Daniel De Foe and Charles Churchill

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Longman, Brown, Green & Longmans, 1855 - 267 էջ

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Էջ 20 - says Benjamin Franklin, describing the little library in his uncle's house, " a book of De Foe's called an Essay on Projects, which perhaps gave me a turn of thinking that had an influence on some of the principal future events of my life.
Էջ 65 - Hail, Hieroglyphic State machine, Contriv'd to punish Fancy in! Men that are men, in thee can feel no pain, And all thy insignificants disdain. Contempt, that false new word for shame, Is, without crime, an empty name. A Shadow to amuse mankind, But ne'er to fright the wise or well-fix'd mind. Virtue despises human scorn!
Էջ 89 - as said. De Foe sent him, in a few days, The True History of the Apparition of one Mrs. Veal, the next day after her Death, to one Mrs. Bargrave, at Canterbury, the 8th of September, 1705. If such a
Էջ 28 - Mr. Wilkes," said Lord Mansfield, "was the pleasantest companion, the politest gentleman } and the best scholar, I ever knew." " His name," said Dr. Johnson, " has been sounded from pole to pole as the phoenix of convivial felicity." More naturally he added: " Jack has a great variety of talk ; Jack is a scholar; and Jack
Էջ 134 - I would say, I hope with comfort, that it is yet well I am so near my journey's end, and am hastening to the place where the weary are at rest, and where the wicked cease to trouble; be it that the passage is rough, and the day stormy. By what way soever
Էջ 64 - awake at Reason's call, Arm'd at all points, bids Scorpion Vengeance pass, And to the mind holds up Reflection's glass, The mind, which starting, heaves the heart-felt groan, And hates that form she knows to be her own. Enough of this. Let private sorrows rest. As to the Public I dare stand the test:
Էջ 14 - Here Havard, all serene, in the same strains Loves, hates, and rages, triumphs, and complains; His easy vacant face proclaim'da heart , Which could not feel emotions, nor impart. With him came mighty Davies. On my life That Davies hath a very pretty wife ! Statesman all over!—In plots famous grown !— He mouths a sentence, as curs mouth a bone.
Էջ 61 - coloured hair, but wears a wig; a hooked nose, a sharp chin, grey eyes, and a large mole near his mouth; owner of the brick and pantile works near Tilbury Fort, in Essex." * But it was not immediately successful. Warrants
Էջ 134 - please to bring me to the end of it, I desire to finish life with this temper of soul in all cases— Te Deum laudamus. May all you do be prosperous, and all you meet with pleasant, and may you both escape the tortures and troubles of
Էջ 37 - He was so proud, that should he meet The twelve Apostles in the street, He'd turn his nose up at them all, And shove his Saviour from, the wall: He was so mean (Meanness and Pride Still go together side by side), That he would cringe, and creep, be civil, And hold a stirrup for the Devil.

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