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and become the leaders is the race of fashion, instead of being the
imitators of some imitator.




The judges on domestic manufactures, class No. 2, report that but few articles were presented under this head, but having examined all the articles in class 2, they make the following awards: No. 234, Mrs. C. Kingsley, Manchester, best 10 yards linen diaper,

$5 00 137, Mrs. A. K. Glover, Romeo, best piece tow cloth, . 500 233, Mrs. C. Kingsley, Manchester, best piece kersey tow cloth, a very substantial fabric, we recommend discretionary premium,

Transactions and 2 00 50, Mrs. Edward Sawyer, Grand Blanc, best pair linen embroidered hose,-

2 00 273, Mrs. F. S. Finley, Superior, 2d best pair linen hose, 100 284, Mrs. John Starkweather, Ypsilanti, best pair cotton hose, ..

2 00
165, Mrs. Frances Lesley, Dearborn, 2d best pair cotton

1 00




The undersigned, committee, respectfully report that they find entitled to premiums the following articles, to wit: No. 243, Nichols & Lefavour, Detroit, cow hide boots, 1st prem.,

83 00



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No. 180, H. P. Baldwin, Detroit, cow hide boots, 2d prem.,. $2 00 243, Nichols & Lefavour,

3d Trans. 243, calf skin do. 1st

3 00 2d

2 00 178, H. P. Baldwin, Detroit,

3d Trans. 211, T. K. Adams, mens cow hide shoes 1st

2 00 211,


Trans. 296, Nichols & Lefavour, ladies slippers, 1st

2 00 211, T. K. Adams, Det.,

2d Trans. 243, Nichols & Lefavour, ladies calf bootees, Ist

2 00 211, T. K. Adams,

2d Trans. 207, J. Bour, Detroit, a pair of men's fine boots, awarded the premium last year, we recommend a.

Certificate. No. 126, Wm. Fletcher, Detroit, best pair of lasts,

2 00 160,

boot tree and carved foot, Diploma. 347, Hyde & Satchel, over coat, 1st prem., diploma and 4 00 172, Eagle & Elliott, Det.," 2d

3 00 171, dress coat, 1st

diploma and 3 00 173, pants, 1st

2 00 346, Hyde & Satchel, Det., satin vest, beautiful, 1st premium, diploma and..

2 00 No. 325, Geo. Winter, Detroit, silk hat, 1st prem., diploma & 2 00 200, A. Streeter, Romeo, straw hat, 1st

3 00 (split) 2d prem., -

2 00 102, J. P. Brown, Monongahela, Penn., South American kip skins, South American calf skins,

Diploma 268, B. F. Cheesebrough, Ithica, N. Y., 2 coats made by machine,

Diploma. 326, Geo. Winter, Detroit, 2 children's hats,

1 00 256, Chas. R. Page, Detroit, 2 fire caps,

Diploma. 230, Joseph Ulrich, Detroit, case of small hats, - . Transactions.







and lift pump.

No. 26, Cummins & Smith, Tecumseh, 1 double seated rockaway, 1st premium,

.Diploma and $8 00 342, John Paton, Detroit, two horse carriage, second premium,

Trans. and 5 00 103, Brady & Carson, Rochester, N. Y., 3 two horse carriages, 238, H. B. West, Huntington, Lorain county, Obio, small double buggy,

Diploma. 70, John Paton, Detroit, 1 one horse buggy, 1st premium, .

Diploma and 5 00 177, T. Chope, Detroit, 1 fancy buggy, -... Diploma and 3 00 327, W. T. Baker, Detroit, 1 open buggy,

.. Diploma. 21, Thos. Hinkley, Detroit, 2 sett horse shoes,

do 23, Harmon DeGraff, Detroit, 1 Chilson's air warming and ventilating furnace,

..Diploma. 39, Jacob Stenger, Adamsville, Ohio, double action force

Diploma. 65, 67, 68, 69, John Cowing & Co., Seneca Falls, N. Y., 1 large force pump for rail road stations, 2 deep well force pumps, lift and force pumps, 1 stove regulator. These pumps are highly creditable to the maker, and deserve a favorable notice. We recommend a.....,

..Diploma. 85, B. B. & W. R. Noyes, Detroit, case of mechanic's tools,

- Diploma 86, 87, 88, B. B. & W. R. Noyes, Detroit, cooking and parlor stoves,

Diploma 89, to 97, B. B. & W. R. Noyes, mechanic's tools, - .... Trans. 109, Ohio Tool Company, by F. Swan, Columbus, Ohio, 1 case joiner's tools, ....

. Diploma. 111, Ohio Tool Company, by F. Swan, Columbus, Ohio, 1 sett cooper's tools,

1 00 126, Francis Hall, Detroit, 4 wash tubs, 1st pré., .

1 00 155, J. P. Robinson, Detroit, best lot of edge tools, manufactured at our establishment,... Diploma and 5 00 165, Cabinet Maker's Association, Detroit, 1 rose wood sofa,

3 00

2 00

No. 167 to 169, Cabinet Maker's Association, cabinet furniture,

Diploma. 170, Cabinet Maker's Association, black walnut rocking chair,--

$1 00 220, 221, H. H. Curtis, Cincinnati, Ohio, sofa bed and folding lounge,

Diploma 241, Henry Webber, Detroit, centre table, a splendid piece of mechanism,

Medal and 3 00 242, Henry Webber, Detroit, sofa bed, .. 247, J. B. Dickinson, Ypsilanti

, 1 bundle axe helves,-- 1 00 222, Shearer & Dewey, Detroit, doors, blinds and sash,. 6 00 291, D. O. & W. S. Penfield, Stewart's patent large oven cooking stove,

Diploma. 147, Joseph Wilbur, Detroit, Beardsley's air tight cooking stoves,

Transactions and 2 00
J. W. Tillman, Detroit, a large and splendid lot of cabi-
net furniture, worthy of favorable notice.
146, F. Jannaseh, Kalamazoo, 1 double shooting rifle,- 1 00



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PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS & DAGUERREOTYPES. The committee on paintings, drawings and dagurreotypes, report that amid a variety of specimens of art, evincing talent of a high order, and very considerable artistic skill, they would designate as the best painting in oil colors : No. 112, Chas. Lum, Detroit, painting of Orchard Lake, . -. $500

Best specimen of animal painting in oil by Michigan Artist, No. 140, F. E. Coken, Detroit, “Horses,” diploma and.... 5 00

Best specimen of cattle drawing by Michigan Artist, No. 36, W. R. Wheeler, Detroit, diploma and...

5 00 Best specimen of daguerreotype by Michigan artist, No. 6, G. E. Hall, Detroit, diploma and..

2 00 40, Moses Sutton," daguerreotypes, 2d prem,,....

1 00

Best specimen of oil painting by Michigan artist, No. 111, A. Bradish, Detroit, portrait of Lord Metcalf, - ... $5 00

Best specimen of painting in water colors by Mich., Artist, No. 34, Miss Abigail B. Van Fossen, Ypsilanti, flower piece, 3.00

The committee would also call attention to the following as possessing great merit and recommend that premiums be awarded them. No. 38, A. Jordan, Detroit, 5 water color architectural drawings,

Diploma. No. 141, F. E. Cohen, Detroit, oil painting, “How do you like me,”

..Book. 87, Joseph A. Haskell, Detroit, portrait of John Gibson,.. Dip. 199, Miss R. B. Norris, Ypsilanti, monochromatic painting, “Sale of pet lamb." 178, Miss R. B. Norris, monochromatic painting. 177,

pencil drawing, Downing's Cottage Residences. They would also call attention to the picture No. 119, F. E.

Cohen, Detroit, “ Industry Rewarded." The design
and execution of this piece display talent and skill of a

very high order; they recommend the award of a Dip, and 5 00 No. 100, a collection of daguerreotypes, by W. C. North,

of Cleveland, Ohio, are clear, distinct and beautiful, and
entitled to special notice,--

..Diploma. Nos. 524 and 194, C. V. Bond, portrait of R. Hosmer, and an old lady,..

Medal. To the young lady who executed the pieces numbered 199, 178 and 177, Miss R. B. Norris, the committee would recommend the issue of a similar premium to that awarded for the best specimen of water colors. The genius and skill displayed are enhanced by the fact that the artiste is but 15 years of age, and has had but scanty opportunities of tuition.

The monochromatic landscape paintings, Nos. 70, 71 and 72, by Miss Augusta Ensworth, are also entitled to high commendation.

The department of the exhibition referred to this committee, refects great credit on the exhibitors, and honor on the State. While Michigan abounds in all the elements of wealth and prosperity, now iņ a state of rapid development, your committee regard it as a matter

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