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F. E. Eldred, Detroit, Blood, brood mare with foal at foot.

mare for all work.
A. Wainwright, Dearborn, mare 2 yeas old.
H. L. DeGarmo, Ann Arbor, mare colt, 1 year old.
Asa H. Otis, Greenfield, Blood mare, 6 ys old, with foal at foot.
D. M. Uhl, Ypsilanti,


“ for all work, foal at ft.

bay mare colt, 3 years old.

Blood bay mare, 3
George Clark, Lapeer, brood mare, bay, 10 ys old, for all work.


brown, 2
H. A. Luyder, Greenfield, 2 mare colts, 2 ys old.
James Tyler, South Lyons, mare, 8 ys old.
James Smith, Detroit, black pony mare, 14 ys

J. A. B. Renwick, Salem, brood mare and colt.
A. Alexander, Trenton, mare 4 ys old.
David Rider, Nankin, brood
Nathan Earl, Plymouth, brood mare 12 ys old.
Joseph Niles, Flat Rock, brood mare 10 ys old, with foal at foot.
Jared Davidson, Detroit,

with foal at foot.
John Moore, Amherstburgb, C. W., brood mare with foal at foot.
C. W. Green, Farmington,
J. R. Austin, Coldwater, brood mare, draught, with foal at foot.
A. C. Fisk,

all work, H. King, Detroit,

and colt. MATCHED AND SINGLE HORSES. B. Dewey, Avon, 1 span of horses for plowing match. F. W. Backus, Detroit, 1 black gelding. R. T. Twombly, Niles, 1 pair matched horses. 8. S. Dodge,

single horse. Joseph Tireman, Greenfield, 1 pair matched mares, 3 years old.


horses for all work. W. C. Duncan, Detroit, 1 draught horse, 6 years old.

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John Starkweather, Ypsilanti, 1 pr. matched bay horses, 3 & 4 yr. old. 8. Rapplege, Ridgeway, single horse, 5 years old. R Lee, Novi, 1 pair matched horses, 8 years old. 1

6 J. M. Norton," 1

mares, 3

single horse, 3 D. H. Sheely, Flint, Wm. Garman, Franklin, 1 pair matched mares, 5 & 6 years

old. H. Bogert, Novi, 1

horses, 7 do 8
H. Compton, Ypsilanti, single horse, 4 years old.
David Ferguson, Almont, single horse, draught, 4 years old.
A. Crasser, Flint, 1 pair matched horses,
J. J. Oakley, Detroit, single horse,


3 James Harmon, South Lyons, 1 pr. matched horses, 3 M. I. Shults, Plymouth,

3 James Smith, Detroit, single horse,

R. Ferguson, Almont, 1 pair horses for plowing match.
David Ferguson," 1
G. W. Kent, Plymouth, 1

for all work.
James Wallace, Farmington, single horse 5 years old.
Charles Howard, Detroit, Shetland poney, 4
P. R. Adams, Tecumseh, 1 pair horses for plowing match.
John Moore, Amherstburgh, C.W. single horse 3 years old.
C. W. Green, Farmington, 1 pair matched horses 4

1 horse for plowing match.
Wm. H. Simmons, do single horse 7 years old.
A. F. Ten Eyck, Northville, single horse.
Morse Stewart, Detroit, single borse 4 years old.
H. F. W. Putnam, Detroit, 6 Arabian horses.
Lorenzo Sprague, Farmington, single horse 4 years old.
M. P. Stuart, Detroit, 1 pair matched horses.
Thos. Clark, Lapeer, 1 pair matched mares for plowing match.
Newel French, Detroit, 1 "
Cyrus Culver, Brooklyn, 1 pair matched mares 2 years old.
Wm. Congdon, Plymouth, 1 pair matched horses 7
J. J. Joyce, Plymouth, 1 pair matched horses 4 years old.

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years old.

B. H. & L. Webster, Detroit, 1 pair matched mares.
B. A. Olney, Kelersville, 1 single horse for all work.


Samuel 8 Sherman, Farınington, 1 jack 4 years old.

1 jenny.
H King, Marion, 1 mule colt.
James C. White, Detroit, I donkey,
Robert McClatchey, Detroit, 2 deer.
J. C.anston, Milford, 1 mule 4 years old.


David Brown, Detroit, 1 shepherd's dog.
H. B. West, Huntington Onio, 1 span Newfoundland dogs.
George Cliff, Detroit, 1 poodle dog.
J. P. Gillet, Sharoa, 1 shepherd's dog.
D. D. Gillet,



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D. D. Gillet, Sharon, 3 saxon bucks 2 years

old. 2

1 10

lambs. 10 saxon ewe lambs.

10 saxon ewes. J. P. Gillet, 2 saxon bucks 2 years old.


1 5

lambs. 5 saxon ewe lambs.

5 saxon ewes. James H Fellows, Sharon, 5 grade buck lambs, Spanish, French

and Native. James H. Fellows, Sharon, 5 grade ewe lambs, Spanish, Frepok and

D. D. Gillet, Sharon, 1 grade buck, 3 years old.
Wm. Ten Eyck, Dearborn, 1 grade buck, 4 years old.

1 merino

3 years old. 1


5 grade ewes.
5 grade lambs.

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George Tibbits, Farmington, 5 merino buck lambs.

5 merino ewes. Joseph Tireman, Greenfield, 5 ewe lambs.

5 grade ewe lambs.

5 ewes. Calvin A. Green, Troy, 1 merino buck, Spanish.

1 French and Spanish merino buck 1 yr. old. 2 grade bucks.

5 ewes, 1 year old. Wm. Whitfield, Waterford, 3 Southdown bucks.


buck lambs.

ewe lambs.

bucks 1 year old. Harris Newton, Rochester, 1 buck 2 years old, Spanish.

1 French and Spanish buck 3 years old. 4

1 year old. Jobo Kirk, Dearborn, 5 grade Southdown ewes. G. W. Gale, Ypsilanti, 1 French merino buck 3 years

old. 6 French and Spanish merino bucks 1 yr. old. 5

ewes 3 0. A. Jeffries, Dexter, 1 French merino buck 1 year

old. Q. W. Simonson, Royal Oak, 1 saxon buck 4 years old.

2 grade bucks.
John Brewer, Ypsilanti, 1 French and Spanish buck 3 years old.

1 French merino buck.
5 French and Spanish merino buck lambs.

ewe lambs. Joram Priest, Detroit, 1 French merino buck 4 years old.

I Southdown buck lamb.
Aaron Eames, Kalamazoo, 1 merino buck, French and Spanish.
Jonathan Shearer, Plymouth, 1 improved Leicester buck.

1 Leicester fat sheep.

buck lambs. Nathan Earl,


3 years old. 3




Elias Stone, Erin, 5 Leicester buck lambs.


ewe lambs. buck 4 years

old. L. Fuller, Troy, 1 Spanish merino buck, 4 years old.

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Sprague & Jenne, Bethany, N. Y. 10 Spanish Merino ewes, 1 yr old.


2 10

backs 1 W.R. Sanford, Orwell, Vermont, 1

5 French Merino ewes.
5 buck lambs.
1 Saxon buck, 2 years

old. A. L. Bingham, West Cornwall, Vt. 5 French Merino ewes, 3 yr. old.


2 5

bucks. J. D. Patterson, Westfield, N. York, 1

5 A. S. Patterson, Perry Centre, N. Y. 2


5 Hall & Brown, Gaines, Ohio,

5 Grade Merino bucks.
5 Spanish
5 Grade

buck 1 yr. old. J. Stickney, Shoreham, Vermont, 9 Spanish

1 G. T. Burbank, Lorain Co., Ohio, 4 Leicester bucks, 1 year old.


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D. D. Gillet, Sharon, one case of wool, 4 fleeces.
John Starkweather, Ypsilanti, 4 fleeces Spanish Merino wool.
J. H. Butterfield & Co., Utica, 3 fleeces wool.
D. D. Gillet, Sharon, 1 card wool samples, 100 specimens.
C. A. Chipman, Rochester, 3 fleeces Spanish Merino wool.


Sprague & Jenne, Bethany, N. Y., 1 Leicestershire boar 44 mo. old.


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