Nugæ Chirurgicæ: Or, A Biographical Miscellany, Illustrative of a Collection of Professional Portraits

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J. Nichols and son, and sold by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1824 - 276 էջ

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Էջ 180 - A physician in a great city seems to be the mere plaything of fortune; his degree of reputation is, for the most part, totally casual — they that employ him know not his excellence; they that reject him know not his deficience. By any acute observer who had looked on the transactions of the medical world for half a century a very curious book might be written on the "Fortune of Physicians.
Էջ 216 - Himself best knows : but strangely-visited people, All swoln and ulcerous, pitiful to the eye, The mere despair of surgery, he cures ; Hanging a golden stamp about their necks, Put on with holy prayers : and, 'tis spoken, To the succeeding royalty he leaves The healing benediction.
Էջ 105 - His virtues and his pills are so well known, That envy can't confine them under stone ; But they'll survive his dust, and not expire Till all things else, at th
Էջ 29 - The King to Oxford sent a troop of horse, For Tories own no argument but force ; With equal skill to Cambridge books he sent, For Whigs admit no force but argument.
Էջ 224 - C'est une erreur de penser que le sang soit nécessaire à la conservation de la vie ; on ne peut trop saigner un malade.
Էջ 95 - His angle-rod made of a sturdy oak ; His line a cable which in storms ne'er broke ; His hook he baited with a dragon's tail, And sat upon a rock, and bobbed for whale.
Էջ 255 - said the Doctor, 'do you pretend to be paid for such a piece of work ? Why, you have spoiled my pavement, and then covered it over with earth, to hide your bad work ! ' ' Doctor ! ' said the paviour, ' mine is not the only bad work the earth hides.
Էջ 43 - Three faces wears the doctor ; when first sought, An angel's— and a god's the cure half wrought ; But when that cure complete, he seeks his fee. The devil looks less terrible than he.
Էջ 220 - ... placed so many valves without design ; and no design seemed more probable, than that since the blood could not well, because of the interposing valves, be sent by the veins to the limbs, it should be sent through the arteries and return through...
Էջ 228 - Came home, there perishing near 10,000 poor creatures weekly ; however, I went all along the city and suburbs from Kent Street to St. James's, a dismal passage, and dangerous to see so many coffins exposed in the streets, now thin of people ; the shops shut up, and all in mournful silence, not knowing whose turn might be next.

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