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APR 23 1999)

IDRABI, Robert F. Foerster


Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1867, by

SAMUEL BOWLES & COMPANY, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the District of Massa



Electrotypers and Printers.


The approaching completion of two lines of railway between the Mississippi Valley and the Rocky Mountains, will mark an era in the history of the nearer of the mining Territories — Colorado. It will infuse new life into mining, by giving safe, quick, and reliable communication, reducing freights and risks, thus cheapening supplies and furnishing a most necessary competition in the labor market, under which the production of the precious metals will be largely increased and the value and importance of property of all kinds proportionally enhanced. This cannot fail to arrest the attention of capitalists who are interested in Colorado gold and silver stocks, or are thinking of becoming so. It will be of yet more benefit to that large class whose capital is their muscle, because it will make accessible to them a new and large tract of virgin land, which, though far West, is still on the World's great highway, and therefore in no sense of the word in the backwoods. This region has a pleasant and healthy climate, and while its soil is unsurpassed in strength by that of the prairie States, it has a superior market in the adjoining mines. It most eloquently invites settlement and improvement. It will also give the Summer tourist a choice between the West and the East. It is not hazarding much to say that the Rocky Mountains offer the most delightful Summer resort of the New if not of the Old World. The climate is cool and bracing, the air deliciously pure and soft, the scenery both grand and beautiful, the forests full of game and the streams of trout, with hot mineral springs of high medicinal value boiling up at the root of every shade tree in the sequestered parks. The annexation of the Rocky Mountains to the Union by railways will open a new world to science, a new field of adventure to money and muscle, a new and pleasant place of Summer resort to people of leisure.

To meet the growing want of definite information concerning that interesting country, this book is put forth. It treats of the discovery of gold and settlement of the country, its geography, chorography, geology, mineralogy, and agriculture, its early efforts at self-government, and the progress and present condition of mining industry, including descriptive list of mining companies, principal improved mines, mills, machinery, and methods of treating ore-in short, it undertakes to give, as concisely and precisely as possible, and without any pretension, all that is known on the subject. 0. J. H.

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