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No. 253, N. Smith, Detroit, Emperor of Russia, the commit

tee found a very rich and handsome peach, as well as
large ; we recommend a discretionary premium, Cole's
Fruit Book.
240, Geo. W. Cory, Warren, Macomb Co. This is a
very good and good looking yellow seedling, grown by
the exhibitor. We think it may be worthy of cultiva-

Cole's Fruit Book.


No. 177, A. S. Cornell, Adrian, best collection of plums, .. $300 176, B. F. Strong,

best 4 varieties of 16 2 00
A very handsome dish of yellow egg plums, exhibited by
No. 60, B. Briscoe, of Detroit, are worthy of notice; we rec-
ommend an award, ..

Cole's Fruit Book.
Best 12 plums of a choice variety is lot
No. 259, Maj. J. Kearsley, Detroit. Downing's Fruit &

Fruit Trees.
No. 104, M. Shoemaker, Jackson, 2d best,... Thomas' Fruit Book,

29, Ellwanger & Barry, Rochester, N. Y., a very hand-
some collection of plums, ---

discretionary. No. 108 and 109, Morris Jackson, Brooklyn, Ohio, a very

handsome collection of plums, among which are very
fine specimens of golden drop..



No. 249, Daniel Cook, Jackson, best 6 specimens nectarines.

Downing's Fruits & Fruit Trees.

No. 93, B. Phelps, Pontiac, best 12 quinces, ..

$3 00
278, J. Simmons, Farmington, 2d best 12 quinces, 1 vol. Hov.
ey's Magazine.
64, Albert Terry, Rochester, Oakland county, 3d best
12 quinces,

1 vol. Mich. Far.
112, Morris Jackson, Brooklyn, we may notice as a very
handsome display of foreign quinces.



No. 225, C. C. Trowbridge, Detroit, best and most extensive

collection of good native grapes grown in the open air,. $5 00

No. 70, J. C. Holmes, Detroit, 2d best do, Allen on the grape & 2 00

116, Mrs. John Palmer, best dish of native grapes, ... 2 00 15 to 17, B. G. Stimson, Detroit, best and most extensive collection of foreign grapes,

5 00 92, Wm. Ten Brook, Adrian, 2d best and most extensive collection of foreign grapes, Allen on the grape and 2 00 40, John Ford, Detroit. This is a seedling from the Black Hamburg grape, most desirable if it prove hardy, 1st premium,

Western Horticultural Review. 111, a handsome display of Isabella grapes, by Morris Jackson, of Brooklyn, Ohio,...

- Allen the

grape. 92, Wm. Ten Brook, Adrian, best dish of foreign grapes grown in the open air,

2 00



No. 36, Mrs. J. M. Elbert, Detroit. This is a very good melon, but not entitled to a premium by the rules.

H. B. Chapman, Hillsdale county, exhibited a white fleshed mel. on, not entitled to a premium by the rules. No. 72, J. C. Holmes, 4 best specimens, 1st premium, - 2 00

269, H. B. Chapman, Reading, 2d pr. 1 vol. Mich. Farmer.

72, J. C. Holmes, 4 Persian melons, 1st premium, ... 2 00 James Dougall

, presented a new variety called Geo. 4th, red flesh. ed, very good.



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No. 20, I. 8. Miller, Hamtramck, 3 Valpariso squash, - Transactions. 21,

3 vegetable marrow squash

1 vol. Mich. Farmer. No. 22, I. 8. Miller,

3 crook neck squash, - $1 00 25,

6 drum-head cabbage, 1 00 26, 6 red

1 00 31, Edward C. Howard, Dearborn, colec. of vegetables,




No. 42, John Ford, Detroit, best collection of vegetables,
Transactions and...

$5 00
44, John Ford, Detroit, best 6 heads cauliflower, Transactions.
6 vegetable eggs,

1 00 46,

peck white onions, . Transactions. 58, D. C. Chipman, Royal Oak, best peck white turnips 1 00 82, Adam Ward, Dearborn, ruta baga turnips, --... 1 00 83, Thomas Hall, Detroit, peck tomatoes, Transactions and

1 00 101, George Young, Hamtramck, black seed and yellow onions,

...1 vol. Mich. Farmer. 137, John S. Bagg, Detroit, 1 peck tomatoes, 2d prem., 1 00 138, i peck Lima beans, J. S. Bagg, --

Transactions. 144, J. S. Bagg, 1 peck table potatoes, white kidney,....1 00 157, A. Streeter, Romeo, 12 blood beets,.....Transactions. . 178, Geo. Crabb, Hamtramck, 6 drum-head cabbage, Mich. Farmer, and..

1 00 181, Geo. Crabb, Hamtramck, best 12 parsnips,

1 00

12 carrots, ... 1 00 134,

12 vegetable oysters

1 vol. Mich. Farmer. 190, S. Beauchamp, Detroit, 1 squash 30 inches long 52 and 1 in. round, weighing 624 lbs....

Transactions. 194, H. King, Detroit, 12 blood beets,..

do 235, E. G. Mixer & Co., 12 stalks celery, Transactions & 1 00 244, John C. Williams, Greenfield, seedling potatoes,

Mich. Farmer. 245, John C. Williams, Greenfield, 1 variety kidney potatoes.

Transactions. 269, H. B. Chapman, Reading, Hillsdale Co., collection of vegetables, 38 varieties, 2d prem.,

2 00 285, Wm. Adair, Detroit, 1 peck red onions,

1 00 286,

12 turnip rooted beets,.... Mich. Far. 291, John Fox, Detroit, 1 blood beet, only one specimen but a valuable one.

Transactions. 129, Linus Cone, Troy, 5 varieties for stock, 2d pre., Mich. Far. 79, J. L. Demis, Livonia Centre, 1 bush. sweet potatoes, Trans.

No. 88, H. B. Chapman, Reading, 4 bushel potatoes ------ $1 00

The committee found many valuable specimens, but not numbered, and of course we could not pass upon them. Also, many that were worthy but lacked in quantity.



No. 27, N. D. Bingham Clarkston, Oakland county, best

sample winter wheat, 30 bushels white flint, 1.vol. M F & $300
72, Jesse Truesdail, Green Oak, Livingston county, 2 best sam-
ples wheat,

Mich. Farmer. 73, J. D. Yerkes, Northville, Wayne county, for å fine sample blue stem wheat,

discretionary pre. 161, J. B. Springer, Livonia Centre, Wayne county, best sample 1 bushel yellow corn,. Transactions & 3 00 162, J. B. Springer, Livonia Centre, Wayne county, 2d best sample yellow corn,..

Mich. Farmer. 163, J. B. Springer, best s’mpl i b’sh. white oats, Trs. & 2 00 139, J. S. Bagg, Det., 12 ears yel. Dutton corn for seed, 2 00 140,

12 ears yellow 8 rowed superior sample,

discretionary. 96, Archibald Jewell, Dowagiac, 12 ears dent corn, 2 00 211, Fred'k Smith, Canton, 12 ears white dent corn, 100 145, John 8. Bagg, Detroit, 12 ears sweet corn, a very superior sample,



2 00

1 00

10, Henry Waldron, Pontiac, 2 loaves, salt rising bread,
1st premium,--
35, Linus Cone, Troy, Oakland county, 2 loaves salt
rising bread, 2d premium,
303, Mrs. John D. Pierce, Marshall, 2 loaves hop rising
bread, 1st premium, -
60, Mrs. Isaac 8. Miller, Hamtramck, 2 loaves hop ris-
ing bread, 2d premium,

2 00

1 00

No. 250, C. W. Chapel, Utica, Macomb county, best barrel

flour from the least quantity of wheat, 4 20-60 bushels,
1st premium, -

... Transactions and $5 00 235, Wm. F. Goodwin, Concord, best bbl. flour from any quantity of wheat, ..

Transactions and 5 00 236, Lacy & Co., Niles, (Depot Mills,) 2d best barrel flour, from any quantity of wheat,

3 00
81, Jones & Brother, Niles, 3d best barrel of flour from
any quantity of wheat,

... Mich. Farmer.


MISCELLANEOUS ARTICLES. The committee on miscellaneous articles respectfully report that they have given the articles submitted to their examination, as much attention as the time allowed, and the opportunity for inspection would warrant.

The duties of this committee are by far the most laborious of any, and require such a versatility of talent in order to judge properly of all the matters submitted to them, as is rarely to be found in so small a number as compose your committee. Over twelve hundred articles are upon our schedule, embracing almost every imaginable "miscel. laneous” article, and that the merits of some should be overlooked is not surprising, we would suggest that in future, the committee be composed of six or nine persons, in order that they may so divide their duties, as will enable the matters submitted to their judgment, to receive a more careful examination than is now possible.

The committee recommend the following premiums:
No. 2 to 7, Duryee & Forsyth, Rochester, N. Y., portable

and counter scales, exhibiting good workmanship and
embracing all the latest improvements, worthy of espe-
cial notice..


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