The Italo-Albanian Villages of Southern Italy

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Since ancient times, various peoples have settled in southern Italy: ancient Greeks, Byzantine Greeks, Arabs, Waldenses, and Albanians. Of hese, only the Albanians have survived as an ethnic group. Aside from minor troubles and suspicions, they have lived rather peacefully in southern Italy for nearly 500 years. Some ItaloAlbanian villages have lost their Albanian characteristics; others, while considerably Italianized, still retain recognizable Albanian traits. The villages retaining Albanian characteristics are situated in Calabria, Lucania and northwestern Sicily, in remote, mountainous regions which are just beginning to be reached through modern means of transportation and communication. To a large extent the Italo-Albanian of southern Italy follows the Italian way of life. There has been some intermingling and even intermarriage. His towns, dwellings, agricultural practices, food, clothing, and economy resemble those of the Italians. Within his village, however, he has been able to speak Albanian, maintain the Greek religious rite, glorify his own heroes, hold his own festivals, retain some customs, and perpetuate the folklore of his ancestors. (Author).

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