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Էջ 647 - map; thence due south to the main branch of the river St. Croix; thence down the main channel of said river to the Mississippi ; thence down the centre of the main channel of that river to the north-west corner of the state of Illinois; thence due
Էջ 404 - thus giving to Great Britain the whole of Vancouver's Island. The navigation of that portion of the Columbia river included within the US territory, is to be free to the Hudson's Bay Company and to all British subjects trading with the same. The
Էջ 104 - 1' E. Pop. estimated at above 630,000. (B.) • " In that day of desolation, Lady, I was captive made, Bleeding for my Christian nation, By the walls of high BELGRADE."—CAMPBELL. t We are informed, on good authority, that the native pronunciation of
Էջ 406 - High on a throne of royal state, which far Outshone the wealth of ORMUS or of Ind.
Էջ 143 - not heard of the Vale of CASHMERE, With its roses the brightest that earth ever gave ? Its temples, and grottos, and fountains as clear
Էջ 21 - calmer than thy heart, young Giaour." " This circumstance may serve to give a notion Of the high talents of this new Vauban," But the town ditch below was deep as ocean, The rampart higher than you 'd wish to
Էջ 197 - Bohemian .Cheb. кеЬ). the third t. in point of pop. in the kingdom of Bohemia, on the right bank of the river of the same name. It contains a gymnasium, and several other institutions for education. About 3 m. from this place are some warm mineral springs, and an establishment for
Էջ 420 - 16' N. Lat. (almost the whole of the northern boundary runs upon the 42d parallel), and 74° 45' and 80° 30' W. Lon.; bounded on the N. by L. Erie and New York, E. by New York and New Jersey, from which it is separated by the r. Delaware, S. by Maryland and Virginia, and
Էջ 33 - The FLEMISH is so closely allied to the Dutch, that it may be regarded as essentially the same language. FRENCH. XIX. 1. A, in French, is generally considered to have two sounds ; the first long, as in the English word far, eg in
Էջ 35 - when followed by a vowel, or when double, have the same sound as in English ; but when at the end of a word (not immediately followed by another word beginning with a vowel), or when followed by another consonant in the middle of a word, they have what is termed the

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