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John Clark, St. Clair, Bartlett pears.
George Clark, Ecorse, dish of quinces, dish of native grapes.
B. Phelps, Pontiac, 12 quinces.
A. Ingalls, Almont, Winter seedling apples.
John P. Clark, Detroit, 2 varieties pears, 1 do. plums.
C. A. Chipman, Rochester, Apples : Esopus Spitzenburg, winter

Calville, Seek-no-further, Famense, Swaar, Court pendu plat,
Holland pippin, Rhode Island greening, Roxbury russet, Pen-
nock's red winter, 20 ounce apple, 20 ounce pippin, golden rus-
set, Cabashea, garden sweet, Tolman's sweet, green Newton
pippin, pound sweet, Gloria Munde, pound royal. Pears: Au-
tumn Bergamot, Steven's Genesee, summer Bon Chretien, pound,

white Doyenne. M. Shoemaker, Jackson, 3 varieties plums. Morris Jackson, Brooklyn, Ohio, collection of apples, collection of

pears, 10 varieties peaches, 12 do., plums, native grapes, dish

of quinces. J. O. Pelton, Coldwater, Clinton grapes. Mrs. John Palmer, Detroit, Isabella grapes, quinces. Hubbard & Davis, Pears: Fondante d' Autumn, Bartlett,

Doyenne d' ete, Beurre Diel, Dearborn's seedling, white Doyenne, Marie Louise, Swan's Orange. Apples: Hubardston nonsuch, Johnathan, maiden blush, golden sweet, gate apple, yellow ingestrie, hawthornden, Famense, Chapman's orange,

strawberry, 2varieties Siberian crab, Esopus Spitzenburg. Linus Cone, Troy, Apples : northern spy, R. I. Greening, Swaar

Roxbury russet, Westfield, seek-no-further, Baldwin, Norton's
Melon, Fall pippin, early Joe, early strawberry, Esopus Spitzen-
burgh. Pears: summer Bon Chretien.

Isabella grapes.
John S. Bagg, Hamtramck, 12 quinces.
H. Haggerty, Springwells, 20 ounce apples.
S. Rapplege, Ridgeway, Millers' seedling peaches.
A. H. Green, Southfield, 4 varieties of apples.
F. Ferguson, Albion, Red Antwerp raspberries.
J. Simmons, Farmington, dish of quinces.
R. Simmons,

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D. C. Chipman, Royal Oak, apples; Rumbo, Famense.
A. G. Eastman, Adrian, seedling peaches.
Stephen Bowerman, Detroit, 104 varieties of apples.
Mrs. M. Fitch, Jackson, dish of grapes, 5 varieties of apples.
J. Dougal!, Windsor, C. W., 12 varieties of pears.
Daniel Cook, Jackson, apples: Ramsdell Sweeting, Danvers Winter

Sweet, Tolman's Sweeting, Spice do., Bough Sweet, Golden
do., Summer Queen, Benoni, Keswick Codlin, R. I. Greening,
Wine Apple, Swaar, Surprise, Esopus Spitzenburg, Vandervere,
Baldwin, White Bellefluer, Yellow do., Golden Ball, Twenty
Ounce Apple, Famense, Fall Pippin, Autumn Strawberry, Al-
exander, Maiden Blusb, Hawthornden, Yellow Ingestrie, Red
do., Flower of Genesee, Roxbury Russet, Golden do., English
do., Niac Pippin. Nectarines, Elruge, Violet Hative; Peaches,
Noblesse, Oldmixon Tree, Crawford's Early, Yellow Red

A. L. Stevens, Detroit, dish of quinces.


Isaac S. Milier, Hamtramck, 4 water melons.
Mrs. J. N. Eibert, Detroit, 2 Mexican water melons.
John Ford,

4 musk melons.
Albert Terry, Rochester, 4 water melons.
John S. Nowlin, Dearborn, 4 varieties water melon.

4.nutmeg mellons. Wm. Smail, Hamtramck, 4 musk melons. Hubbard & Davis, Detrol, 2 varieties of melons. Fred'k Smith, Canton, 3

water melon. 7

muskmelon. H. B. Chapman, Reading, 4 water melons.

4 musk melons.





The undersigned, appointed by your Executive Committee as judges on short horns, having discharged the duty assigned them, would beg leave respectfully to report, that we find in class No. 1, twenty-nine animals; of which number, nine were withdrawn before the committee had an opportunity of viewing them, leaving but twenty head of this favorite stock to compete for premiums. Of this number, sixteen are worthily entitled to premiums. Your committee having carefully examined the stock offered for competition, have awarded the premiums as follows: Bulls 5 years old or over, No. 185, the 1st prem., the property of A.

C. Ingraham, of Richmond, Macomb county, Trans. and $8 00 This was the only bull of this age offered, but being a very fine animal we have awarded to him the first premium. Bulls 3 years old and under 5, No. 137, James B. Wells,

Clinton, Lenawee county, 1st prem., silver medal and.. $8 00 No. 178, A. C. Walker, Farmington, Oakland connty, 2d premium,

1 00 Bulls 2 years old. Of this class there were three very fine animals offered, to which your committee, after very long deliberation, have awarded the premiums as follows: No. 167, H. E. DeGarmo, Ann Arbor, 1st prem.,

silver medal and..

8 00 No. 203. D. M. Uhl, Ypsilanti, 2d prem., .

ng 00 24. Silas Sly, Plymouth,

5 00

Of 1 year old bulls there were none offered.
Bull calves—No. 139. James B. Wells, Clinton, 1st prem.,
Transactions and..--

$5 00 No. 32. Silas Sly, Plymouth, 2d prem.,

3 00 27. 3d

2 00 All these calves were allowed to run with their dam, from the time they were dropped ; they are all very fine animals, combining many excellent qualities; their ages are from 6 to 8 months.

To No. 229, & calf 6 months old, owned by C. A. Jeffries, Dexter, raised entirely upon skim milk, we recommend a discretionary premium if in accordance with the rules of the society. Transactions. Cows 5 years old or over-none offered. 66 3

and under 5-No. 138. James B. Wells, Clinton, 1st prem., silver medal and...

$8 00 No. 163. John Starkweather, Ypsilanti, 2d prem.,

7 00 25. Silas Sly, Plymouth,


5 00 Heifers, 2 years old-No. 26. Silas Sly, 2d

3 00 This being the only animal of this age offered, the committee have awarded her the second premium ; not cousidering her an animal marked with those fine qualities entitling her to a higher premium. Heifers 1 year old, No. 33, J. M. Huff, Canton, Wayne county, 1st prem., -

Trans. and $5 00 No. 210, Geo. E. Pomeroy, Clinton, 2d prem.,

3 00 Heifer calf, No. 45, George Graham, Lasalle, 1st prem., .

5 00 This was the only animal of this class offered, but combining many excellent points, we have awarded her the first premium. Of Herefords, class 3, there were none offered at this exhibition.


Committee on Durhams and Herefords.


The committee on Devon cattle would briefly remark that they found but few Devons; some of them were very superior animals, but the majority of them without any pedigree, which caused the committee much trouble. We would earnestly recommend that

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