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No. 125, F. F. Parker & Bro., Detroit, best harrov,...... $3 00

98, J. Newell, Ypsilanti, best corn cultivator, -.. 3 00 38, E. R. Benton, Cleveland, O. best bran duster,... Diploma. 39, Z. Sanders, Windsor, Vt., best horse rake,...... 2 00 61, D. O. & W. S. Pennfield, Detroit, discretionary. 94, seven scythes, B. B. & W. R. Noyes, Detroit, -... 2 00 88, D. O. & W. S. Pennfield, Detroit, best corn-cob crusher by horse power,

5 00 No. 89. R. B. Morris, Pontiac, best wheel cultivator, ... 5 00

108, D. O. & W. S. Pennfield, Detroit, thermometer churn, 2 00
148, Richard Simmons, Farmington, Oakland Co., best
grain cradle,

2 00 No. 228, Cullen Brown, Detroit, best riding saddle, diploma and

3 00 No. 227, Cullen Brown, Detroit, best side saddle, diploma &

271, D. O. & W. S. Penfield, Detroit, best six milk pans, 2 00

40, Geo. Tibbets, Oakland Co., best corn stalk cutter,. 5 00
133, John Hutchins, Southfield, Wayne Co., best dozen
twine tied brooms,

2 00 M. J. JAMES,

Chairman of Com.



Report of viewing committee: No. 1, Forbush improved mowing and reaping machine, not on the

ground. No. 15, J. P. Gillet, Sharon, Washtenaw county, corn-sheller,

a good article, works effectually and quickly,.. ... Diploma. No. 16, J. H. Manny, Waddams Grove, Illinois, a reaper and

znower combined, a good and durable article.
No. 22, John McMillan, Detroit, hand corn-sheller, an ex-

cellent, simple and convenient corn-sheller, works well,
apparently very durable, and being furnished at the low
price of $3 00, can but recommend itself to all; we re.
commend a premium, .

- Diploma and $2 00

No. 27, Benj. Leas, Dayton, Ohio, corn-sheller, a superior

article for extensive work, best article of power shell-
er, .

Diploma and $2 00 No. 27. Benj. Leas, corn drill, an excellent article. 27,

wheat drill, H. W. Smith's patent.
28, Wm. Rowland, New Philadelphia, Ohio, wheat

drill, Signer and Shipton's patent, a good article.
Nos. 8, 9 and 10, Duryee & Forsyth, Rochester, N. Y., P.

O. copying press, railroad manifest do., letter copying
do., good articles and well made, combining durability,
usefulness and beauty; your committee recommend the
Society's ..

Medal. No. 20, E. A. Taft, Providence, R. I., four spring candle

sticks, an indispensable accompaniment to the sperm or
tallow candle, avoids all drip, a quality recommending
it to all neat house-keepers,

Diploma. No. 23, J. S. Snyder, Lancaster, Ohio, Fairfield Co. impro

ved saw-set for setting cross cut, mill and circular saws,

a first rate article.
No. 24, J. S. Snyder, improved block for setting logs on

saw mills, a good and effectual article for setting both
ends of the log at one movement; committee recommend
for Nos. 23 ond 24,-

Diploma. No. 25, C. & P. Mellus, Detroit, circular, mill, cross cut,

hand, buck and wood saws, a collection of home-made
saws, beautiful in their model and finish, creditable alike
to the manufacturer and to the State,

Medal. No. 29, bee hive, S. Rood, Pontiac,.

Diploma. 30, Collins & Co. Ithaca, N. Y., Aikin's patent sewing machine, a superior article, both in simplicity and workmanship, does its work well and with great rapidity, and capable of making its stitches of any required length and with unerring precision, its seams are any line, angle or curve, and upon any required fashion of the largest garment,


No. 32, Ladue & Eldred, Detroit, a steam engine in opera

tion at their tannery, a rare specimen of engineering tal-
ent and mecbanical skill, geometrically proportionate,
highly finished, and economical in its workings, alike
creditable to its manufacturers and to the taste and judg-
ment of these gentlemanly and enterprising leather deal.
ers of the city of the Straits, ...

.Medal. No. No. 33, A. A. Wilder, of Detroit, Wilder's improved

planing machine. This is one of the most important ma-
chines that has come under the notice of your commit-
tee, combining correct scientific and mechanical princi-
ples, strength and durability, it does smooth and perfect
work at all times, and at the rate of from 4 to 6 thou-
sand feet per hour, with the power of four horses, and
the attendance of three hands, which may be boys. The
superiority of this machine consists in its extreme sim-
plicity, and the large amount of work it accomplishes
with the small amount of power required to work it, and

the very little liability to get out of order,... Medal & Diploma. No. 34, John S. Wright, Chicago, Ill., Atkins r'eaper and au

tomaton raker, a good machine, and in the hands of care-
ful operators, will undoubtedly work well, best exhibit-

Diploma and 85 00 No. 36, J. L. Gill, Columbus, Ohio, bark mill, an excellent

article in its line, and worthy of the Society's. in.... Medal. No. 37, Johnston, Wayne & Co., Detroit, two high pressure

steam engines, well made of good material, strong and

Diploma and Medal. No. 41, Emery & Co., Albany, N. Y., two-horse railroad

horse power, for general purposes, works easy and will
wear well, best exhibited, ..

.Diploma and 5 00 No. 42, Emery & Co., one borse railroad horse power, for general purposes, best exhibited,

5 00 N. 44, Emery & Co., one circular saw mill. 45,

cross cut saw mill. Nos. 44 and 45, are good articles and worthy extensive use, ........ Diploma. No. 66, D. O. & W. 8. Penfield, Detroit, vegetable cutter, a very good article, worthy extensive use,


Nos. 67 and 68, Messrs. Penfield, sausage meat cutter and

sausage stuffer, very fine articles, work well and qnick. No. 94, C. H. Bennet, Plymouth, one cider mill, a very fine portable article, works well,..

Diploma. No. 95, Emery & Co., one thrasher and separator, an excellent article,..

Medal. No. 99, T. A. Haviland, Ann Arbor, wheat drill, the best exhibited, ...

$3 00 No. 100, Groynnes & Sheffield, Urbana, Ohio, stave cutter

and jointer combined; judging from the model of the
machine, and samples of the work exhibited, your com-
mittee would recommend it as a useful and effectual

Medal. No. 102, George T. Cline, Detroit, corn planter and cultiva

tor combined, a good article for extensive farming, - .... Trans. No. 103, B. G. Stowell, Waddams Grove, Stevenson Co.,

Ill., corn planter, power machine, best on the ground, Diploma. No. 104, B. G. Stowell, self-loading dumping cart, a very

useful and convenient article for heavy grading purpo.
ses, -

Diploma No. 107, R. W. Van Fossen, Detroit, Hussey's grain reaper,

a strong, simple and well made machine, ... Diploma No. 115, D. O. & W. S. Penfield, Detroit, Woodward's pat

ent seed planter, with apparatus for depositing plaster,
an ingenious and well constructed article, quite complica-
ted, requiring care,

Diploma No. 116, New York reaper, Messrs. Pennfield & Co., manu

factured by Seymour, Morgan & Co., a good article, . Diploma. No. 118, F. F. Parker & Brother, railroad horse power, a very good article,...

Diploma. No. 119, one threshing machine.

120, 1 threshing machine with winpower, a good article. No. 121, two seed-planters, very good.

123, three corn shellers, hand power, very good articles.
133, two seed planters, good machines. The above ar-
ticles, numbered 119, 120, 121, 123 and 133, were ex-
hibited by F. F. Parker & Brother, of Detroit, for all
of which we award a.


No. 144, N. A. Prudden, Ann Arbor, one pounding barrel

for clothes, a very nice specimen of cooperage, - - ... Diploma. No. 150, Emery & Co.. Albany, N. Y., seed planter, very good, ...

Trans. No. 152, John E. Kitton, St. Clair, siding and flooring ma

chine, Richie's patent. This is an excellent machine,
worthy of extensive use, correct and expeditious in its

..Diploma and Medal. No. 114, Francis Van Doren, Adrian, patent seed drill, cul

tivator and broad-cast sower, a superior article, ...... Diploma. No. 64, J. W. & L. L. Lawrence, Dublin, Wayne county,

Ind., washing machine, a very useful article in a family,
does its work admirably,....

. Medal. No. 66, J. P. Corwin & Co., Seneca Falls, N. Y., two garden

engines, should be in every yard and garden, ... Medal. No. 142, Chas. Crossman, Detroit, electro magnetic machine,

for medical use, a very fine article, equal if not superi-
or to any eastern manufacture,.

Medal. Nos. 152 and 1527, Dr. E. Rice, Detroit, circular saw arbor

and a hand drilling machine, excellent articles in their
line, well executed and of the best styles, -..

Medal. In concluding our labors, your committee would say, that in consequence of the large amount of work required of us in so short a time, we have not been able to bestow so much attention upon many of the articles as we deem them worthy of, and would suggest the appointment of larger committees, that they may sub-divide the work, and thereby give more attention and better satisfaction to exhibitors.




The committee on plows and plowing, make the following report:

Five horse teams are entered to compete for premiums in the plowing match, also one horse team not on the books; name of the plow

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