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the use of great guns, made a very suitable speech to this very valuable body of men on the present situation of affairs, '(the combined ficets having escaped through the Straits,) when the whole, 130 in number, gave three chcers, and volunteered in case of emergency to serve on board any of his Majesty's ships at this port.

25. Wind N. W. Fair. Arrived the Havick sloop of war, Capt. Bartholo. mew, with the Hedwin, Rosenzen, from Alneria, bound to Hamburgh. Passcd up a slonp of war with a convoy, supposed to be from Cork. Arrived from Torbay, the Bellona 74 guns, w.ontague 74, and Marlborough 74; they came to in Cawsand Bay.

26. Wind N. E. Cloudy with rain. Arrived from a cruize, the Indefatigable, 44 guns, Hon. Captain Curzon, and Voltigern sloop of war, Captain Shortiand.

27. Wind S. W. Rainy. In dock refitting, the St. Joseph, 110 guns, and Bedford 74, for a prison ship. In Cawsand Bay, Namur 98 guns, WindsorCastle 38, Gibraltar 84, Warrior 74, Edgar 74, Marlborough 74, Triumpla 74, Director 64. In the Sound, Diamond, 38 guns, Magnanime 44, Ethalion 38, Nymph 36, Stag 36, Inconstant troop-ship; Sylph 18, Havick 18, and ilandovi 18. Arrived from Cork, the Kangaroo 18 guns, Captain Brace, in which came passenger on leave of absence, that very active officer J. Dunstenville, Elq agent vicłualler for his Majesty's ships and vessels at the Cove of Cork.

27. Wind Variable. Letters from Torbay, state the arrival there of the Right Hon. Farl . pencer, (First Lord of the Admiralty,) in a private capacity. His lordship was received with a salute of 11 guns, ships all manned; his Lordship lasi evening, took his passage for Weymouth, in the Triton frigate, Captain Gore. Arrived from Torbay, the Terrible, 74 guns.

28. Wind Variable. Arrived the (lyde frigate, Captain Cunningham, with her prize La Vestale, 36 guns, and 235 mer, Citoyen Gaspard ; La Vestale and her consort La Sagesse, 30 guns, and 175 men, fell in with the Clyde, off Rochfort, and chased her some time : when the Clyde tacked and stood after, La Vestale, (her consort La Sagesse making off,) Captain Cunningham brough La Vestale to action in a very seamanlike manner, giving a broadside and receiving La Vestale's broadside. The Clyde then shot ahead, and la Vestale endeavouring to run her on board, she now gave La Vestale a complete broadside through her starboard bow; after fifteen minutes close fighting, La Vestale struck; but the crew firing 3 guns after the colours were down, so enraged the Clyde's people, that they gave her what they called a proper dose, when the Frenchmen cried for quarters, which was granted them.-La Vestale was the same frigate which engaged off Vigo and struck to the Terpsichore, 32 guns, then commanded by the lamented Captain R. Bowen (who fell at Teneriffe). After having a iieutenant and 20 men put on board her, the French Captain then re-hoisted his colours and ran into Vigo and escaped. The Clyde had 2 killed and 4 wounded; La Vestale 10 killed and 23 wounded.

29. Wind S. E. Fair. Arrived from a cruize, the Urania 44 guns, Captain Tawny. She dodged 6 French frigates out of Brest, as far as the sle of Oieron, when chcy se; arated into two divisions and steered different courses. Arrived the Louisa hired armed brig from a cruize.

30. Wind S. W. Fair. Arrived with timber for the yard from Christiana, the Prince Frederick, Schaw-Anna Catharina, Halft, with ditto, from Dram.Came in a convoy from the Downs. This afternoon, the French prisoners from la Vestale were landed in the Mill Bay, and conducted to the Mill prison.

31. Wind N. W'. Fair. Went up the harbour La Vestale 36 guns, prize to the Clyde 36 guas. Arrived the Danish ship Denmark, Kalten, from the Havannah, bound to Hamburgh, laden with sugar, coffce, indigo, and cotton; supposed spanish property, sent in by Constitution cutter. Sailed for Newfoundland, the Agincourt 64 guns; and for Belfast, to convoy the valuable Linen ships for the Downs, the Spitfire 24 guns, Captain Seymour ; as the convoy is ready, she is not to anchor.


September 1. Wind N. W. Fair. Arrived from Torbay, Urania, 44 gans, Captain Towry, and the Louisi, 14 guns, from a cruize. The nien of war in Cais sand Bay, began stripping to set up their ringing The Namur, yg guns, Captaini uke, has orders to go into harbour to refit.

2. Wind N. W. Fair. This morning at seven, the Union flag was hoisted at Maker Tower, as a signal for the fleet under i ord Pric port being in sight. ut twelve at noon, the whole fluet passed the port, 42 sail of the line and a cloud of frigates and cutters.

3. liind N. W'. Fair. Le Renard, 13 guns, is commissioned and the com. mand given to

Spicer, Esq of Saltash. The large Swedish ship with masts, prize to the Fishguard, 48 guns, Captain Martin, which was stranded and bilged under the Hoe a few weeks since, was weighed this afternoon hy means of empty casks, and floated in the lool; Mr. Gillet civil izgineer to the Board of Ordnance, began this tide to clear the rocks preparatory to laying the foundation of the new Pier on the eastern side of ution Pool, for the security of the shipping in gales of wind at s. and S. Wi pursuant to the orders of Government.

4. Wind E. Fair. Arrived from Portsmouth to riit, thc Princess Royal, 98 guis, she is very leáky. Also from Guernsey, Fanny lugger, Russ, from a


5. Wind E. Tair. Arrived the Betsy, Singleton, cartel) from Mcrlair; she brings no news of iniportance but that a frig, name unknown, prize to a French privateer, with salt, had arrived at Viorlaix.

6. Wind E. Fair. This furenvon, purounit to general orders, all the troops, 65 in number, fred 3 vellies in honour cithe ricores in Holland and surrender of the Dutch fleet. The gans of the citadel tired 21 guns. The royal Sundard and ancient Dutch colours were displayed in the shipping and public offices. The different corps wore Orange ribbons in compliment to the Stadt. holder and Prince of Orange.--drrived the Mary, Smith, from Memel, with timber. London Pacquet, A. S. Lieutenant Fegan, with a convoy from the Downs. Danse, 24 guns, Lieutenant Proby from a cruize.

7. Wind E. Fair. Passed by the westward the outward bound F. Iodia, Newsoundland, West India, Oporto and Lisbon fleets, with a fair wind. Arrived the sophia, Chanto Hu, from Stockholm, with timber for the duck-yard; Sylph sluop of war from a cruize.

8, Wind E. Fair. Arrived the Black Jole lugrer, Lieutenant Nicholenn, from Lord Brilyurt's fleet, which she left all well off Brest on the oth. The Boadicea and Amelia frigates fell in with a convoy of 18 sail from Rechiert, for Brest, near the Passage du Raz, all of which they burnt and destroyed, except a brig of 6 guns, which was brought off. A French squadron stood out to protect them, but on the approach of Rear Admiral Sir j. B. Warren and his squadron, they retired into Brest. Sir J. B. Warren was on the lock-out for the 5 sail of Spanish men of war which convoyed the above store-ships ; but the Spaniards were to windward when the Black joke left the fleet.

9. Wind E. Fair. Arrived the Fishguard, 48 guns. Captain T. P. Martin, from a cruize of cleven wecks. Also the Amelia, 48 guns, Hon. C. Herbert, with a French armed brig, wiih naval stores, one of the French fleet. Sailed with dispatches for lord Bridport, the Sylph, 18 guns, Captain Dashwood. Mert down into the Sourd the Mars, 74 guns, Roar Admiral Berkeley, Captain onhion. Arrived Le Voltigeur, 18 guna, Captain Shortland, from a


10. Wind N. Cloudy. Arrived this morning, with dispatches from I ord Priilport, the lowey cutter, Lieutenant Lerhy; she left the flert all well last Sunday off Prest, 42 sail of the line and 11 fiigites. She brought passenger (apeain lihite of the ivegara fire-ship, made a l osCaptain. Arrived from Tirbay with provisions, a store hip; the Lascelles, hireil East-India man, disted as an arnied transport. Cüptain E. Britler, Commandant of the South Devon ea-Fencibles, is appointed to the command of the Edgar, 74 guns, in Cawsand Lay. Sailed on a cruize the Kangarco, 18 guns, Captain Bartholomew.


11. Wind S. E. Fair. Arrived the Plymouth lugger, Licutenant Eliot,' Erom a cruize. Came in the Barwell East-indiaman (fron Botany Bay, Otaheite, and Canton, with teas, &c.) Captain Cameron ; she brought several passengers, amongst which was Mr. Reddish, with dispatches for Government from Governor Hunter, with which he set off cxpress for Mr. Dundas. The Barwell sailed from St. Helena the 6th July, with the Tellichery, Armenian, and Triton East-Indiamen, under convoy of the Cornwallis of 18 guns, and parted company the 24th ult. off the Western Islands. The Triton had on board 400 French prisoner When the Barwell left the Cape it was confidently asserted that Commodore Losack had succeeded in destroying the small remains of the French naval force in India. It appears that, from some irregular conduct, the greater part of the Missionaries at Otaheite had been driyen off the island, and were landed at Port Jackson, where Governor Hunter had given them a settlement; but that four remained behind, and were gone into the interior.

12. Wind N. W. Showery. Arrived the Prussian galliot Vrow Hillegunda, with wines and brandies from Bourdeaux to Hamburgh, seat in by the Swan cutter.

13. Wind N. W. Fair. Sailed to join Lord Bridport off Brest, the Triumph, 74 guns, Rear Admiral Collingswood, Bellona 74, Mars 74, Rear Admiral Berkely, Terrible 74, Ethalion and Stag frigates. Also the Parwell Fast-Indiaman, Captain Cameron, for the river, with the Voltigeur, 18 guns, Captain Shortland, as a convoy.

14. Wind variable, Fair. The Bedford, 74 guns, so much mauled the glo. rious IIth of Odober 1797, fitted up as a Prison Ship; and La Conqucrart, 7t, captured the 1st August 1799, is to be fitted up as a Convalescent Ship, to lic w the Nore.

15. Wind E S. E. Fair. Came in the Ranger cutter from the Texel. By her is learnt, numbers of our brave men were drowned in the surf near Hels der, from too great impatienee to get on shore. In consequence of the glorious news of the taking of Seringapatam and the death of Tippoo Saib arriving here, Messrs. Birdwood, agents to the Hon. East-India Company, huisted the Company's colours.

16. Wind S. W. N. and rain. Arrived the Doris, 36 guns, Lord Ranelagh, from Lord Bridport, which she left all well last Saturday off Brest. By her. is learnt that the s Spanish men of war which were chased by Rear Admiral Sir J. B. Warren had escaped, and were arrived safe in the port of Ferrol, from which pore they sailed about four months since to join the combined fleets.

17. Wind S. E. Hard rain in torrents. News from I a Volage, 24 gur:s, dated off the Havannah 14th July last, state, that the British squadron, 2 of the line, 4 frigates, and La Volage, had been very fortunate in taking mang prizes, as this little squadron a&ually blocked up the harbour of the Havannali, and taken a number of vessels in sight of the Spanish squadron, 4 of the line and 6 frigates, who have not made the least attempt to come out.

18. Wind S. Cloudy. Sailed La Nymphe, 32 guns, Captain Frazer, to join Lord Bridport's fleet. Arrived from the Straits the 'Ihctis. The island of Minorca was very healthy.

19. Wind S. W, Fair. Letters received by the Thetis from his Majesty's ship Alexander, 74 guns, Captain Ball, dated off Malta the 7th August, state, that the French garrison must surrender soon, as they were reduced to great Straits for want of provisions, being obliged to live on horse flesh. Arrived from off Brest the Prince Frederick, 64 guns, Captain Hall.

20. Wind S. W. Showery. The Union Flag was hoisted at Maker Tower for Lord Bridport's fleet, which passed the port for Torbay at 10 A M. except the following ships, which anchored in Cawsand Bay, viz. Mars, 74 guns, . Kaby 64, Agamemnon 64, and Raisonable 64. Passed up a very large eet, but they kept so large an offing that no incelligence could be got of them.

. Wind S. £ Cloudy. dol, II.

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COURT-MARTIAL ON CAPTAIN JENKINS. August 28. On Monday last a Court was assembled on board his Majesty's ship Gladiator, in this harbour, for the trial of Captain HENRY JENKINS, lace of the Ambuscade, his officers and ship's company, for the loss and capture of the said ship, in an action with the enemy in December last.

'The Court was composed of President Vice-Admiral Sir Roger Curtis, Bart. i Captains Russel, Knight, Faulkner, Stopford, Pickmore, Mitchell, Fraser, Graves, Larcum, Blackwood, Morres, and Burlton.

After three days of the most minute examination and enquiry, the Court pronounced the acquittal of Captain Jenkins and his officers, for having their ship captured, which was occasioned by a most rapid succession of unfortunate events :--by having the mizen-mast carried away by the enemy's bowsprit - by the wheel being rendered useless, and the tiller ropes broken by the bursting of a gun, which wounded 11 men-by the blowing up of some powder and cartridges, which blow out the stern of the ship, carried away the jolly-boat which was hung over it, and wounding seven men-by the Captain being most dangerously wounded, an: curricd below-by the First Lieutenant being killed, also the Master and a men--by the Lieutenant of Marines being twice wound. ed, together with 39 men-by the ship being on fire-by the explosion of the powder and cartridges by the ad Lieutenant being away in a prize, with several mion, and the ship already being many short of her complement.

After paying a just tribute to part of the ship's company, for their heroic erertions, particularly Mr. Penny, a Midshipman, about 15 years old, the Court passed some censure on the other part of the crew, for not having shewn thac intrepidity, so deservedly the characi cristic of British scamen, and so conspicuously shown by some of their own men, Mahony, Hodgfon, and a few others I ut as the evidences could not well establish those who did not behave well, and the Court fearful of involving the innocent with the guilty, acquitted the whole ship's company. Poor Captain Jenkins, from the dreadful wound he received, looked extremely ill. All those who heard the trial were happy to hear him acquitted, and considered the sentence a very proper and jus: one.

Sept. 3.—Sailed the Phæton frigate, Captain Stopford, with Lord Elgin and his suite on board, for Constantinople.

SEPT. 6-This morning sailed from St. Helen's for the Cape of Good Hope, the Lancaster, 64 guns, Vice-Admiral Sir Roger Curtis, with the Pitt, Queen, Highland Lass, and Rambler store-ships, and the Houghton East Indiaman. Sailcd also with the Lancaster, the Penclope frigate, Capiain Blackwood, with the Lisbon, Gibraltar, and Mediterranean trade; the Diana, Captain Fraser, and Calypso, Captain Garret, with the West India trade; the Andromache, Capt. Laurie. and Venus, Captain Graves, with the American trade. In the morn. ing sailed the Excellent, of 74 guns, Captain Stopford, and the Impregrable of 90 guns, Captain Faulknor, to join the Channel feet, and at noon the fly sloop on a cruize; also sailed the Forpoise storeship, for Botany Bay, with Governor King and family. These men of war and most valuable fleets of merchantmen, went down Channel with a fine brecze directly fair

SEPT, 17—This day arrived the Serpent sloop of war, with about twenty sail, of honneward-bound West India ships. They sailed from Port Antonio with the Regulus, Admiral Bligh, and about one hundred and twenty sail of ships, but sparated in a calm the 19th ult. About twenty sail are gone up St. George's Channel, having been taken under convoy of the Galatea frigate, off Cape Clear, and about seven or eight sail are gone by to the Downs: thirty sail or thereabouts quitted the feet for America ; and the remainder, under the convoy of the Regulus, are hourly expected. - The Porpoise storeship, bound to Botany ray, having on board Governor Phillips, and Mr. Commissary Palmer and his family, which sailed with the Lancaster, about ten days ago, this day put back, having sprung her rudder,

19. This day arrived the Repulse, of 64 guns, Captain Alms, from the Channel Fleet; also the Concord frigate, with Vice-Admiral Harvey on board, from the West Indies. Vice-Admiral Harvey, though it blew a hurricane, came a-shore as soon as the Concord dropped anchor, and waited on Admiral Milbank.- Arrived the Snake sloop, from Marcou, where she had carried a great number of arms, and a large quantity of ordnance stores.- Passed by, for the Downs, the Regulus, of 44 guns, with Vice-Admiral Bligh on board ; and Favourite sloop, with a convoy from the West Indies.


BOMBAY, JAN, 10. ON Thursday last, the Honourable Company's cruiser Drake, Captain Bond, which had sailed hence on the 18th of October, returned from Madagascar, where she executed her commission in the delivery of the presents from the Company to the King of Baba, for his hospitality to the crew of a ship belonging to this port, which was lately wrecked off the south east end of the island. At the time of Captain Bond's arrival off the coast of Madagascar, the King of Baba was a few days journey distant ; a messenger, however, was dispatched with the information, and an officer in the cutter deputed up the river to meet him. On the 7th of November, the King came down, and received the presents in the midst of his Nobles, with all the pageantry of a Court. It was a long time before he could be made to understand the object of the expedition ; nor could he then conceal his surprize that the Company should have thought it necessary to send him a remuneration for exercising what he conceived the common duties of hospitality. More than once he enquired of Captain Bond, wbeiber, among the number of those who had shared bis proteciion, be had a relation, or friend. Upon receiving an answer in the negative, he unafiectedly replied,

Tben wherefore have you come tbus far, and taken so much trouble ?" At length he was made sensible that the English owned themselves indebted to his hospitality, and in the presents which had been delivered had acknowledged the obligation.– A smile might be raised at the expence of the barbarous manners of his Majesty's court. I'wo customs are very singular: the one of making a throne of the knees of two women, who, each hending one knee upon the earth to support thenisalves, project the other as a seat for bis Majesty'

. The second is, the mode in which the King mounted and descended the sides of the ship when he embarked from curiosity on board the Drake, which was always upon the back of one of bis Lords in Waiting!

EAST INDIA SHIPPING. Sept. 20. A Court of Directors was held at the East India House, when the under-mentioned Ships were taken up for the season 1799, and stationed as follow :




1198 Capt. Thomas Lushington.

1 200

Thomas Robertson.

1 200

Alexander Grey.
Earl Talbot

1 200

J. H. Dempster. ST. HELENA, BENCOOLEN, AND CHINA. Arniston

1200 Capt. C. Majoribanks.


1200 Capt. George Stevens. Exeter or Brunswick

1200 Queen

800 Now Ship

800 William Taylor Money.

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