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gradual emancipation of the Negroes, and the means of giving thema religious and industrious education.

Trrle XIV. Of general Regulations. Regulations are provided respecting the privileges of Foreignen; the rights of Individuals of all Classes, and the eligibility of Persus to hold Offices of publick trust. Title XV. Of the Constitution and its recision.

The revisal of any part of the Constitution is provided for, whe two-thirds of each hall of the Constitution shall, in three successor Legislatures, vote for the alteration of an article.


Note—Another “Project of Constitution for the Empire of Brui prepared in the Council of State, on the Bases presented by H. Imperial Majesty,” dated 11th December, 1823, was finally sanctio by the Emperor on the 25th March, 1826. [See vol. 1825, 18: Page 936.]

LA W of Buenos Ayres, relative to the Principle to be main. tained in any Negociation with Brazil, respecting to Banda Oriental; passed in the Secret Sitting of loi May, 1822. (Translato

Principle recognized by the State of Buenos Ayres.

The Honourable Junta having received through the Ministry Government and Foreign Affairs, the confidential letter of his Ms. Faithful Majesty's first Minister of State, dated Lisbon, Noveme 3d, addressed to the Minister for Finance for this Government, who was forwarded to him by the Baron de la Laguna, with anotherlete serving for its transmission, dated the 15th ultimo, have conferre with due deliberation, in the sittings of the 8th and 10th, on the par ticulars therein contained, and in virtue thereof have decreed theft. lowing Articles:–

I. The principle is recognized, that the attempt to destroy such Constitutions and Governments as do not emanate from the pos. leous will of those who, on the ground of privilege, consider themves exclusively authorized to give justice to, or withhold it from ions, is subversive of every National right. II. The Government is authorized to negotiate, in maintenance this principle, the Defensive Alliance suggested by the Prime mister of His Most Faithful Majesty, in his confidential communion to the Minister of Finance, dated the 3d of November last. III. The preliminaries being adjusted (among which, the evacuaof the Banda Oriental shall be particularly included), the Governit shall present an account thereof to the National Representation, btain that full authority which the conclusion and ratification of a nitive treaty requires. The above is by order of the Honourable Junta communicated to ! Excellency for your information, and its consequent execution. God preserve your Excellency many Years. ! of Sessions, Buenos Ayres, 10th May, 1822. JUAN JOSE PASO, President. JOSE SEVERO MALAVIA, secretary. Government of the Province. blished by authority of the Hall of Representatives, 7th July, 1823. Rivadavia.

'P' of Buenos Ayres, relative to the Basis of any Negociation mith Spain.—19th June, 1823. (Translation.)

of every Negociation that may be entered into with His Catholick Majesty. He Honourable Junta of Representatives of the Province, in * of the ordinary and extraordinary sovereignty vested in them, sanctioned the following Articles, which are to have the force and of a Law. RT. I. The Government, in conformity with the spirit of the Law, August 16th, 1822,” shall not conclude with His Catholick Majesty 'reaties of Neutrality, Peace or Commerce, unless the War have H in all the new States of the American Continent, and their 2ndence be recognized. . The preceding Article shall have no effect in case any of the tates should, independently of this State, proceed to negociate

an of the 16th August, 1822.-Art. I. The Government is authorized to

ite for the cessation of the War in Peru, with the previous concurrence

jeople of the Ancient Union, and of the States of Chili and Lima. The Government is authorized to adopt such pacifick measures as may

e to the restoration of tranquillity and order amongst the People of the

t Union, who are agitated by civil dissensions. The Government shall be provided, forthwith, with the sum of 30,000 in furtherance of these objects.

on the subject of its recognition by the Government of His Catholick Majesty, or in case, without taking such a step, it should recognize any condition other than those specified in that Article. III. The Government shall immediately employ all means who it may deem efficacious for accelerating the cessation of the War, and the recognition of independence. IV. The Government is authorised to apply, for the present, to sum of 20,000 dollars to this end. The above is, by order of this honourable body, transmitted a your Excellency, for your information and its fulfilment. God preserve your Excellency many Years. Hall of Assembly, Buenos Ayres, June 19th, 1823. MANUEL DE ARROYO Y PINED0, Presid: JOSE SEVERO MALAVIA, Secretary. The Government of the Province.

STATEMENT of the Receipt and Earpenditure of the Pro vince of Buenos Ayres for the Year 1822.


doil. Rls. Doll o Balance left from 1821................ 7,353 Custom House......................... 1,987,199 3 Sundries.......................... ...... 229,307 5 Stamps........ --------------------------- 74,789 2 Tithes..................... ............... 51,870 3 Port Duties. . . . . . . . .................. 35.303 5 Direct Taxes............................ 23,210 0 Post office............................. 6,561 5

2,40828 Thirty-six bills not due................ 91,301 7 Deposits........................... ------ 12,193 2


Dollars 2,519,094

expenditure. Dolls. Ris. Dolls. * Interest on part of the publick debt

consolidated......................... 326,890 1 Do. do. not consolidated.............. 316,901 2 — 643,791 Expenses of Government............. 446,140 2 Do. of Finance......................... 264,187 2 Po. of War.............................. 843,935 6

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Sums in hand transferred to the Year 1823.

Treasury.................... -------------- 414 l
Receiver's Office........... ------------- 223,588 6
Police................ ------------------- - 3,727 5
Commissariat....................... ----- 2,240 4
Funds of 4 and 6 per Cent. intrinsic
value................................. *29,737 7
Remittances for Copper Money...... 44,680 4
Allied Provinces, Balances in Ac-
count-----------------------.......... 16,649 6

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Sums due in favour of the State ........................ 321,039 2 Bills and Deposits payable thereby................... 103,498 I

Net balance in favour of the State...... ... Dollars 217,541 0 * Besides the publick funds above-mentioned, there are other sums he Receiver's Office, in specie, which will be entered in the great t in the current Year, and exhibited in the statement for January, actual amount of which is 52,444 dollars, 74 rials, which increases surplus to 269,985 dollars, 74 rials. nos Ayres, January 23, 1823. SANTIAGO WILDE.

Let the above be published.

CREE of the Supreme Director of Chili, transferring * Government to a Provisional Junta.-28th January, 1823. (Translation.) ['HE Authorities of the People of this Capital having assembled orday to deliberate with the Supreme Director, upon what was rete for the publick tranquillity, the Session ended with the folng Decree, issued by His Excellency. Believing that, under the existing circumstances, tranquillity may be red to the Country, by my giving up the Supreme Command of the e, and having agreed upon this point with the People of Santiago, only step which could have that effect in the present crisis, I have ved to abdicate the Supreme Direction of Chile, and to surrender rovisional exercise to a Junta of Government, composed of Don stin Eyzaguirre, Don José Miguel Infante, and Don Fernando zuris, considering that there does not at present exist a National resentation before whom my renunciation can be made, and which said Junta of Government will endeavour to assemble with all dish; it being understood that if, at the expiration of 6 months the difficulties which the Provinces of the State may have amongst them. selves be not settled, the Junta of Government shall be at an end, in order that the People of Santiago may deliberate upon what is bes to be done. And in order that it may know what are its attributes and powen the Commission proposed to me by the People, consisting of Do Juan Egaña, Dor. Don Bernardo Vera, and Don Joaquin Campo will proceed to form a Regulation for fixing them. Let it be printed, published, and circulated. Given at Santiago, the 28th January, 1823. BERNARDO O'HIGGIMS



DECREE of the Congress of Colombia, respecting the Mo turalization of Foreigners.-4th July, 1823. (Translato The Senate and Chamber of Representatives of the Republid Colombia, assembled in Congress. Wishing to promote as much as possible the laudable objects the Constituent Congress had in view, in the Law of the 3d Septeo of the Year 11, (1821,) which unfortunately has not produced results which were expected, in consequence of the serious obligwhich it imposes on those who claim Letters of Naturalization: animated by the just desire, that the population of Colombia so rapidly increase in useful and industrious Citizens, who ma; " anxious to enjoy the advantages which a liberal Government holdsto to them, have deemed it proper to decree, and do decree, as o ART. I. The Person or Persons who may obtain Letters of M ralization, by virtue of the present Law, shall enjoy the same R. and Privileges as the Citizens born in the Territory of Colomo every thing which is not in opposition to the Constitution and F: mental Laws of the Republick. II. All Persons born out of the Territory of Colombia, who sess the qualifications hereafter expressed, may obtain Letters of turalization, provided that they renounce, for ever, the ties • bind them to other Governments, and whatever hereditary Tit Order of Nobility they may have in their own Countries; that possess some description of industry or useful calling wherent subsist, and that moreover, they oblige themselves by oath, to so to obey, and to observe, the Constitution and Laws of the Repub III. In the person of the Husband, his Wife, and his Cl under 21 Years of Age, become naturalized. IV. In order that Letters of Naturalization be granted, it is sary that the Candidates shall have signed, before the respectivel

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