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I. Lake Bonneville, by G. K. Gilbert. 1890. 4o. xx, 438 pp., 51 pls., 1

map. Price, $1.50. (Out of stock.) II. Tertiary history of the Grand Canyon district, with atlas, by C. E. Dut

ton, captain, U. S. Army. 1882. 4o. xiv, 264 pp., 42 pls. and atlas

of 24 sheets folio. Price, $10. III. Geology of the Comstock lode and the Washoe district, with atlas, by

G. F. Becker. 1882. 4o. xv, 422 pp., 7 pls. and atlas of 21 sheets

folio. Price, $11. IV. Comstock mining and miners, by Eliot Lord. 1883. 4o. xiv, 451 pp.,

3 pls. Price, $1.50. V. The copper-bearing rocks of Lake Superior, by R. D. Irving. 1883. 4o.

xvi, 464 pp., 15 l., 29 pls. and maps. Price, $1.85. (Out of stock.) VI. Contributions to the knowledge of the older Mesozoic flora of Virginia,

by W. M. Fontaine. 1883. 4o. xi, 144 pp., 54 1., 54 pls. Price,

$1.05. VII. Silver-lead deposits of Eureka, Nev., by J. S. Curtis. 1884. 4o. xiii,

200 pp., 16 pls. Price, $1.20. VIII. Paleontology of the Eureka district, by C. D. Walcott. 1884. 4o. xiii,

298 pp., 24 l., 24 pls. Price, $1.10. IX. Brachiopoda and Lamellibranchiata of the Raritan clays and greensand

marls of New Jersey, by R. P. Whitfield. 1885. 4o. xx, 338 pp.,

35 pls., 1 map. Price, $1.15. X. Dinocerata. A monograph of an extinct order of gigantic mammals, by

0. C. Marsh. 1886. 4o. xviii, 243 pp., 56 1., 56 pls. Price, $2.70. XI. Geological history of Lake Lahontan, a Quaternary lake of northwestern

Nevada, by I. C. Rusell. 1885. 4o. xiv, 288 pp., 46 pls. Price,

$1.75. XII, Geology and mining industry of Leadville, Colo., with atlas, by S. F.

Emmons. 1886. 4o. xxix, 770 pp., 45 pls. and atlas of 35 sheets

folio. Price, $8.40. XIII. Geology of the quicksilver deposits of the Pacific slope, with atlas, by

G. F. Becker. 1888. 4o. xix, 486 pp., 7 pls. and atlas of 14 sheets

folio. Price, $2. XIV. Fossil fishes and fossil plants of the Triassic rocks of New Jersey and

the Connecticut Valley, by J. S. Newberry. 1888. 4o. xiv, 152 pp.,

26 pls. Price, $1. - · XV. The Potomac or younger Mesozoic flora, by W. M. Fontaine. 1889.

4o. xiv, 377 pp., 180 pls. Text and plates bound separately. Price,

$2.50. XVI. The Paleozoic fishes of North America, by J. S. Newberry. 1889. 4°.

340 pp., 53 pls. Price, $1. XVII. The flora of the Dakota group, a posthumous work, by Leo Lesquereux.

Edited by F. H. Knowlton. 1891. 4o. 400 pp., 66 pls. Price, $1.10. XVIII. Gasteropoda and Cephalopoda of the Raritan clays and greensand marls

of New Jersey, by R. P. Whitfield. 1891. 4°. 402 pp., 50 pls.

Price, $1.

XIX. The Penokee iron-bearing series of northern Wisconsin and Michigan,

by R. D. Irving and C. R. Van Hise. 1892. 4o. xix, 534 pp., 37 pls.

Price, $1.70.
XX. Geology of the Eureka district, Nevada, with an atlas, by Arnold Hague.

1892. 4o. xvii, 419 pp., 8 pls. Price, $5.25.
XXI. The Tertiary rhynchophorous Coleoptera of the United States, by S. H.

Scudder. 1893. 4o. xi, 206 pp., 12 pls. Price, 90 cents. XXII. A manual of topographic methods, by Henry Gannett, chief topographer.

1893. 4o. xiv, 300 pp., 18 pls. Price, $1. XXIII. Geology of the Green Mountains in Massachusetts, by Raphael Pumpelly,

T. N. Dale, and J. E. Wolff. 1894. 4o. xiv, 206 pp., 23 pls. Price,

$1.30. XXIV. Mollusca and Crustacea of the Miocene formations of New Jersey, by

R. P. Whitfield. 1894. 4°193 pp., 24 pls. Price, 90 cents.
XXV. The Glacial Lake Agassiz, by Warren Upham. 1895. 4o. xxiv, 658

pp., 38 pls. Price, $1.70. XXVI. Flora of the Amboy clays, by J. S. Newberry; a posthumous work,

edited by Arthur Hollick. 1895. 4°. 260 pp., 58 pls. Price, $1. XXVII. Geology of the Denver Basin in Colorado, by S. F. Emmons, Whitman

Cross, and G. H. Eldridge. 1896. 4o. 556 pp., 31 pls. Price, $1.50. XXVIII. The Marquette iron-bearing district of Michigan, with atlas, by C. R.

Van Hise and W. S. Bayley, including a chapter on the Republic trough, by H. L. Smyth. 1895. 4°. 608 pp., 35 pls. and atlas of 39

sheets folio. Price, $5.75. XXIX. Geology of old Hampshire County, Mass., comprising Franklin, Hamp

shire, and Hampden counties, by B. K. Emerson. 1898. 4o. xxi,

790 pp., 35 pls. Price, $1.90. XXX. Fossil Medusæ, by C. D. Walcott. 1898. 4°. ix, 201 pp., 47 pls.

Price, $1.50. XXXI. Geology of the Aspen mining district, Colorado, with atlas, by J. E.

Spurr. 1898. 4°. XXXV, 260 pp., 43 pls. and atlas of 30 sheets folio.

Price, $3.60. XXXII. Geology of the Yellowstone National Park, Part II, descriptive geology,

petrography, and paleontology, by Arnold Hague, J. P. Iddings, W. H. Weed, C. D. Walcott, G. H. Girty, T. W. Stanton, and F. H.

Knowlton. 1899. 4o. xvii, 893 pp., 121 pls. Price $2.45. XXXIII, Geology of the Narragansett Basin, by N. S. Shaler, J. B. Woodworth,

and A. F. Foerste. 1899. 4o. xx, 402 pp., 31 pls. Price, $1. XXXIV. The glacial gravels of Maine and their associated deposits, by G. H.

Stone. 1899. 4o. xiii, 499 pp., 52 pls. Price, $1.30. XXXV. The later extinct floras of North America, by J. S. Newberry; edited by

Arthur Hollick. 1898. 4o. xviii, 295 pp., 68 pls. Price, $1.25. XXXVI. The Crystal Falls iron-bearing district of Michigan, by J. M. Clements

and H. L. Smyth; with a chapter on the Sturgeon River tongue, by W. S. Bayley, and an introduction by C. R. Van Hise. 1899. 4°.

xxxvi, 512 pp., 53 pls. Price, $2. XXXVII. Fossil flora of the Lower Coal Measures of Missouri, by David White.

1899. 4o. xi, 467 pp., 73 pls. Price, $1.25. XXXVIII. The Illinois glacial lobe, by Frank Leverett. 1899. 4o. xxi, 817 pp.,

24 pls. Price, $1.60. XXXIX. The Eocene and Lower Oligocene coral faunas of the United States, with

descriptions of a few doubtfully Cretaceous species, by T. W. Vaughan. 1900. 4o. 263 pp., 24 pls. Price, $1.10.

XL. Adephagous and clavicorn Coleoptera from the Tertiary deposits at

Florissant, Colo., with descriptions of a few other forms and a systematic list of the nonrhynchophorous Tertiary Coleoptera of North America, by S. H. Scudder. 1900. 4o. 148 pp., 11 pls. Price, 80

cents. XLI. Glacial formations and drainage features of the Erie and Ohio basins, by

Frank Leverett. 1902. 4°. 802 pp., 26 pls. Price, $1.75. XLII. Carboniferous ammonoids of America, by J. P. Smith. 1903. 4o. 211

pp., 29 pls. Price, 85 cents. XLIII. The Mesabi iron-bearing district of Minnesota, by C. K. Leith. 1903.

4o. 316 pp., 33 pls. Price, $1.50. XLIV. Pseudoceratites of the Cretaceous, by Alpheus Hyatt, edited by T. W.

Stanton. 1903. 4o. 351 pp., 47 pls. Price, $1.
XLV. The Vermilion iron-bearing district of Minnesota, with atlas, by J. M.

Clements. 1903. 4o. 463 pp., 13 pls. and atlas of 26 sheets folio.

Price, $3.50. XLVI. The Menominee iron-bearing district of Michigan, by W. S. Bayley.

1904. 4o. 513 pp., 43 pls. Price, $1.75. In preparation:

XLVII. A treatise on metamorphism, by C. R. Van Hise.

PROFESSIONAL PAPERS. 1. Preliminary report on the Ketchikan mining district, Alaska, with an introduc

tory sketch of the geology of southeastern Alaska, by A. H. Brooks. 1902.

4o. 120 pp., 2 pls. 2. Reconnaissance of the northwestern portion of Seward Peninsula, Alaska, by

A. J. Collier. 1902. 4°. 70 pp., 11 pls. 3. Geology and petrography of Crater Lake National Park, by J. S. Diller and

H. B. Patton. 1902. 4o. 167 pp., 19 pls. 4. The forests of Oregon, by Henry Gannett. 1902. 4o. 36 pp., 7 ple. 5. The forests of Washington, a revision of estimates, by Henry Gannett. 1902.

4o. 38 pp., 1 pl. 6. Forest conditions in the Cascade Range, Washington, between the Washington

and Mount Rainier forest reserves, by F. G. Plummer. 1902. 4o. 42 pp., 11 pls. 7. Forest conditions in Olympic Forest Reserve, Washington, from notes by A.

Dodwell and T. F. Rixon. - 1902. 4o. 110 pp., 20 pls. 8. Forest conditions in the northern Sierra Nevada, California, by J. B. Leiberg.

1902. 4°. 194 pp., 12 pls. 9. Forest conditions in Cascade Range Forest Reserve, by A. D. Langille, F. G.

Plummer, A. Dodwell, T. F. Rixon, and J. B. Leiberg, with introduction by

Henry Gannett. 1903. 4°. 298 pp., 41 pls. 10. Reconnaissance from Fort Hamlin to Kotzebuc Sound, Alaska, by way of Dall,

Kanuti, Allen, and Kowak rivers, by W. C. Mendenhall. 1902. 4°. 68 pp.,

10 pls. 11. Clays of the United States east of the Mississippi River, by Heinrich Ries. 1903.

4o. 298 pp., 9 pls. 12. Geology of the Globe copper district, Arizona, by F. L. Ransome. 1903. 4°.

168 pp., 27 pls. 13. Drainage modifications in southeastern Ohio and adjacent parts of West Virginia

. and Kentucky, by W. G. Tight. 1903. 4o. 111 pp., 17 pls. 14. Chemical analyses of igneous rocks, published from 1884 to 1900, with a critical

discussion of the character and use of analyses, by H. S. Washington. 1903.

4o. 495 pp.. 15. Mineral resources of the Mount Wrangell district, Alaska, by W. C. Mendenhall

and F. C. Schrader. 1903. 4°. 71 pp., 10 pls. 16. Carboniferous formations and faunas of Colorado, by G. H. Girty. 1903. 4°.

546 pp., 10 pls. 17. Preliminary report on the geology and water resources of Nebraska west of the

one hundred and third meridian, by N. H. Darton. 1903. 4o. 69 pp., 42 pls. 18. Chemical composition of igneous rocks expressed by means of diagrams, with

reference to rock classification on a quantitative chemico-mineralogical basis,

by J. P. Iddings. 1903. 4o. 98 pp., 8 pls. 19. Contributions to the geology of Washington, geology and physiography of Cen

tral Washington, by G. 0. Smith; physiography and deformation of the Wenatchee Chelan district, Cascade Range, by Bailey Willis. 1903. 4°.

101 pp., 7 pls. 20. A reconnaissance in northern Alaska across the Rocky Mountains, along Koyukuk,

John, Anaktuyuk, and Colville rivers, and the Arctic coast to Cape Lisburne, in 1901, by F. C. Schrader, with notes by W. J. Peters. 1904. 4o. 139 pp., 16 pls.


In preparation:

21. . Geology and ore deposits of the Bisbee quadrangle, Arizona, by F. L. Ran


22. Forest conditions in the San Francisco Mountains Forest Reserve, Arizona,

by J. B. Leiberg, T. F. Rixon, and A. Dodwell, with an introduction by

F. G. Plummer. 23. Forest conditions in the Black Mesa Forest Reserve, Arizona, prepared by

F. G. Plummer, from notes by T. F. Rixon and Arthur Dodwell. 24. Zinc and lead deposits of northern Arkansas, by G. I. Adams, assisted by

A. H. Purdue and E. F. Burchard. 25. Copper deposits of the Encampment quadrangle, Wyoming, by A. C. Spencer. 26. Economic resources of the nothern Black Hills, by J. D. Irving, with chap

ters by S. F. Emmons and T. A. Jaggar, jr. 27. Geological reconnaissance across the Bitterroot Range and the Clearwater

Mountains in Montana and Idaho, by Waldemar Lindgren. 28. The superior analyses of igneous rocks from Roth's Tabellen, 1869 to 1884,

arranged according to the quantitative system of classification, by H. S.

Washington. 29. Forest conditions in the Absaroka division of the Yellowstone Forest Reserve,

by J. B. Leiberg. 30. Forest conditions in the Little Belt Mountains Forest Reserve and the Little

Belt Mountains quadrangle, Montana, by J. B. Leiberg. 31. Preliminary report on the geology of the Arbuckle and Wichita mountains,

by J. A. Taff, with an appendix on reported ore deposits of the Wichita

Mountains, by H. Foster Bain. . - Darien lobe of the Lake Michigan glacier of the late Wisconsin stage of

glaciation and associated phenomena, by W. C. Alden. - Geology and underground water resources of the Central Great Plains, by

N. H. Darton. – The Triassic Cephalopod genera of America, by Alphus Hyatt and J. P. Smith.

The southern Appalachian forests, by H. B. Ayers and W. W. Ashe. — Forest conditions in the Lincoln Forest Reserve, New Mexico, by F. G. Plum

mer and M. G. Gowsell.

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