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TUESDAY, April 6, 1841. Immediately after the decease of the President, Mr. Webster, jr., Chief Clerk in the Department of State, accompanied by Mr. Beall, an officer of the Senate, sat out for the residence of the Vice President, in Virginia, bearing to him the following letter :


Vice President of the United States. Sır: It has become our most painful duty to inform you that William Henry Harrison, late President of the United States, has departed this life.

This distressing event took place this day, at the President's Mansion in this city, at thirty minutes before one in the morning.

We lose no time in despatching the Chief Clerk in the State Department, as a special messenger, to bear you these melancholy tidings.

We have the honor to be, with the highest regard, your obedient servants,


Secretary of State. THOMAS EWING,

Secretary of the Treasury. JOHN BELL,

Secretary of War. JOHN J. CRITTENDEN,

Atlorney General. FRANCIS GRANGER,

Postmaster General.

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Wednesday, prili, 1941By the extraordinary despatch used in sending the cica 12 ligence to the Vice President, at Winansourt and smear des patch by him in repairing to the seat of Governent. Jcas Tre, now President of the Cnited States, arrived as a ressestay morning, at 5 o'clock, and took iedgirgs ai Brow's Hote:

At 12 o'clock, all the Heads of Deparner's, EIGEC De Secte. tary of the Navy, (who has not yet resurred in refren visit to his family,) waited upon him, 9 par. 1 20:15 na 2 personal respects. They were rece sed wide versag asd kindness which characterize the new Pres. - Hesrin deep feeling of the public calamity susared byibe dea't si tres ident Harrison, and expressel bisporcudeteary responsibilities so suddenly desoired upHe coke : the present state of things with great cer. 2.. semes, and made known his wishes that the severa. Heads of Dezerness would continue to fill the places which they werezte. cupy, and his confidence that they would ad ne znies power to enable him to carry on the administrato39 Green ment successfully:

The President then took and subscribed the fa caza de office :

I do solemnly swear, that I wi farina y execute dece of President of the United States, and wil, to the DEX Gr. ay. preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of ice Ursace.

JOHN TILE?. APRIL 6, 1841.

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City and county of Washington, ss: I, William Cranch, Chief Judge of the C.reni: Court of the D.s. trict of Columbia, cerufy, that the above named Join Tyies per sonally appeared before me this day, and, a high he deems nimself qualified to perform the duties, and exercise the powers and office of President on the death of Wuiam Henry Harrison, late President of the United States, without any other oath than thai which he has taken as Vice President, yet, as doubts may arise, and for greater caution, took and subscribed the foregoing cath before me.

W. CRANCH. APRIL 6, 1841.


Election for the Fifteenth term, commencing the 4th March, 1845, and

terminating the 3d March, 1849.

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9 Maine....... 6 New Hampshire.. 12 Massachusetts. 4 Rhode Island & P. Plantations. 6 Connecticut... 6 Vermont... 36 New York..

7 New Jersey: 26 Pennsylvania..

3 Delaware. 8 Maryland.. 17 Virginia....... 11 North Carolina.

9 South Carolina.. 10 Georgia ... 12 Kentucky... 13 Tennessee. 23 Ohio .....

6 Louisiana.. 6 Mississippi. 12 | Indiana. 9 Illinois. 9 Alabama... 7 Missouri ..... 3 Arkansas..

5 Michigan... 275 Whole No. of electors..... Majority..


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James K. Polk, elected President, took the oath of office and entered upon its duties on 4th March, 1845.

George Mifflin Dallas, elected Vice President, attended in Senate and took the oath of office on 4th March, 1845.

Synoptical table of terms of office, and length of service, in the Senate,

ate, and of the Presidents pro

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