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Public Library of Bay City


1. The Library shall be open for the issue of books every day except Sundays and legal holidays and such other days as the Board of Trustees may direct.

2. Residents of Bay City shall be entitled to draw books. All such persons must first obtain cards, which will be furnished by the Librarian on their filing written agreements with sufficient security.

3. No book shall be retained longer than two weeks without renewal under penalty of two cents for eacn day over said time, and any book so retained one week shall be sent for by the Librarian, who shall charge twenty five cents therefor in addition to the fine of two cents daily for overtime.

4. Any person abusing the privileges of the Library by unbecoming conduct; by the violation of any of the regulations; by intentional defacement of a book by writing in it. or in any other way, shall be liable to be excluded from the use of the library for such time as the Board may direct.

5. No one will be permitted to take a book from the Library while any fine imposed on such person shall remain unpaid.


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