The Struggle in Congress Over Abolition Petitions

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University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1906 - 182 էջ

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Էջ 64 - No petition, memorial, resolution, or other paper, praying the abolition of slavery in the district of Columbia, or any State or Territory, or the Slave Trade between the States or Territories of The United States in which it now exists, shall be received by this House, or entertained in any way whatever, be, and the same is hereby, rescinded.
Էջ 13 - ... that congress possesses no constitutional authority to interfere in any way with the institution of slavery in any of the states of this confederacy...
Էջ 28 - I must go into the presidential chair the inflexible and uncompromising opponent of every attempt, on the part of Congress, to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia, against the wishes of the slaveholding states ; and also with a determination equally decided to resist the slightest interference with it in the states where it exists.
Էջ 22 - Resolved, That all petitions. memorials, resolutions, propositions or papers, relating in any way, or to any extent whatever, to the subject of slavery, or the abolition of slavery, shall, without being either printed or referred, be laid upon the table, and that no further action whatever shall be had- thereon.
Էջ 22 - And whereas, It is extremely important and desirable that the agitation of this subject should be finally arrested, for the purpose of restoring tranquillity to the public mind, your committee respectfully recommend...
Էջ 13 - ... and that, in the opinion of this house, congress ought not to interfere in any way with slavery in the District of Columbia...
Էջ 47 - William Slade, of Vermont, joined to the presentation of some abolitionist petitions the motion that they should be referred to an extraordinary committee, with instructions to bring in a bill for the abolition of slavery and the slave trade in the District of Columbia.
Էջ 13 - ... because it would be a violation of the public faith, unwise, impolitic, and dangerous to the Union ; assigning such reasons for these conclusions as, in the judgment of the Committee, may be best calculated to enlighten the public mind, to repress agitation, to allay excitement, to sustain and preserve the just rights of the slave-holding States, and of the people of this District, and to reestablish harmony and tranquillity amongst the various sections of the Union.
Էջ 24 - I hold the resolution to be a direct violation of the constitution of the United States, the rules of this house, and the rights of my constituents.
Էջ 7 - ... thus far, have been noticed, and his principal speeches given at length. He stood firmly by the side of John...

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