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CLASSES X, XI AND XII.-FAT CATTLE & MILCH COWS, The committee on fat cattle and milch cows, beg leave to report that they have performed the duties assigned them.

There was no competition, yet the committee deeming the awards worthy, make the following report : No. 129, Yoke of fat cattle, S. W. Bowers, Superior, Washtenaw Co., 1st prem., Transactions and...

10 00 No. 358, 1 fat ox, Thomas Bigley, Detroit, 1st prem., - 5 00 151, 1 fat cow, Harris Newton, Rochester, 1st “

5 00
179, milch cow, Geo. Hentig, Marshall, 1st premium,
medal and....

8 00 No. 179 is considered by the judges a superior animal, exhibiting good milking qualities.

The above cattle are all half blood Durham.
All of which is respectfully submitted.


Sept. 23d, 1852.

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The committee on foreign cattle report that they have performed the duty assigned them, but not in a manner satisfactorily to themselves; the number of premiums were so few that justice could not be done to competitors.

Most of the animals entered in this class were short horns. There were also some Grade, Devon, Durham and Ayrshire. The number of entries of short-horn bulls over 2


old were 5; of these, two were very superior animals, viz:

No. 284, a bull 5 years old, belonging to Isaac Askew, of Amherstburg, C. W.

No. 24, a two year old bull, belonging to Silas Sly, of Plymouth, Michigan. The committee after a very careful examination, were unanimous in the conclusion that No. 284 showed evidences of the highest breeding, and his handling qualities entitle him to the highest premium. They therefore award to No. 284, Isaac Askew, C. W.,

Diploma and $8 00

1st prem., .

1st prem.,

The number of Short Horn cows competing for premiums in this class, was four, each of which was worthy of the premium offered; but as only one premium was to be awarded, the committee selected the one which, in their opinion, combined the most excellencies, and have awarded to No. 176, John Hamilton, Amherstburgh, C. W.,

. Diploma and $8 00 There was also exhibited some very superior calves, but no premiums offered. The committee would recommend them to the no. tice of the Executive Committee, and recommend that No. 285, Isaac Askew, C. W., be awarded a Diploma.

32, Silas Sly, Plymouth,
All of which is respectfully submitted.




3d prem., -

Your committee on class 1st, beg to make the following report: No. 140, Isaac Schram, Grand Blanc, stallion, “Michigan

Cockfighter," 9 years old, 1st prem., Silver Medal and $10 00 No. 288, Wm. M. Olcott, Albion, Calhoun county, “Oscar," 10 years old, 2d prem.,

Trans. and 8 00 No. 408, A. Howe, Flint, Genesee county, “Star Gazer,”

Youаtt on the Horse and 3 00 Blood mares 4 years old or over-No. 294, D. M. Uhl, Yp

silanti, mare 15 years old, ist prem.,... Silver Medal and 10 00 No. 285, A. C. Fisk, Coldwater, mare, 2d prem.,.. Trans. and 8 00

233, George Clark, Lapeer, mare 10 years old, 3d pre-

Youаtt on the Horse and 3 00 Stallions 3 years old—No. 297, A. C. Botsford, Byron, Shi

awassee county, 1st prem., - ...Bronze Medal and 7 00 No. 245, H. W. Mills, Clinton, Lenawee county, 2d premi'um,

Trans. and 5 00 Mares 3 years old—No. 206, D. M. Uhl, Ypsilanti, 1st premium,

...Bronze Medal and 5 00

No. 262, James Tyler, South Lyons, Oakland county, 2d prem.,

Trans. and $3 00 Stallions 2 years old-No. 153, Joel T. Griffin, Clarkston, Oakland county, 1st prem., -

5 00 No. 111, Willard White, Southfield, Oakland county, 2d prem.,

Youаtt on the Horse. Mares 2 years old-No. 207, D. M. Uhl, Ypsilanti, 1st prem., Transactions, and..

3 00 No. 347, B. A. Olney, Keelersville, Van Buren Co, black

horse “Goldfinder.” The committee would recommend
a discretionary premium

5 00

CLASSES II AND V.-DRAUGHT HORSES & JACKS & MULES. Class 2, draught horses No. 220, John A. Marshall, Adrian, stallion “Sampson,” 6 years old. We award the first premium for the following reasons : He combines the lightest action with weight, fine limbs, and well knit together. Silver medal and..... 8 00

No. 174, Asa H. Otis, Detroit, “Young Sampson,” 6 years old, the 2d premium. He being an excellent quick mover, smooth built, and exhibiting good blood, -

8 00 No. 382, James Clisbe, Quincy, Branch Co., "King Alfred,” 8 years old. For size, this horse would have been entitled to the 2d premium, but your committee thought him deficient in action, and too long bodied for heavy draught, with a little too much space between joints; we award him the 3d premium. Youаtt on the horse, and ....

3 00 Brood mares 4 years old or over-No. 175, Asa H. Otis, Detroit, brood mare,


years old. She has a good countenance, large com. pact body, fine muscle and keen clear eye, with a colt at her feet that has marks of a good horse. Ist premium, silver medal and. 8 00 No. 384, L. R. Austin, Coldwater, 2d prem.,..

8 00 Stallions 2 years old--No. 383, A. H. Reed, Allen, Hillsdale Co., stallion “Alfred," 1st prem.,

3 00

In this class of horses there was only “Young Alfred” exhibited, but your committee think bim fully entitled to the above premium, being a colt of large size and excellent proportions, a quick clear eye, and beautiful movements.


No. 314, H. Wing, Marion, Livingston Co., mule colt, Transactions and....

$8 00 No. 355, L. Fuller, Milford, Oakland Co., 1 pair mules four years old, 1 volume Mich. Farmer and..

5 00 No. 415, James C. White, Detroit, 1 Jack, 1st prem., Transactions and

10 00 No. 307, Samuel S. Sherman, Farmington, 1 jack 4 years

old, 2d prem., 1 volume Mich. Farmer and..... 5 00 Your committee are sorry to report a limited number of horses exhibited as draught horses, but they are encouraged to hope for a larger number on future occasions, from the superior qualities of some exbibited on the present occasion.

There was only one exhibited as a 2 year old, but we considered him fully entitled to the 1st premium. There was only two brood mares exhibited in this class, one of which we considered very

fine. Your committee recommend the farmers of Michigan to pay earnest attention to the breeding of draught horses for the farm and other purposes.


Committee on classes 2 and 5.


Your committee on blood horses having discharged the duties assigned them, make the following report :

We found several entries in this class, and some of them very fine animals, which we felt it our duty to reject on account of the impurity of their blood and the regulations of the society. No. 215, J. C. Giles, Blissfield, Lenawee Co., stallion Post

Boy,” 21 years old, 1st prem., silver medal and ...... 10 00

"Post-Boy" has a full intelligent eye, a smooth compact form, with fine cordy limbs ; all denoting purity of blood. No. 93, A. Y. Moore, Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo Co., "Bu

cephalus," 8 years old, 2d prem., Transactions and... $9 00 “ Bucephalus” has a light bounding movement which is only desirable in this class of horses, making them easy movers under the saddle. The purity of his blood giving the premium which he would not otherwise have been entitled to. No. 337, E. Arnold, Dexter, “Black Hawk,” 5 years old, 3d prem., Youаtt on the horse and....

3 00 We award to “Black Hawk” the 3d premium, on account of his fine form, color and size, which would have entitled him to a higher premium had he been of the purest blood. No. 208, D. M. Uhl, Ypsilanti, mare 3 years old, 2d prem., Transactions and .....

3 00 There was but one entry of mares 3 years old, and she not being of the first class, we award her the 2d prem. No. 169. H. E. DeGarmo, Ann Arbor, mare 1 year old, 1st prem., Transactions and....

3 00 We found but one entry of brood mares in this class ; she not being pure blood and of very ordinary appearance, your committee think she is not entitled to a premium.

ROBERT FERGUSON, Almont, Lapeer Co.
H. FISK, Branch Co.
A. JEWETT, Cass Co.


Your committee beg leave to report that in pursuance of their duty they make the following report: Single horses—No. 98, F. W. Backus, Detroit, a black gelding, 1st premium, medal and.

5 00 No. 101, S. S. Dodge, Niles, Berrien Co., single horse, 2d pren., Youаtt on the horse, and..


5 00 No. 247, H. Compton, Ypsilanti, horse 4 years old, 3d prem., 5 00

231, S. Rapplege, Ridgeway, Lenawee Co., 4th 3 00

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