaron B. Hoyt, Boston, do.

TREASURER. William D. Ticknor, Boston, Mass.

Henry W. Carter, Boston, Mass.
Joseph Hale Abbot, Boston, do.
Josiah Fairbank, Charlestown, do.

Charles K. Dillaway, Boston, Mass.
William J. Adams, Boston, do.
William A. Alcott, Boston, do.

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