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man, James Moore. One ox team, one boy with horse team, two teams with double or subsoil plows. The committee award the first premium, with horses, to No. 366, Daniel Higgins, Tecumseh, time 41 minutes,.....$10 00 No. 349, Chas. Ferguson, Almont, Lapeer county, time 41

minutes, 2d prem., .... Garder's & Farmer's Dictionary & 7.00 No. 95, Birdseye Dewey, Avon, Oakland county, time 214 minutes, 3d piem.,

5 00 The execution by No. 409, time 29 minutes, Thos. Clark, Lapeer, being but little inferior to the others, the committee would earnestly recommend a premium.

James Moore also plowed very well, and we recommend him to the favorable consideration of the Executive Committee, time 43 minutes. No. 114, Calvin A. Green, Troy, Oakland county, time 39 minutes, 1st prem.,

$10 00 No. horse team, boy under 18, time 42 minutes, Thomas Wigg, 1st prem.,

Medal and 3 00 Care Wm. Whitfield, Waterford, Oakland county, With double and subsoil plows-No. 416, Newell French, Detroit, double plow,

Medal. No. 374, Chauncey W. Green, Farmington, Oakland county,..

Diploma No. 105, best sod plow for stiff soils, J. S. Smith, Plymouth, 10 inches wide,

Diploma & 5 00 No. 137, 2d best sod plow for stiff soils, Ruggles, Nourse & Mason, 11 inches wide, Parker & Brother,

5 00 No. 138, best sod plow for light soils, Ruggles, Nourse &

Mason, 12 in. wide, Parker & Brother ------Diploma and 5 00 No. 93, 2d best sod plow for light soils, Adam Plantz, Detroit, 12 in. wide,

5 00 No. 92, best plow for fallows or old land," Campbell, Hub

bard & Jenny, Mt. Clemens, Macomb Co., John Richie's
patent, cast iron beam,-

.Diploma & 5 00 No. 49, 2d best plew for old land, A. Walcott, Detroit.... 6 00

96, best double or subsoil plow, Newell French, De-

.Diploma and 5 00

The committee would state that the plows and the plowing were equal to any in the Union, for workmanship and skill. The plows, the teams, the plowmen, and the perfection of the work made a splendid exhibition, and were all worthy of high commendation.





The committee on butter, cheese, sugar, honey and bee hives, submit the following report: Best lot of butter (quantity as well as quality considered) made from

five cows in thirty consecutive days, 15 lbs. of butter to be ex

hibited. (No lot exhibited answering this description.) No. 24, Mrs. Titus Dort, Dearborn, best 10 lbs. butter made in June,

$3 00 39, Mrs. G. W. Collins, Farmington, 2d best lot made in June,

Trans. and 2 00 13, Mrs. H. E. DeGarmo, Ann Arbor, 3d best lot made in June,

2 00 25, Mrs. Titus Dort, best 15 lbs. made at any time,.... 5 00 60, Mrs. John Windiate, Waterford, 2d best lot made at

Trans. and 3 00 9, Henry Waldron, Pontiac, 3d best lot made at any time,

2 00 66, Elisha Cross, Redford, 4th best lot made at any time,

.1 vol. Mich. Farmer. Your committee would recommend No. 64, a lot of 10 lbs. butter exhibited by James Smith, of Greenfield, a discretionary prem.,.. Trans.

any time,


Cheese one year old and over, not less than 25 lbs. No. 54,
L. Lapham, Farmington, 1st pre., -

$5 00 No. 56, N. Lapham, Farmington, 2d pre., Webster's Encyclopedia

of Domestic Economy.

No. 68, James Murray, Farmington, 3d prem...

$2 00 46, A. Streeter, Romeo, sage cheese, 1st prem., 5.00

4, T. C. Swift, Clinton, 2d pre., Webster's Enc. of Dom. Ecy. 67, James H. Murray, Farmington, new cheese, 1st pre., 5 00 6, Henry Waldron, Pontiac, 2d prem., Webster's Encyclope

dia of Domestic Economy.
5, T. C. Swift, Clinton, 3d prem.,-

2 00


No. 21, 0. Ingalls, Almont, best 10 lbs. maple sugar,.. 5 00 89, Daniel Kinney, Ypsilanti, ad best do

3 00 20, 0. Ingalls, 3d best 10 lbs. maple sugar, 1 vol. Mich. Farmer. 52, E. S. Ingersoll, Delta, Eaton county, the committee recommend a discretionary premium for 20 lbs. maple sugar,



2d prem.,

No. 14, J. Volland, Ann Arbor, Dugdale's patent bee hive, 1st premium, ...

$3 00 30 and 31, E. W. Goheen, Tecumseh, Mim's cross bar bee hive, and Mim's Equilatteral bee hive, dis. pre.,.... Trans.

HONEY, No. 6, Henry Waldron, Pontiac, box of honey, 1st prem., ... $3 00 7,

2 00 32, E. W. Goheen, box of honey, 3d prem., 1 vol. Mich. Farmer.





The committee on domestic manufactures, class 1, beg leave to re-, port that they proceeded to examine the various articles subject to their inspection and they have awarded premiums as follows, viz : No. 130, Mrs. Titus Dort, Dearborn, best pair of woolen blankets,

....diploma and $4 00

No. 121, John Grey, 'Dearborn, 2d best pair woolen blankets,
Transactions and..

$2 00 No. 249, Mrs. F. Gaines, Dearborn, best 10 yds. flannel, diploma and ....

4 00 No. 136, Mrs. A. K. Thorn, Romeo, 2d best 10 yds flannel, Transactions and...

2 00 No. 322, Wm. Wallace, Battle Creek, best 10 yds woolen cloth, diploma and....

4 00 No. 183, E N. Faxon, Grand Rapids, best 10 yds woolen carpet, diploma and.....

5 00 No. 74, Mrs. D. D. Gillet, Sharon, best 10 yds rag carpet, diploma and...

3 00 No. 125, Mrs. Benj. Phelps, Pontiac, 2d best 10 yds rag car. pet, diploma and....

2 00 No. 294, H. Welch, Pittsfield, Wash. Co., 3d best 10 yards rag carpet,

Transactions. Mrs. N. Blanchard, Nankin, rag carpet, discretionery. No. 328, Miss C. Lawson, Washington, Macomb Co., best pr. woolen knit stockings, Transactions and

1 00 No. 43, Mrs. B. G. Stimson, Detroit, 2d best pr. woolen knit stockings,

1 00 No. 71, Mrs. D. D. Gillet, Sharon, best pr woolen knit socks, Transactions and....

2 00 No. 51, Mrs. Edward Sawyer, Grand Blanc, 2d best pair woolen knit socks,.

Transactions and 1 00 No. 331, Mrs. J. L. Stout, Troy, best woolen knit mittens, Transactions and..

1 00 No. 341, Mrs. Philo Parsons, Detroit, best woolen coverlet,..

Diploma and 1 on No. 232, Mrs. Norton Lapham, Farmington, 2d best woolen coverlet,

Trans. and 1 00 No. 257, Edward Chase, Rose, best woolen shawl,.. Dip. and 3 00

272, Mrs. F. S. Finley, Ypsilanti, best knit comfort-

Diploma and 2 00
49, Mrs. Edward Sawyer, Grand Blanc, best white

5 00 99, Mrs. John McLaughlin, Detroit, best silk quilt, ... 3 00


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No. 129, Mrs. L. B. Willard, 2d best silk quilt, - Trang. and $1 00

199, Mrs. Doct. Howard, Kalamazoo, best patch work
quilt, -

5 00
138, Mrs. Sherman Hinckley, Pittsfield, 2d best patch
work quilt, ..

4 00 123, Mrs. Isaac J. Voorhies, Pontiac, 3d best patch work quilt,

3 00 334, Mrs. S. H. Sears, Spring Arber, 4th best patch work quilt,

2 00 239, Mrs. John Ferrier, Ypsilanti, best hearth rug, -- 3 00 239,


Trans. 239,


1 v. Mich. Far. There being three rugs under one number. No. 253, Mrs. Francis Lesley, Dearborn, 1 knit shirt, Trans. & 1 00

83, John E. Kitton & J. Nicol, St. Clair, 1 ps black cas-
simere, 1 ps red twilled flannel, 1 pr woolen drawers, 1
pr woolen shirts, 1 pr heavy woolen blankets. These
are all articles highly creditable to the manufacturers,

Mr. J. E. Kitton and J. Nicol, and we recommend a Medal & Dip. There were several net shawls, both woolen and cotten, exhibited; also two or three pr silk stockings, all beautiful articles and should be awarded discretionary premiums.

Many of the articles which came under the inspection of the committee, exhibited not only skill in the use of the needle, but also a beauty of design which showed that those by whose labor they were produced were able to appreciate the beautiful, and were wil. ling to employ every means in their power to beautify and adorn the common things of daily use. Childhood and old age have here met together, each offering the products of their labor for inspection. Two girls, of seven and eight years old, brought each a pair of woolen socks; and one who might be their great-grandmother sent her quilt, wrought within the last year with her own hands, which far exceeded some that were presented by younger persons." The old saying, "hasten slowly," is true in fancy work, as well as in other things; and with care and patience, many whose work, for the want of these, is scarce above mediocrity, may attain excellence,

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