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Martin, ib.-the Friend of India, 50— |
-expenditure and revenue, 51-em-
ployment of natives, 52 Runjeet
Singh, 54 his premier, ib.-differ-
ence in classes, 55-local administra-
tion of government, ib. military
command, 56 - our relations with
native states, 57-the Governor-General
and Council, 60-law commission, 62
-choice of diplomatic agents, 63—
suggestions as to change in the home
system, 63-the Court of Proprietors,
65-of Directors, 66-their patronage,
68-the Board of Control, 70-revenue,
74-public works, 75.

Inglefield, Captain, expedition of, to
Arctic regions, 419.

Insanity, causes and statistics of, 496-
and see Pentonville.

Ireland, state of society in, during 14th
and 15th centuries, 338-and see Des-

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Marriage, prohibition of, in Ireland, 338.
Martin, R. Montgomery, East India Com-
pany's Possessions, by, 46-and see

Maurel, Jules, le Duc de Wellington,
par, 507-and see Wellington.
Meteors, Luminous, Catalogue of Obser-
vations of, by Rev. Baden Powell, 77

terror for shooting stars in early
times, ib.-falling stones, 78-scientific
research on the subject, ib.-classifica-
tion of the phenomena, 79-classical
accounts, 80-aerolites, ib.-fall of,
at Egospotamus, ib.-Chinese records,
82-modern instances, 83-chemical
composition, 84-other characteristics,
86- their velocity, ib. - theories re-
specting, ib.-the lunar, 88-motion
of the earth aud nebulous matters,
91-orbit of the earth, 92-cosmical
theory, ib.-luminous condition, 93-
meteors, 97-ancient and modern regis-
ters of, 98-shooting stars, 99-peri-
odical showers of, 100-Professor
Olmsted's theory, 102-M. Saigey's
researches, 104 - horary number of
shooting stars, ib.-monthly variations,
105-direction of, ib.-height, ib.
Militia ballot and naval impressment
compared, 266.

Millbank Prison, mortality at, 499, and

see Pentonville.
Montalembert, Count, des Intérêts Catho-
liques au XIXe Siècle, par, 137—
his apology for Constitutional Govern-
ment in France, ib.-effects of uni-
versal suffrage, 138- description of
his own position in relation to liberty
and religion, 139-feeling towards the
Church of Rome in England, 140-
Pope Pius IX., 142-contrast between
Count Montalembert and Chevalier
Bunsen, ib.-comparative condition of
the Romish Church in 1800 and 1852,
143-false impressions of, 144-on
freedom, 146-Ultra-montanism, 149
-De Maistre on ecclesiastical and civil
freedom, 151-Louis Napoleon's coup
d'état, 154.


Naval power of England, on what prin-
ciples founded, 270.

Notes and Queries,' 329.


Olmsted, Professor, theory of, on shooting
stars, 102.

Osborn, Lieut., Arctic voyage of, 386,
405-and see Franklin.


Pemmican, manufacture of, 396.
Penny, Mr. W., expedition of, to Arctic
regions, 386, 412-and see Franklin.
Pentonville Prison, the two Systems at,
487-associating of criminals, 488-
separate system, b.-the mixed system,
489-Colonel Jebb, ib.-Mr. Burt on
the separate system, 490 Colonel
Jebb's mode of calculating the prison
population, 495-statistics of insanity,
496-Dr. Baly's tables, 498-mortality
at Millbank, 499.

Peruke, the, origin of, 320.

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Powell, Rev. B., 77-and see Meteors.
Price's Patent Candle Company, 1—and
see Factory Schools.


Rae, John, a narrative of an expedition
to the shores of the Arctic Sea, by, 386,
390, 398-and see Franklin.

Raglan, Lord, career of, 546.

Richard III., historic doubts as to cha-

racter and person of, 329.

Richardson, Sir J., 394—and see Franklin.
Romans, the fashion of wearing hair
amongst, 317.

Rome, Church of, feeling towards, in
England, 140.

Ross, Sir J., 394-and see Franklin.


Saigey, M., Recherches sur les Etoiles
Filantes, par, 77, 104-and see Meteors.
Sailors' graves, neatness of, 406.
Salamanca, battle of, 526-importance
of, 527 et seq.
Salvage, Mr. Disraeli's views on, 255-
general law of, 256.
Scrope, G. P., Esq., History of the An-
cient Barony of Castle Combe, by,
275-use of local topography in general
history, ib.-authorities, 277-Thomas
Hearne, 279-description of Castle
Combe, 281-early history and
owners, 282—the Dunstanville dynasty, to Lord Badlesmere, 283-
Sir R. de Tibetot, 284-bis daughters
and Scrope's sons, ib.—the Lady Mili-
cent, 285-Stephen Scrope, 286-con-
stitution of Castle Combe, 287-courts,

288-offences, 289-occupation and
trade of tenants, 291-case of John
Spondel, ib.-sports and pastimes, 292
ale and beer regulations, 295
drunkenness, 297-John the Hermit,
298-breaches of the peace, 300.
Searle, January, 182-and see Words-

Shipping interests, the, 241-and see

Somerset, Lord Fitzroy-see Raglan.
Stars, shooting, 77, 99-and see Meteors.
Stirling, W., the Cloister Life of Charles

V., by, 107-and see Charles V.
Story, Justice, Life and Letters of, 18-
his parentage. 19-education, 21-
clubs, 24-call to the bar, ib.-bar cos-
tume, 26-legislative assembly, ib.—
salary and tenure of judicial offices, 27
-state of the profession, 29-his second
marriage, 30-elected member of Con-
gress, ib.-raised to the Bench, ib.—
circuits and duties, 31-social position,
34-law professorship, 35-as a lec-
turer, 37-his legal works, 39-on the
American constitution, 40-illness and
death, 42-personal habits, ib. — ad-
miration and love of England, 44.


Toulouse, battle of, 535.


Vaux, W. S. P., Handbook to the An-
tiquities in the British Museum, by,
157-and see British Museum.
Vimiero, battle of, 518.


Walpole, Horace, 329, and see Desmond.
Waterloo, campaign and battle of, 536.
Wellington, the Duke of, 447-meeting of,
with Lord Nelson, 455-M. Maurel's
work on, 507-French writers generally,
ib-M. Thiers, 508-Maurel's analysis
of the whole career, 510-principal ex-
ploits, 511-comparative numbers of
armies, 512-early services, ib.-Assye,
513-friendly intercourse of the two
armies in the Peninsula, 514-Buona-
parte's hatred of the Duke, 516-his
pre-arranged system of tactics, 517 —
Vimiero, 518-prophetic sagacity,
- Torres Vedras, ib.- Conven-
tion of Cintra, ib.-the Austrian mar-




riage, 523 state of the Continent,
ib. Russia, 524- Ciudad Rodrigo
and Badajos, 525 Salamanca, 526
-Marmont, ib.-Buonaparte at Mos-
cow, 527- Castle of Burgos, 531-
battle of Vittoria, and expulsion of
French from Spain, 533 battle of
Toulouse, 535-campaign of Water-
loo, 536-the English forces, 539-
personal disposition and temper, 543-
the Iron Duke, ib.-benevolence and
humanity of, 545-diplomacy of, at
Paris, 519-suppression of Maurel's
work in France, 550-and see Apsley

Whiskers, 326--and see Hair.

Wilson, James, Esq., 2-and see Factory

Wordsworth, William, Memoirs of, by
Dr. Worsdworth, 182 by January
Searle, ib.-inequality of both for the
task, 183-origin of his family, 184-
birth and early life, ib. school at
Hawkshead, 185-love of verse, 186-
and of scenery, 187-Cambridge, 189-
change of habits, ib.-tour to Switzer.
land, 192-The Evening Walk,' 195
-republican tenets, 196-Guilt and
Sorrow,' 197-Calvert's legacy, 198-
sojourn at Racedoun, 200 tragedy
of The Borderers,' ib.-Coleridge's cri-
ticism, ib. comparison of the two
poets, 201-their alliance and its con-

sequences, 202-Thelwall's visit, 203
-reasons for going to Germany, 204
interview with Klopstock, 208-"The
Prelude,' 209-settles at Grasmere with
his sister Dorothy, 210-chief attrac-
tion in the characters and manners of
the peasantry, 211-the poet's cottage
life, 212-marriage,214-acquaintance
with Scott and Sir G. Beaumont, 215
- death of his brother John, ib.
Sonnets, 217- -removes to his final
dwelling at Rydal Mount, 221-ap-
pointment as stamp distributor, ib.—
The Excursion,' ib.- The White Doe
of Rylstone,' 223-Peter Bell,' 224—
political sentiments, 225— the Lau-
reateship, 226 death, 227-appear-
ance, manners, and habits, 228
poetical merits, ib. - mistakes from
which critics drew support for their hos-
tility, ib.-gradual spread of his influ-
ence, ib.-general veneration, 232-234.



Yuste, convent of, 111-135-and see
Charles V.


Zichy, Counts of, their treatment by
Görgei, 356-and see Hungary.





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