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Samuel R. Hall, Plymouth, N. H.
William Russell, Boston. Mass.
Dyer H. Sanborn, New London, N. H.
Theodore Dwight, Jr. New York.
Emory Washburn, Worcester, Mass.
William Lincoln, do. do.
Charles H. Allen, Haverhill, Mass.
Artemas B. Muzzey, Cambridgeport, Mass.
Thomas Sherwin, Boston, Mass.
David Mack, Cambridge, do.
William Barry, Jr. Framingham, do.

Hiram Fuller, Providence, R. I. The Rev. EZEKIEL Rich of Troy, N. H. then commenced his Lecture on “Oral Instruction,” and not having concluded when the hour for the next Lecture arrived, the remainder of his Lecture was postponed.

After a recess of five minutes, a Lecture was given on “ The Mutual Duties of Teachers and Parents,” by Mr. David P. Page, of Newburyport.

Evening. Mr. Calhoun having called the meeting to order, on motion of Mr. Thayer, it was

Voted, That this subject be discussed ; “ The Advantage of a fixed Code of Laws and Punishments in a School.” Messrs. James, Mann, Bradford, of Westford, Thayer, and F. Emerson, kept up an interesting and animated debate to a late hour of the evening, when the Institute voted that Mr. Rich finish his Lecture at 9 o'clock to-morrow morning. Adjourned.

Saturday, Aug. 25th. The President having called the meeting to order, the Secretary read the Record for yesterday. Mr. Rich then proceeded to finish his Lecture. Mr. R. having spoken till the time appointed for Mr. Fuller's Lecture arrived, and Mr. Fuller not having appeared, it was voted that the question on “Oral Instruction," be taken up after a recess of fve minutes.


The Institute met at 4, according to adjournment, but, very few being present, adjourned to the evening.

Evening. The meeting having been called to order, Mr. Thayer continued the account of the Sessional School.

The Committee to whom was referred the subject of Compulsory Attendance at School, reported the following resolution:

Resolved, " That as all popular governments, in the very nature of things, must be dependent upon the general prevalence of intelligence and virtue for their stability and their efficiency for good, so it is the right and duty of these governments, not only to provide for, but so secure by legislative enactments, if necessary, the intellectual and moral education of the young.” The resolve was accepted.

The expediency and practicability of introducing Vocal Music into our Common Schools was then taken up, as a subject of discussion, and remarks were made by Messrs. Pettes, Mann, Carter, of Boston, Allen, of Northborough, Thayer, and Mackintosh.

Mr. Mackintosh offered the following resolution :

Resolved, as the sense of the American Institute of Instruction, that it is desirable that the teaching of Vocal Music should be introduced into Common Schools as soon as it may be practi. cable;" which passed unanimously. Adjourned.

Tuesday, Aug. 28th. The meeting having been called to order and the Records read, at half past 9 o'clock the Institute listened to a Lecture from the Rev. CHARLES WHITE, of Owego, N. Y. on the “ Lito erary Responsibility of Teachers.”

After the Lecture a short recess was taken.

The Lecture of Prof. Denison OLMSTED, of New Haven, on “ The School System of Connecticut,” was then read by the Rev. Mr. Blanchard, of Lowell ; Prof. O. not being able to attend on account of ill health.

. Afternoon.. Mr. Thayer called the meeting to order at 3, P. M. The

Annual Report of the Directors was then read by the Secretary of the Institute, and, after some remarks from Mr. Pettes, it was unanimously accepted.

Mr. Mackintosh then offered the following Resolutions:

Resolved, That the grateful acknowledgments of this Institute be made to the Government of the City of Lowell, for the free use of the City Hall, so generously granted for the present Annual Meeting

Resolved, That the sincere thanks of the Institute be presented to the Middlesex Mechanic Association, for their kind liberality, in granting the use of their elegant Hall, and well furnished reading room, for the present session.

Resolved, that the Recording Secretary transmit copies of the foregoing resolutions.

After some remarks from Mr. Rich, of Troy, the Resolves were unanimously passed. '

Mr. Mackintosh then offered the following Resolution :

Resolved, That the American Institute of Instruction feel highly encouraged and gratified in view of the increasing interest manifested in various parts of the Union in behalf of the improvement and extension of Common School Education. After some remarks from Mr. Mann, and Mr. White, of S. C. it was passed.

Mr. H. W. Carter offered the following Resolution :

Resolved, That the thanks of the Institute be presented to the Rev. Charles Brooks, for his able Introductory Address; and to Messrs. R. G. Parker, Thomas D. James, Hermann Bokum, A. B. Muzzey, S. G. Goodrich, C. Plato Castanis, Ezekiel Rich, David P. Page, Joseph Harrington, Jr. Elisha Bartlett, Joseph Lovering, Geo. W. Warren, Charles White, and Denison Olmsted, for their Lectures, which have given so much interest to the present session of the Institute.

Dr. Elisha Bartlett, of Lowell, and Hon. S. G. Goodrich, of Roxbury, were added to the list of Vice Presidents by a unanimous vote.

The Secretary then mentioned that he had received a letter from Victor Cousin, in answer to the one written by him last year at the direction of the Institute ; and at the request of the Presi dent, he read it, and offered the following resolution :


Resolved, That the Institute receive with much satisfaction the kind and encouraging letter of Mons. Victor Cousin, and the Volumes accompanying it. Also,

Resolved, To transmit to him through the Secretary, the Lectures of the present year, with a suitable expression of our respect and regard.

Mr. Mackintosh offered the following:

Resolved, That the volumes of the Institute, be presented to the Middlesex Mechanic Association, as a small token of our gratitude for their liberality to the Institute at the present session.

No more business coming up, Mr. Thayer made an interesting address, to the female teachers especially, which was listened to with deep attention.

The Institute then adjourned sine die.

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