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first premium, if agreeable to the rules of the Society; otherwise we award it to No. 34, a buck owned by J. D. Patterson, of Chatauque Co., New York, an animal nearly equal to “Young Napoleon." The premium is awarded to Mr. Gale,

$5 00 No. 273, five French Merino ewes, owned by John Brewer, of Washtenaw county, and entered to compete with foreign sheep. They are noble animals, and similar to No. 35 in all respects, though not looking in so good condition.

No. 274, five French & Spanish Merino buck lambs, owned by John Brewer. We award him the first premium in the class of foreign lambs,

3 00 No. 275, five French & Spanish Merino ewe lambs owned by John Brewer of Washtenaw Co., 1st prem.,

3 00 Your committee on foreign sheep found a brisk competition for the premiums offered, and iu the discharge of their duties have endeavored to act from correct motives.

The quality of foreign sheep was good and we recommend those of Bingham, Sanford & Patterson, to the Michigan wool grower for the purpose of improving their fiocks.

Messrs. Sprague & Jenny, of Genessee Co., N. Y., also exhibited some specimens of bucks and ewes of the Spanish Merino variety.

Your committee favorably noticed the sheep entered to compete with foreign sheep No. 120, owned by C. A. Green, of Troy, Oakland Co., had from a buck purchased by J. D. Patterson, now owned by H. Newton, of the same county, but thought they could not come in competition.




The committee on fleeces of wool would respectfully report that after a careful examination of all the fleeces exhibited, we award to three fleeces, No. 92, the first premium, owned and exhibited by D. D. Gillet, Sharon, Washtenaw county, Bronze Medal and $3 00

To the 3 fleeces exhibited and owned by John Starkweather, of Ypsilanti, we award the 2d prem., ...

$3 00 The fleeces exhibited by Mr. Gillet, were extraordinary exceptions to Saxon wool, in weight, and a very fair quality as to fineness of fibre, and well handled. The three fleeces exhibited by Mr. Stark. weather were of fine quality, good weight, and handled in superior style.

The fleeces No. 327, exhibited by Ira H. Butterfield & Co., of Macomb county, were of extra weight, being 531 Ibs. of unwashed wool, and might have been favorably considered, had it been in the same order as those receiving premiums.

There was a card of 100 samples of very superior wool exhibited by Mr. D. D. Gillet; also a card of 50 samples, exhibited by Messrs. G. W. & E. T. Lovell, of Climax, Kalamazoo county, which do great credit to the producers of such wool. All of which we respectfully submit.




Your committtee on shepherds' dogs, after having ample evidence of thorough training, superior sagacity in the performance of duties in driving, going after, hurdling and bringing to bay their several flocks, have unanimously come to the conclusion that No. 400, “Zack," a dog belonging to D. D, Gillet, of Sharon, Washtenaw Co., is the best, though by a rule of the society is not competent to draw the premium, would therefore recommend some token of the fact by the executive committee. No. 399, A dog owned by J. P. Gillet, we award the first premium,

5 00 No. 46, David Brown, Detroit, 2d prem., .... American Shepherd.




The committee on swine having examined the animals exhibited in this class, would remark, that there were several specimens exhibited which we deemed worthy of a premium, but which we had no power to grant in consequence of exhibitors having inadvertently entered them in the wrong class. We would call the attention of exhibitors to this matter and advise them to be sure for the future, that they make their entries of stock in the class to which it belongs.

The show of swine at our fair this year is far superior, and a decided improvement upon the exhibitions of former years. There seems to have been less interest taken in the breeding of swine than any other stock; this should not be so. We are glad to say that the interest manifested at this fair for the improvement of swine will be promotive of much benefit the coming year.

We report the following awards:
No. 217, Samuel Rood, Pontiac, Berkshire boar, the only

one of the class exhibited—his fine form distinguishes the
breed and entitles him to the first premium. Bronze
medal and...

$5 00 No. 99, F. W. Backus, Detroit, Berkshire sow, 1st prem., bronze medal and...

5 00 No. 99, F. W. Backus, Detroit, Berkshire pigs, 1st prem.,-- 5 00

Messrs. Sprague & Jenny, of Bethany, Genessee Co., N. Y., exhibited one Leicester boar 44 months old and 1 breeding sow 41 mo. old ; these were good specimens of the breed and worthy the attention of breeders of swine, but as they are owned out of the State and no premium being offered for foreign swine, we cannot award them a premium, but recommend to the executive committee to award

Diploma. No. 312, Elisha Cross, Redford, Wayne county, Native boar,

Bronze Medal and 5 00 No. 311, Elisha Cross, Native breeding sow, 1st prem.,

5 00 311, Elisha Cross, 4 Native pigs, 1st prem.,

5 00 127, Joseph Gale, Grade boar 2 years old, 1st premi. um,

..Bronze Medal and 5 00 No. 126, A. P. Lathrop, Monguagon, Grade boar, 22 prem., 3 00

them a.

1st prem.,

1st prem...

No. 353, Francis Denoain, Dearborn, Grade boar, 3d prem., Trans. 259, R. B. Merrit, Battle Creek, Grade sow, 2 years old,

...Bronze Medal and $5 00 No. 121, Calvin A. Green, Troy, Oakland county, Grade breeding sow, over 2 years old, 2d prem,

3 00 No. 402, Gilbert Knapp, Albion, Calhoun county 4 Grade pigs, 1st prem.,

-Bronze Medal and 5 00 No. 360, Chas. Smith, Redford, 7 Grade pigs, 2d prem., .... 3 00

There were but two pigs of the Byfield breed exhibited; however we would highly recommend said pigs, as being good specimens of the breed, and worthy the attention of the farming community. But said pigs coming under the head of neither of our classes, we cannot award them a premium. Therefore we recommend the Executive Committee to award to No. 243, Geo. De Baptist, of Detroit, for two Byfield pigs, a premium of...

$5 00



The committee on poultry submit the following report:
Best lot Cochin China fowls, No. 69, Dr. M. Freeman, School.
craft, Kalamazoo Co., ....

$5 00 Best lot Shanghai fowls, No. 67, Dr. M. Freeman,

5 00 Dorking

344, Wm. Ewers, Detroit, ---. 5 00 • Poland

330, F. Danforth, Olivet, Eaton Co, 5 00 Bantam

236, Wm. Hudson, Detroit, .. 3 00 75, Dr. M. Freeman,

5 00 cross breed, 72

Dominico and Shanghai, .

5 00 “ variety No. 67, Shanghai, Dr. M. Freeman,

5 00 Best lot of black turkeys, No. 207,.....

white turkeys, No.40, Isaac S. Miller, Hamtramk, 300 ducks, large,

244, Geo. DeBaptist, Detroit,.. 3 00 « small, 221, Wm. Hudson,

3 00

• Malay

Best lot of Guina fowls, No. 301, Francis Leslie Dearborn,.. $3 00

Geese--none exhibited.
pea-fowls, No. 226,-7 & 8, Wm. Hudson,--... 3 00

pigeons-none exhibited. The committee beg leave to state that the collection of fowls on exhibition was large and of the most superior quality'; they were informed by intelligent gentlemen present who had visited the recent State Fair in New York and Ohio, that the exhibition of poultry here, in size, quality, and breed far excelled that of either of those States.

In addition to the several lots to which premiums have been awarded, the committee particularly recommend to the notice of the executive committee, lot No. 367, Chittagong fowls belonging to N. A. Pruden, of Ann Arbor.

In size and fine appearance they were not inferior to any lot to which a premium was awarded. They did not receive a prize for the reason that this breed of fowls was not mentioned in the premium list. We recommend a premium of....

$5 00 Lot No. 379, Shanghai fowls, belonging to J. W. Childs, of Augusta, Washtenaw county, were fine fowls.

The collection of Doct. M. Freeman, we think cannot be excelled anywhere. He exhibited nine varieties, each of which was the very best of its kind.

C. J. FOX,



CLASSES I. & Il. The committee to whom was entrusted the duty of examining and reporting upon farm implements, as comprised in classes 1 and 2, after having carefully inspected the various implements presented for their consideration, beg leave to make the following report: No. 340, Davis, Austin & Co., Jackson, best farm wagon, diploma and.

85 00

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