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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1849 by

THOMAS BALDWIN, in the clerk's office of the District Court of the United States, in and for the

Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

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The extraordinary and increasing favour with which the Universal Pronouncing Gazetteer has been received, has induced the authors to prepare, at great labour and expense, a New EDITION, intended to supply what has been felt by all, as a serious defect in the former editions of the work; namely, its want of fulness with respect to the number of names. When the first edition of the Gazetteer was prepared, it was absolutely impossible for the authors to obtain any reliable information respecting a multitude of foreign names, of which, therefore, if they gave any pronunciation at all, they must give one based on the most vague and uncertain conjecture. They were reduced to the alternative of choosing between the defect of incompleteness and that of inaccuracy: : There was of course in room for hesitation. They believed that to ascertain and fix the pronunciation of a few hundred difficult names would be a greater service to the cause of education, than to give the pronunciation di ten times the number at random, or upon mere conjecture." "They were sensible, moreover, that without accuracy they could not hope to inspire that confidence which is so essential to the permanent reputation and success of a work of this kind.

In the four years which have elapsed since the first publication of the work, many new sources of information have been opened, not · to mention the assistance which greater experience, and the habit of investigating everything which could throw any light upon the subject of geographical orthoepy, must necessarily confer. Availing themselves of these new facilities, the authors have at length under

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