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of earnest congratulation, that she is also successfully cultivating
those arts which tend to improve the taste, purify the understanding
and elevate the mind. It has been said that Republican institutions
are unfavorable to the development and appreciation of the fine
arts; that they can only flourish under the fostering patronage which
the leisure, wealth and cultivation of an aristocratic class can bestow.
But our governmental system has exposed the utter fallacy of this
social dogma, and the eminent success which has attended American
Artists in every department of taste and elegance, demonstrates
that an atmosphere of social and political freedom is best adapted
for the elucidation of “the beautiful,” as well as “the useful.”
No. 26, specimen of a highly ornamental description of paint-

ing, by G. R. Lillibridge, to which he has given the name
of “ Liliographic printing,” is creditable to the taste and
ingenuity of the inventor; we award to him a...--..Diploma.



NEEDLE, SHELL & WAX WORK. Your committee, in endeavoring to discharge the duties assigned them, have found it

difficult in


instances to decide on the superiority of the different specimens of needle, shell and wax work, so close was the competition ; but we make the following awards : No. 170, 171, 172, 173 and 175, Mrs. A. A. Wells, Tecumseh, best ornamental needle work,..

$3 00 No. 80. Mrs. John Palmer, Detroit, 4 pocket handkerchiefs, 200 240, Miss Margaret Elliot," 1

2 00 167, Mrs. J. McLaughlin, best worked collar,... 2 00 94, Miss C. Davis,

tambour needle w'k 2 00 41, Mrs, B. G. Stimson,

2 00 285, Mrs. J. Mills, “ lace curtain,..

2 00 106, Mrs. H. A. Rood, Pontiac, crochet collar,

1 00 95, Miss M. H. Brown, Detroit, toilet mats,

50 31, Mrs. R. Chope,

shell work box,.... 2 00 122, Mrs. Amelia Moore, " vase of wax flowers,.. 2 00

o lace cape, ...


No. 189, Mrs. L. Monroe, Detroit, moss bskt of pap. flowers, $2 00 193,

1 00 46, Miss Jane Whitehead, Pontiac, victorine of peacock feathers....

1 00 No. 126, Miss Sophia Benoit, Detroit, 1 satin bonnet, - 1 00 1, Mrs. Jacob Hendrickson, Pontiac, straw"

2 00 153, Miss L. S. Fisk, Detroit, 1 port folio, ...

1 00 283, Mrs. Wm. B. Groe, Plymouth, sample thread lace, 1 00 25, Miss M. A. Foster, Detroit, group of flowers, - 2 00 67, Miss S. Ensworth, smoking cap,

1 00 74, Mrs. Dr. Scovell,

a beautiful fire screen, -

2 00 42, Mrs. B. G. Stimson, "

pr. silk hose, 1 00 125, Miss Emily Petit Benoit, Det, ladies cashmere vest, 1 00 127, Mrs. E. B. Ward, Det. case of superior embroidery, 2 00 131, Mrs. Wm. Hale, Detroit, fancy h’dk’f, wrought with silk,

1 00 61, Mrs. Michalawiski, Detroit, pin cushion, ribbon embroidery, very fine, ..

1 00 62, Mrs. Michalawiski, Detroit, watch case of stone work, worthy of notice,

50 Nos. 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17, Mrs. O. M. Hyde, Detroit, wor

sted embroidery, 1st prem. for the best and greatest va-
riety, -

3 00 No. 120, Miss M. Martin, Detroit, chair raised work embroidery, .

Cottage Residences. 42, Miss H. Spaulding, Detroit, best ottoman cover, 55, Mrs. J. P. Clark, Detroit, embroidery,

1 00 29, Mrs. Chas. Piquette and sister, Detroit, worsted work, “ Happy Swiss Family,”

3 00 96, Miss Mary S. Palmer, Detroit, Scripture scene, worsted work,

2 00 108, 109 and 110, Miss Delia Brown, Ypsilanti, a beautiful collection of embroidery, well worthy a prem. of.. 3.00 168, Mrs. N. B. Ells, Detroit, best embroidered slippers,

1 00 51, Miss E. M. Desnoyers, tapestry work, table cover,.. 1 00 26, Miss M. L. Vernor, Detroit, an elegant sofa pillow, 1 00


No. 129, Miss V. A. Labadie, Detroit, “The last supper," cheneille work,...

$2 00 81, the work of a blind girl, presented by Mrs. Col. Winder, Detroit, a bead basket, purse, and two knit tidy's, premium of...

2 00 181, S. M. Holmes, Detroit, a piece of worsted work by an invalid boy, very well executed,

1 00 92, Mrs. Lemcke, Detroit, a case of ornamental hairwork, very beautiful, and deserving a premium of Dip. & Medal. 32, Mrs. Schmidt, Detroit, hair work wreath,.

1 00 59, Mrs. Michalawiski,“ hair embroidery picture,... 100 154, Miss L. S. Fiske, “ pine cone picture frame, -- 50 137, Mrs. Wm. Hale, work bag, very pretty and neatly made,

1 00 53 & 54, Mrs. M. J. Barnard, Detroit, silk patch work chair, and hour glass stand,

1 00 The committee found several pieces of silk patch work, not numbered, but consider the ottoman covers worthy a premium; also a beautiful bag made of seeds by a native of St. Croix, but not entitled to a premium. No. 88, Scripture scene, "Five wise Virgins,” wrought with

silk, beautiful in design, evincing much skill in execution
and deserving a premium of......

3 00 This was the work of Mrs. O.P. Davidson, of Highland, Oakland county, a member of the committee who feels great delicacy in passing judgment upon her own work; therefore the other members of the committee recommend that she be awarded the above premium.

There were other articles of merit exhibited by a member of the committee, (Mrs. Starkweather, )that were withdrawn.

To Miss Bertha Demill, of Detroit, for a beautiful net bed spread, -discretionary.





No. 230, best and greatest variety of cut flowers, T. H.
Hinchman, Detroit, ..

$3 00
274, E. A. Brush, Detroit, 2d best variety of cut flow.

1 00 73, Wm. Adair, best and greatest variety of dahlias, prem. of....

Western Hort. Review. 231, E. G. Mixer & Co., 2d best variety of dahlias, Trans. & 1 00 74, Wm. Adair, best 12 dissimilar blooms, 1 v. Hovey's Mag. 147, Wm. Smail, Hamtramck, 2d best 12 dissimilar blooms,..

2 00 148, best single dahlia, Wm. Smail,..

1 00 77, Wm. Adair, best and greatest variety of roses, - 2 00 261, F. R. Elliot, Cleveland, Ohio, best 10 dissimilar blooms,

2 00 76, Wm. Adair, best 6 varieties phlox,

2 00 212,

and greatest variety verbenas, .... 2 00 226, T. H. Hinchman, best collection of green house plants,

3 00 237, E. A. Brush, best floral design, - ... 1 vol, Horturculturist. 233, E. G. Mixer, best round boquet, ........ Gray's Botany. 234.

best arranged basket of flowers, ... 2 00

E. D. LAY,


FRUIT. Your committee on fruit have found the half day allowed them for examination quite too short to do entire justice to the large and handsome display of fruits on exhibition, and recommend to the consideration of the executive committee the urgent necessity of making the fruit committee much larger, so that there may be three judges on pears, three on apples, and three on all other fruits.

AMATEUR LIST, APPLES. Best and greatest variety of good winter appless, No. 192, D. Goss, Southfield, 1st prem.. Trans. and $5 00

101, C. A. Chipman, Rochester, 2d pre., 1 v. Mich. Far. & 3 00

No. 242, John C. Williams, Greenfield, 3d pre., Thomas's
Fruit Book and.

$2.00 Best and greatest variety Autumn apples, No. 219, Rev. Isaac Ruggles, Pontiac, 1st pre.,... Trans. and 5 00

92, Wm. Ten Brook, Adrian, 2d pre., 1 vol. Mich. Far. & 3 00 Best and greatest variety summer apples, No. 127, Linus Cone, Troy, 1st pre., Downing's Fruits and Fruit Trees and....

3 00 Best and greatest variety of good table apples, No. 79, E. D. Lay, Ypsilanti, 1st pre... Diploma and 5 00

Best collection of foreign apples, both fall and winter, No. 105, 106, Morris Jackson, Brooklyn, Ohio, Barry's Fruit Book.

The collection of apples from the orchard of Gov, Woodbridge, of Detroit, is a very large and handsome one, but not named and labelled as the rules require to entitle it to a premium. We recommend a premium be awarded to it, Downings fruits and fruit trees.


Amateur list-best and greatest variety of good pears :
No. 1 to 13, B. G. Stimson, Detroit, 1 vol. Hovey's Fruits &

Fruit Trees, with colored plates.
Professional list:
No. 67, J. C. Holmes, Detroit, best and greatest variety of

pears, diploma and...
The committee recommend a discretionary premium on
No. 260, John Clark, St. Clair, a very handsome collection of
Bartlett pears, -

Barry's Fruit Book
They recommend a discretionary premium to
No. 187, S. Rood, Pontiac, 1 doz. very handsome Stevens'
Genesee pears,

Barry's Fruit Book.
We recommend a discretionary premium on
No. 28 for a very handsome collection of foreign pears from

Ellwanger & Barry, Rochester, N. Y. They are partic-
ularly deserving of notice for their good size and good



Our committee do not find ten varieties in any collection, and but one single variety, worthy of special notice, either for size or good quality.

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